Want to record your imagination in crystal clear 4K resolution then just go for the next generation action cam which is none other than Activeon Solar X. It is one of the latest and trendy gadgets which has launched and now available in the market. The imagination of the manufacturers has really developed a revolutionary concept which is totally versatile and functional. With this, you can now feel the world in the high – definition mode. Its unique features and elegant look really make it the perfect choice for the photography lovers.

Features of Activeon Solar X 4K video recorder:

  • Battery:

Just hold your heartbeat as now I am going to tell the special feature of this Activeon Solar X As the name implies, this cam gets approx 70% charging from the solar energy in just 30 minutes. Shocked?? I was also surprised when I came to know about this unique and outstanding feature. Actually, this action cam uses the sun to power itself. Really, the manufacturers keep their thinking caps on while designing this next generation action cam. They very well know that the sun is best and forever source of energy for humans and that’s why they design this product which can power itself with this free available energy source.

  • Resolution:

Maximum Video resolution:
This cam can record the videos up to 4K resolution. Now, 4K means 3840 × 2160, which is extremely high quality and is the new standard for video recording.
Maximum Image Resolution:
This new generation cam can take high-resolution images at 16 megapixels which are considered one of the most important features of this gadget.

  • Camera:

Activeon Solar X has a fixed lens which is built into the camera and cannot be switched out. Its Full HD camera is capable of capturing the best pictures of your life.

  • Zoom:

Really, the list of features is endless. This cam comes with LX HD 4X digital zoom which can capture the finest picture of any object or of any moment. This cam is your best partner and is enough to accompany you on outdoor adventures.

This Activeon Solar X has built – in screen which provides the control for the sake of the user’s convenience. It utilizes the easy to use user interface which makes it quite simple to operate. This cam is the package of a variety of unique features. One such feature is that this cam uses 16 mp CMOS sensor to shoot a combination of stills and video footage. So, if you are in the mood to capture stills with this action cam, it will manage quick snaps up to 6 frames per second. Isn’t it unique and innovative?? This gadget can also supplement its two – hour internal battery with four hours of additional charge. It’s 2 – inch touch screen is really convenient for the users. With this, you can easily check the menu options and the available content. Well, this action cam also supports Wi-Fi data transfer to Android and IOS devices. If Wi-Fi is not available then you can also use the HDMI port for the transfer purpose. This is really the revolutionary product with the solid specification. Its impeccable looks really grab the eyeballs of everyone. Really, you can’t stop yourself from appreciating this unique concept and the latest product.

Another good feature of this action cam is that you just need to connect your camera to the internet and your pictures and videos will be automatically uploaded and stored in the Activeon cloud. This next generation action cam also features the activeon station which is primarily designed to keep your camera recording no matter where you are. The sophisticated and easy to charge solar panel will be helpful in charging your camera within 30 minutes so that you never have to miss the moment.

Needless to mention, that this product has received the warm welcome in the market and acquiring the attention from all over the world. I know that now you are thinking about the cost of this next generation action cam. If this is so, then don’t worry as this product is available at very affordable prices. This simply not hurts your lifetime saving. You can own this action came at a very nominal rate. Well, you can also wait for discounts if you wish to do so. It is made up of very lightweight and durable material and really stays with you for a pretty longer time. So, this is just the one – time investment and then you can take the pleasure of crystal clear photos and videos for quite a long time or you can say a lifetime. This product also comes with warranty and support so you need not worry if the technology fails. It is the duty of your supplier to fix the issue and to make it perfect for you.

This action cam is best for those who loves photography and want to capture each and everything they came across. As the charging is not the issue with this cam so this is perfect material for the travelling lovers. Undoubtedly, its picture quality is the incredible one. It just captures as it is and offers the perfect picture in just one shot. So, stop thinking guys, this gadget is really the next generation action camera. If you’re a photography lover and want to record everything then this material would be the best choice for you. Order it right now and take the pleasure of crystal clear images and 4K videos.


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