About Us

Daily Life Dose was established on August 12,2016.

The motive of creating daily life dose was to share the day to day experiences of life. My hobbies, my passion whether they were related to food, travelling, fitness or any such interest. I love to share each one of them and inspire others.

Dailylifedose covers various aspects of life, the importance of leading a healthy life and a way to achieve it, relationship problems and it’s way out. Not only this, but it has other amusing sections too.  Here, I am trying my best to help you overcome the hurdles of life, based on my experiences and my observation.


Life is open book; we just need to read the entire page properly. And in case, we don’t want to forget any important section of it, then we note it down. Dailylifedose is the platform to it. Anyone who to want to share their experiences regarding anything, their success story, relationship struggles, world tour experiences, career advice or any such thing, that will inspire others and help them to overcome depression and give them a way to see the world with new eyes are welcomed here. I hope, I can help readers with the post and in case you wish to see more categories, your advices are accepted here.



COOKING Many of us, and looking forward to built our career on cooking. Here, we share various luscious recipes that are visually attractive and prepared by some chefs. Their stories will help you to build your own story.

HEALTH In this we try to help you maintain a healthy and stress free life. Various hurdles in life like career stress, home stress directly affect your health, and we try to help you to cope up with it.

FITNESS In our daily routine with mental stress and unhealthy food make us fatty, and unfit. Where I am trying to show some easy fitness technique that help you to decrease your belly fat. Where Yoga can gives you a fresh start of the day.

SOCIAL ISSUE Every society has it’s own drawback. Many social evil enter our society, and in this discussions provide the base to remove such evils. Here, we try to discuss various social issues, with various angles. Also, discussions on environmental issues are made. Readers can post their own point of view too.

TRAVEL Travelling is my own personal passion, and sharing own experiences. This platform is open to all to share your own travel experiences with world, and help them with suggestions and other important information.

BUSINESS In this globalized world, setting up a business is a great task, many hindrances come in way. Here you will find many tips that will help you to overcome the combats.

PHOTOGRAPHY It is an art, where every artist sees visual with their own perspective. Here, you will find distinctive tips to improve your photography skills.

RELATIONSHIP Every individual is related differently to each other. He plays different roles, and problem arises in this complex relationship. And we aim to help you to come out of the issues and enjoy healthy relation with everyone.

FOOD There are countless number of food around the world. And each food has it’s own speciality. We discuss about random ingredients and it’s various aspects ranging from it’s usage to it’s advantages and disadvantages and it’s facts too.

LIFESTYLE Here, we talk about anything and everything from family, home, fashion, makeup, design and decor. You will find various content inspired directly from life.

GAMES Games have around since ages. They are exercise for brain, whether they are indoor games or outdoor games. Here, we talk about different games and players and their lives. Everyone is welcomed here to share their gaming experience and inspire others.

SPORTS Football, Cricket, Tennis, Badminton all kind of sports update and news are here to fill your life with little entertainment.

PRODUCT REVIEW Market is full of product. There are variety of same product, as a result, it arises confusion in mind of buyers. Here, you will find the detailed information and reviews on new launches, so that you get the best product in best price.

NEW BOOKS  Here, you will get the information about the new books released, all the best sellers, information about the author and the must to read books.

WILDLIFE A lot can be learnt from great nature, here you will find news and stories about wildlife, various species, problems related to wildlife, plants and macrophotography

TECHNOLOGY Here, we provide insight into new technology, news, events and what is happening in fast changing world of technical industry.

INSPIRATION It is a platform for inspiration, motivation and self-education. Various topics discussed are self-improvement, quotes, life advice and relationship. It is the right place if you want to fight depression.

CONTEST Various contest will be organized and the winner will be announced. This will improve your skills and improve your speed.

In case, you wish to see more categories, or hold a different opinions, your suggestions are welcomed with an open heart.