Desperate for buying the apple smart watch 2 but still looking for the reviews?? Well, it is quite normal after all it is ‘Apple’ which is always much publicized because of its high price tags. This apple smart watch 2 comes with the third generation of the operating system and considered as the ultimate device for your healthy life. Needless to mention, that the apple has upgraded the smart watch in a number of ways, and all of them are extremely useful. Well, the Apple has brought a lot of tech upgrades. With this, there is brand new water – resistant design, and a really good GPS chip on board for tracking your movements, a much fast processor and also the swim tracker.

There is new white ceramic finish too which literally takes the place of the extortionately expensive gold apple watch edition and to add an element of luxury to the proceedings. Of course, you can’t mention the Apple watch 2 without discussing the price of the same. Well, in terms of pricing, it unsurprisingly arrives at the various levels with the cheapest model, 38mm version, coming in at AU $529 in Australia, $369 in US and £ 369 in the UK.

This watch is all-in-one device, something that’s about convenience above all- the convenience of keeping the phone in your pocket and enjoys the same features in your smartwatch. If you’re really excited by the idea of what smart watches can offer in terms of functionality and features, bringing out your phone fewer times in a day and working out simpler experience, then the Apple Smart Watch 2 is probably the perfect choice.

The apple smart watches powered by the latest watch OS which is helpful in launching the apps instantly and really provides the better access. With this, you can choose from the range of the watch faces and share your daily activities with your friends. No doubt that it’s the world most loved smart watch – now with even more to love.


Apple Smart Watch 2 – A list of UNBELIEVABLE features:

  • Control your Home

Isn’t it cool that you can control your home even if you’re not around?? With the apple smart watch 2, you can use the home app to manage all your Homekit-enabled devices from your watch. You can easily adjust the lightening, see who’s at the front door and check your thermostat with a tap.

  • Unlock your MAC

It is unbelievable that the MAC senses when you’re nearby and automatically logs you in. So, you’re ready to use the device as soon as you wake up.

  • Automatically call for help

Well, the watch can really help you out in the tough situation. Press and hold the side button and no matter where you are in the world, SOS initiates the call with local emergency services. Really, the apple smart watch 2 is your constant companion.

  • Activity app for wheelchair users

Now, this is the huge thunderbolt. The manufacturers really put their thinking caps on and optimized the activity app for the wheelchair users, taking into account several pushing techniques for varying speeds and terrains.

  • Perfect Display

No doubt the apple smart watch series 2 come up with the unsurpassed quality and features. It has the display that is two times better than before. The screen of the apple smart watch is big enough for the important things. With the brightest display, the Apple has ever made, you’ll see your metrics clearly without bothering about the sun glares.

  • Built-in GPS

Another astounding feature of this new smart watch is its built-in GPS. It is really wow. With this, you can record precise distance, speed and pace while you are walking, cycling, and running. It picks up the signal right away so you needn’t have to have to get moving.

  • Coaching – A nudge when you need it

The smart notification option in the watch is really incredible. This can really motivate you by displaying your progress reports and uses your success to boost you to pursue new goals.

  • Heart rate sensor

Since the apple watch is always with you so it can really aware you about your overall health. The heart sensor at the back of the watch measures your heart rate throughout the day and sends the record on your iPhone.

  • Stay connected

The apple smart watch is not only the watch, it is really more than that. Now, with this, you can stay connected with your loved ones throughout the day, you can easily read messages by raising your wrist and can also reply in funny and more expressive ways. Apart from this, you can also check who’s calling and answer on your watch. If you are busy at the moment then you can cover it with your to dismiss the call and ask Siri to return the call later.

So, I think that these features are enough to answer your question which you have asked on the top of the article. Needless to mention, that the Apple Smart Watch 2 is really worth the money. I think now you can easily make your mind for this latest innovation. So, be the one among your friends to have this watch on your wrist.


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