Inventions and discoveries are always responsible for shaping and changing the lifestyles of the modern age humans.

Necessity is for sure the mother of every incredible invention. This statement is definitely true and is proving itself from the very first invention in the human history. Some inventions occur through hard work and dedication but some come accidentally and are spread widely across the globe. The list of such gadgets is never ending and it will increase day by day. This is all because of advancements in Technology and Innovation to reduce the human efforts.

With every emerging gadget, we tend to create a relationship with it. It feels like you cannot spend a single day in the absence of that gadget. Think of spending a day without the use of Smartphone. You can certainly relax for few minutes but in the end, you need it back. It’s all because these gadgets are responsible for making our lives simpler, smarter.

The Role of technology is such that they define us and make our life better than before. With a single press of the button, you can enjoy your favourite coffee with different flavours. See, how incredible are these gadgets. Through expert analysis, I have listed up the top 101 gadgets that changed the world. Without wasting further time, let’s have a look at the list starting from 101.

  1. Duct tape  Amazon Best Seller Buy Now

This ordinary household product is one of the major inventions which have changed the world. Surprising! Isn’t it! These tapes can help you in repairing the patches, holes and allows you to use the punctured product again.  There are amazing facts about the duct tape. During the world war, these tapes were used to seal the ammo boxes and protect them from moisture while transportation.

Even some researcher made tapes with mesh duck cloths and backing it with rubber based adhesive. This step created a strong and durable tape with extraordinary adhesion power and one can easily tear it bear hands. These tapes repelled the water like the feathers of the duck. Due to this reason, it was named as duck tapes and a technology that changed the world.

  1. Fiber Glass fishing rods

Fishing can be a sport nowadays for many but in earlier times it was done to catch fish for making food. Food is the ultimate necessity for the humans and you cannot serve without it. Earlier the fisherman used bamboo rods, tree branches and other materials to catch the fish. At that time these techniques were famous and useful but they required a larger force to catch and gather the fishes from the ponds or rivers.

The fishing rod companies made the rods from the fibreglass materials. These materials made the rods stronger and flexible. Now it’s very easy to catch the fish with the gadget called fibreglass fishing rod and became the latest technology in fishing.

  1. Stapler

A stapler is the fourth most necessary object in this technology era after pens, pencils and paper stuff. Staplers are the most advanced solution for binding the papers after sewing or glueing. This product is very easy to use and has the capability to even bind the hard cardboard packing and convert them into big boxes. You can find at least one stapler in every home around the world.

As the fact from the ancient history, in the 18th century, a French toolmaker was successful in making a handmade stapler for his highness King Louis the XV. The size of the stapler was the exact fit for the king. According to some legends, it was forged out of gold and embedded with precious stones on its body. Amazing!

  1. Roomba-Robotic vacuum cleaner  Amazon Best Seller Buy Now

Roomba is an extraordinary invention, a masterpiece in robotic technology or simply a brain-powered technology. It is the autonomous vacuum cleaner introduced by the company iRobot. This robot is basically an integration of sensors which enables to perform useful tasks in the homes and offices. This robot senses the obstacle in its way and also cleans the dirt like manual vacuum cleaners.

Its construction is unique and sensible. The base of its body has two wheels which rotate and turn at an angle of 360 degrees. This product comes in disc shapes and varying models. You can easily dismantle it and clean the dust from it. Roomba is there to serve and clean your house without taking any holiday. Wow!

  1. Aerosol Sprays

Mosquitoes and other bugs are the major problems which bring diseases with them. In earlier times malaria and dengue caused a major disaster than world wars. The army men used hand sprays and other normal techniques to fight with these harmful pests. These systems were less effective, time-consuming and not worth as per their cost.  But the introduction of the Aerosol sprays made the tasks easier and became a technology that changed the world.

These sprays are basically the dispensing system which is responsible for making an aerosol mist of the liquid particles. This system was used in a can filled with the liquid under high pressure. On the opening of the valve, the pressurized liquid forces out of the valve and comes out in the shape of aerosol mists.

  1. Ski Binding

Skiing is a sport liked by every individual around the world. The ski binding connects the ski board to the ski. Prior to its introduction, skiing was very difficult task. The major drawback was that it brought damage to the knee and lower parts of the legs. This all happened while bending in the curvy areas and the skiers were facing major issues with this problem.

Now, this technology benefits in easy adjustments and helps in protecting the limbs of the skiers. This has enhanced the productivity in skiing and its quick release mechanism is helping the skiers in major ways.

  1. Super Soaker

It is basically a recreational water sports toy gun invented by the engineer Lonnie Johnson. One cannot dream pool party, water sporting and summer games without the super soaker. This toy was invented in the year 1982 and was a big hit among the kids and grownups. This water gun has the ability to store water in its small tank and shoot it in narrow and straight line.  There are many versions of super soaker in the market and one can enjoy it variable terms.  This gun has also bagged the top of the year award in the 11th Annual toy of the year award and became the recreational technology and children love it.

  1. Blender  Amazon Best Seller Buy Now

Blender is nowadays is the most common kitchen appliance used worldwide. It helps in blending liquids and other foodstuffs to mix them and make exotic drinks from it. Even this product is widely used in laboratories and research labs. It mixes, makes purees and emulsifies different foodstuff. You can enjoy smoothies, shakes, malts and even protein shakes with the help of a blender. These technology devices have the changed the definition of blending in the modern times. With just a single click you can mix two or more substances and make a puree out of it. These days’ soundproof blenders are also available in the market, with other advanced techniques.

  1. Bra  Amazon Best Seller Buy Now

Bra is an important accessory for the women. It supports their body parts and defines their body. This garment is very complex and is made up of many parts. In the earlier days women wear breast bands to support their body but with the changing times now they have bra for them. This is made of different materials namely polyester and grips the body tightly. This garment has helped them to wear any kind of dresses as per the occasion. This garment is helping in solving many health issues regarding the breast. Now it is the most common garment for the women and comes in variable designs and costs.

  1. The Cooler- Chiller box  Amazon Best Seller Buy Now

The earlier cooler was named as the ice chest and got famed globally. From chilling the beers to the life-saving transplant organs we use the cooler. The cooler was the most trusted and reliable cargo while long travelling, base camping, picnics and outdoor parties. These devices are so powerful that they can maintain the same temperature for days. Even the important vaccines, blood bags, and other stuff need controlled temperature was stored in the cooler.  In its body, you can find a kind of gel in the body which remains cold for longer durations than the ice itself. This technology benefits to enjoy your picnic and outdoor parties with the chilled beer and other foods from the cooler.

  1. Digital Video recorder

The Digital Video recorder or simply DVR gave is the power to watch the exciting shows and record them to watch later. It is an electronic device which has the capability to record the video in a digital format and save it to the hard drive. With help of DVR, you can save the shows and watch them later on while you are free. This future technology product changed the definition to watch the TV shows. With just one click on the save button, you can save the whole serial and watch it at the desirable time. Even you can save the data in the external hard drive and serf it on your personal computer.

  1. Zippo Lighter

This iconic lighting device was manufactured by the American Zippo manufacturing company. This lighting device has marked its presence from military services to Hollywood movies and is a promising technology today. It is all made up of the metal body and has a mesh on both sides of the flame. This mesh provides the necessary oxygen and the flame does not get affected from flowing air. Every cigarette lover may once have and is having a Zipper lighter in his/her pocket. The famous movie series the Ocean series have used the Zipper lighter as a cheat in gambling. Even this lighting device is a famous iconic gadget used by world famous celebrities.

  1. Teflon

This material made from chemical compositions of hydrocarbons is basically non-stick surfacing material. It has the ability to reduce the sticky surface. Nowadays, Teflon surfaced cookware is used worldwide and you are able to cook the food easily without getting the food stick to it. You are able to easily cook the food like eggs and others and it will not stick to the surface. Amazing isn’t it. Earlier, the food gets stuck to the surface and was easily burnt, but now Teflon has made our cooking easy and comfortable.  Even this technology benefits in space programs and also used to make space suits for the astronauts.

  1. Flash Drive

Flash drive aka pen drive, USB drive, jump drive, disk key etc is the new technology in computer world. all are the names this unique invention. The flash drive has the capacity to store and carry the important data and even transfer it among different computers. This device has the capacity to remove and rewrite the data infinity number of times. The figure size device comes with variable sizes and data storage capacities. You can easily find a flash drive with a ranging storage capacity of 8 to 256 GB in the computer market and even from online portals.  This device is small, faster than ever and thousands more capacity than floppy disks.

  1. Chef’s Knife  Amazon Best Seller Buy Now

This amazing product is revolutionizing the food industry and became the fast emerging technologies. It’s a kind of knife but has the ability to chop anything in its way. You can easily cut hard vegetables and chop them into small pieces. This cutting tool is specifically made for food preparations and was made to cut beef. But today it is the multi-utility cutting tool in every toolbox of the chef.  As per the dimensions, it is 8 inch in length and one and a half inch in width.  The main purpose of the chef’s knife is to chop, slice and disjointing the larger cuts on big animals.

  1. Hearing Aid

The problem of less hearing or being deaf is one of the major problems since longer times. Many recreational tools like seashells, fancy horn-shaped hearing aids were heavily used in the earlier times. They were not convenient and very difficult to hold and use them for longer times. With the innovation of transistors in the communication technology, the engineers developed the best hearing aid for the deaf, The Hearing Aid. It is smaller in size, battery enabled and one can easily adjust it on the ear. This product is really a helping hand for persons with hearing disability. Nowadays, the hearing aids come in different shapes and longer battery life.

  1. Sun GlassesAmazon Best Seller Buy Now

Sunglasses have become the technology trends for every human being. They protect the eyes from harmful UV rays of the sun and provide a clear vision to the user. They come in variable shapes and sizes featuring for kids, men and women. Many famous brands have launched their sunglasses at different prices but Ray-Ban is leading of them all. Its Aviator model was and is the biggest hit sunglasses of all times. The famous Hollywood movie star Tom Cruise used the aviator model in his movie Top Gun and this increased the sales of sunglasses to a larger content.

  1. CoffeemakerAmazon Best Seller Buy Now

This unique coffee brewing machine is a miracle for offices, driveway restaurants, street food wagons etc. With just a single click on the machine, you can enjoy the best coffee with this latest technology. It’s very simple to use and also commercially affordable. This machine eliminated re-brewing than former coffee making machines. Drinking coffee is very healthy for humans, it re-energizes the body and rechargers it again to deal with the excessive work. There are different types of coffee making machines available in the market and work with different brewing principles. Every office in the world may have a coffee making machine to serve the employs.

  1. Electric ToasterAmazon Best Seller Buy Now

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are the three important meals essential for every human being. If you tend to miss any single meal, then you won’t be able to perform your activities for the whole day. Every meal has its own characteristics and importance. Even the food is different in every meal type. Breakfast is very necessary as it provides the initial energy to run the body. Without breakfast, you will feel dizzy and your whole day will not be that worth. This future technology is an electronic machine which bakes the bread in just minutes and provides you delicious bread in your plate. You just have to insert the bread slices in the machine and it will automatically pop up baked bread pieces.

  1. Flashlight

A flashlight is basically a portable electric light and it can be either rechargeable or comes with a replaceable battery. This unique invention is very helpful and provides light at places without electricity. This product is very efficient and does its work smoothly. It comes in variable sizes and light density range. From pocket-sized torches to big rechargeable floodlights, they have helped us in every aspect and provide light efficiently. It consists of a light bulb, reflector, body, cells and circuit. Earlier these torches have low-intensity bulbs and consumed a large amount of energy. But with latest technology inventions the LEB bulbs have the large light intensity and consume less energy in comparison to these bulbs. Having a flashlight is like a day in the night.

  1. Leaf Blowers

Being invented in Japan, this science technology was actually meant for spraying pesticides. But with little changes in the mechanism, it is now leaf blower. This product can produce a high-velocity air of over 270 miles per hour and helps in blowing the leaves from the gardens and lawns. With a gadget, you can perform numerous tasks like dust blowing and even use it where one needs high-velocity air. This can even dry places like floors or even things with its fast blowing air. Nowadays people use this product for other recreational activities like leaf blower hockey. Where the ball is of plastic and you just have to blow it in the goal post.

Featuring the top 101 gadgets which have changed the world, we started the journey from 101 and reached till 81. The Role of technology is based on their impact on the human and how they became an integral part of our lives. Without these gadgets, one cannot configure to spend life and we are now very dependable on them. So, without any pause let us start the journey for the remaining top 101 gadgets responsible for changing and forming our world.


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