Entering the 40th year of your life might not be really exciting. Most women tend to feel older and even give up interesting things in life such as skin care, physical fitness, adventure, thrill, and much more. Is being 40 a sign of getting older and wiser? Well, this isn’t true. In fact, the 40 is the new 30. So get up and tie your shoelaces and do these exercises weight loss. You are all set to run on the new road of success, beauty, and a life full of happiness.

One of the most difficult things about being in 40s is losing weight. Most women find it very difficult to lose weight once they enter 40s. The metabolism slows down and muscle mass decreases. So how do you tackle this?

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How to lose weight step by step after 40:

  1. Get Ample Sleep

This is a crucial thing to do in order to stimulate hGH (human growth hormone) production naturally. The brain is known to release human growth hormone (hGH) into the bloodstream when you sleep. Less sleeping can make you fat and also produce many other health problems. During middle age, the human body produces less amount of hGH. Hence, you need to make more efforts towards sleeping at least 8-9 hours of sleep.  As a result, it will help you lose a lot of weight easily.

  1. Get your feet into Sneakers

Increase cardio workouts to enhance weight loss pace. Cardio workouts are the best way to lose weight faster than any other workout, just remember to select an exercise according to your capability. So don’t delay and hit the gym. You need to indulge in treadmill sprints to burn fat.

  1. Shock Your Metabolism

Having a protein shake will let you boost your metabolism prior to hitting the sack. Have an evening snack comprising of at least 30 grams of protein for the higher resting metabolic rate. Protein will help the body burn more calories.

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Bodies tend to undergo changes with age. Preparing for that change is crucial to over 40 weight loss. Practising yoga has a lot of benefits. It enhances circulation within the body and helps enhance the quality of sleep. These days, sedentary jobs have left people with a lot of tightness all through their bodies. They can literally be felt in lower back, hips, and hamstrings. Neck stress and tightness in the chest may develop due to being at desks all day.

  1. Weight Training is Important

Losing weight is not possible without weight training. Period. Muscles are responsible for keeping metabolism rate high. Smaller muscles slow down the metabolism. Lifting weights will counteract this. Don’t worry. You won’t get bulky like men. The practice will help you stay lean, burn more calories per workout. The best part is that the body continues to burn calories even post workout.

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  1. Increase Fiber Intake

The digestive system should be in a healthy state for a speedy weight loss. A regular and ample quantity of fibre intake will boost gastrointestinal motility and reduces blood sugar. So, aim at getting fibre from fresh vegetables and fruits. You will need around 25-38 grams on a daily basis.

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  1. Start a Green Tea Ritual

Green tea is known to be the best ingredient that blasts away flab that gets stuck in the body with age. Rich in catechins (mainly EGCG), antioxidative compounds that revives metabolism by frying adipose tissue, green tea is immensely helpful in releasing flab from belly fat cells. Three cups of green tea in a day will pace up the fat-burning ability of liver. Most women’s magazine articles have emphasized the importance of green tea for losing weight.

  1. Thyroid Check

Thyroid problem doesn’t have anything to do with age. However, if you have never checked it, do it to be able to know if it is affecting your body. Effective treatment will help you lose weight faster.

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  1. Try Pilates

Pilates help enhance circulation, flexibility, core strength, and posture. It is also very helpful in relieving joint, neck, and back pain to a great extent. It promises similar benefits of yoga with faster paced physical movements. The form of exercise promises greater resistance component. Hence, it imparts excellent toning for body’s metabolism-boosting muscles. Moving through as well as towing your own body weight on machines help burn more calories as compared to a usual yoga session.


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