Today 30 July, World Day against Trafficking in Persons. So I am going to discuss here about trafficking movement which is very important nowadays. A step towards a better world for each person before it gets too late. 

Since ancient times Human Trafficking is one of the major crimes which exploits women, children, and men. The main purpose of this crime is to impose labour and sex.  These days it is one of the fastest growing crimes globally. The International Labour Organization states that nearly 21 million persons across the globe are the victims of human trafficking. Its major parts include the forceful labour and sexual exploitation.

Today every single country is under the effect of human trafficking; either it’s the country of origin or destination of the victims. According to the reports of the United Nations Organizations estimates that 71 percent of women and girls are the direct victims of human trafficking. In the year 2013, the General assembly held a global meeting to impose a Global Plan Action and declared 30 July as the world day against human trafficking. This resolution was entirely necessary to raise the voice and stand to help the victims of human trafficking and fight for their protection

There is a number of NGO’s around the world which are helping and fighting against this issue. They assist the victims who faced organ displacement, sexual exploitation has forced labour and begging, criminal indulgence and other exploitations like online pornography, skin removal etc. The Trust fund facilities provide a grant to such NGO’s, which further provide ground assistance to these victims.

Imagine a boy, far from his homeland, fighting with the world all alone and imposed to do heavy labour work. It may be doing low-grade jobs, begging, selling flowers, learning crime etc. even their organs are there to sell in the global market. A small girl, missing her parents and siblings, forced to do objectionable work like online pornography, sex slavery, maid work etc. Think of their situation, how hard it will be for them to survive. Even their parents will remain half-dead during their life-cycle.

Strong actions are very necessary to save the world from such crimes. If the Global Assembly is celebrating the world day against the human trafficking than it’s us, who has to implement and fight against these crimes? You all need to get together as a whole and stand like a firm wall against human trafficking. One can keep a look on the uncertain activities all around and start opposing such acts. Such actions will help in decreasing these crimes globally. With the help of the following ways, you can join the fight against Human Trafficking. Because this is the social issue we need to focus on.

Actions to Stop Human Trafficking

Create a club or Join the Community Group:

World Day against Trafficking in Persons
Joining the community groups can be very helpful against human trafficking. This method brings everyone closer and one can discuss the problems individually. They can share their thoughts against such crimes and seek for such uncertain activities conducting around the area. Speaking up against such activities is itself a great effort. People never share their problems with other persons.

They feel shy and are afraid to face the consequences of defaming. This action is the major reason for the increase of such crimes. From a small incident, it enhances the spirit and provides more confidence to conduct more crimes with full faith. Speaking and standing against these actions is the first and foremost step to stop human trafficking.

Not only personal meetings, you have the option to connect via social networking sites. This can be very best to post the pictures and spread the news against such exploitations. One can decide new goals and events and promote awareness against such illegal actions.

Local heads or Policymakers:

 In every region, there are some jobs like labouring, massage parlours, stores etc. They hire low wage labours or workers to work and earn money. Hiring local and community heads can help in specifying the correct age to work and regulate the necessary codes to lead a peaceful like. These heads should be literate and have knowledge of the respective job.

This method can help in documenting the exact number of workers in the region and help them in providing the correct wages. The employers will not impose extra work on them and pay accordingly. Through these methods, one can stop child labour and force each and every one to follow the strict labour laws.

Events to raise awareness:

Organizing events and seminars can be very helpful in controlling and managing human trafficking. These events help the kids to drive in the right direction. All the criminals are humans like us. They also went through the phase of childhood. But the reason is they lack proper guidance and affection. TO avoid further of these incidents to happen, seminars regarding these topics can be a useful tool to help you children’s.

In schools and colleges, such events of waking the studs against human trafficking, sex exploitation, forceful labour are very necessary. These events can guide them a lot and help in controlling such crimes. They are guided about the recent scenarios and incidents happening globally. Also, the preventive measures to control such events are told to them with effective techniques. This will help in safeguarding the future and making it bright for the upcoming human races.

Research Projects:

Imposing judgment against human trafficking is not the perfect solution. Proper research and analysis are very necessary to understand the mental state of the criminals and the victims. Through the research projects, you can better information about the reasons and factors which lead to human trafficking. This crime has taken the shape of an illegal business worldwide and the criminals earn millions and billions through these trafficking.

These research projects help in the proper investigation of such cases. There’s no doubt that this project contains lot danger but it’s necessary to stop these incidents. Students and professionals working on these research projects are really contributing their best to finish these crimes.

Go for a job at Anti-trafficking Organizations or NGO’s:

If you have the zeal to save the world from such crimes and want to serve the humanity, go for such jobs. Serving for the nation in this manner is truly respectable. You can join anti-trafficking squads or the NGO’s which serve the victims. One can be a counsellor at these places and help in curing the physical and mental wounds of the victims.

If you have a keen interest in such activities than start learning about these subjects, try to reach to the farthest limits. Expand your network and join the social networking groups, follow different helping organizations.

Pursue a fellowship:

One can go for short term fellowships on these anti-trafficking programs. You can easily find such fellowships and start your research at the lowest levels. This will not only groom your abilities but help the leading anti-trafficking organizations to have a fair fight against human trafficking globally.

Avoids the services of the companies which facilitates Human Trafficking:

This can be a major role in forbidding the human trafficking. Avoid the products of the companies which tend to force child labour. Let them know that you are avoiding their products because of this reason.  From small tea shops to big shops and producer they all impose child labour to make maximum profits out of them.

You can discuss these issues with your friends and community members and guide them to avoid such shops. This will help them in re-thinking further before making a purchase from them.



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