The drones are Technology of the Future. Find the essential details on the 10 best drones to own in 2016 here on this page.

Maybe you’ve not the good reason to shed money on the drones but this fact cannot be denied that the drones are the coolest gadgets and the Recent Technology of today’s time. I am presuming that my readers are curious to own the best drone of the year but confused among the plenty of options. Don’t fear when I am here. To chop your confusion and to make your mind crystal clear, I am listing out the best drones of this year. I am sure that my list would definitely assist you while purchasing the best drone for yourself and for your loved ones. So, are you ready to take the deep dive into the world of best drones?? Here, we go………

Best drones to own – A List of Top 10:

  • DJI Mavic Pro

Let’s get started with my personal recommendation which is none other than DJI Mavic Pro. I have owned this drone and enjoying the same from last six months. It has a compact foldable design which makes the same as the travel – friendly drone. Its battery life is incredibly good. Its gaming style controller is equally compact but still has all the controls you need to fly and operating the camera. But remember, it can be piloted with only Android or IOS. For me, this is the perfect gadget to own this year.

  • GoPro Karma

Come to my next recommendation which is none other than GoPro Karma. First of all, its name is quite engrossing which really grabs the attention. It is a New Technology and is small enough to carry anywhere. This gadget comes with the built – in touch screen. It is quite easy to use. Also, it features the 3 – axis stabilizer which can be attached or removed as per the desire. This is the latest Technology Innovation and really the bang for your buck.

  • DJI Inspire 1

My third recommendation is the DJI Inspire 1. It is quite bigger in size and offers full 360 – degree camera rotation. It’s 3 – axis gimbal and camera system can easily be removed for safe transport and future upgrades. The maximum flight time of this drone is almost 18 minutes. This device comes with 12 mp camera resolution and 49 mph maximum speed. It features the dual – operator mode which means that the one person will fly the drone and the second can control the camera.

  • DJI Phantom 4

Let’s have a look on my next recommendation which is none other than DJI Phantom 4. This one is launched in March 2016 and presents the unexpected improvements from the phantom series. God battery life, obstacle avoidance, and a newly designed camera lens are some of its new features. It comes with 12 mp camera resolution 45 mph maximum speed. The maximum flight time is approximately 25 minutes which is incredibly good.

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  • Yuneec Typhoon H

Yuneec Typhoon H is the renowned name for the drone lovers. This is the high – quality drone which is the best fit for the recreational needs. It is equipped with six rotors, 360 – degree gimbal camera, and retractable landing gear. This is easy and safe to fly device which comes with 12.4 mp camera resolution. It has the maximum flight time of almost 25 minutes.

  • Yuneec Q500 4K

My sixth recommendation for the drone lovers is Yuneec Q500 4K. Yuneec has been around since 1999 and holds plenty of patents. This drone is made up of strong and lightweight aluminum material with the high – density foam core. The maximum speed of the drone is 18 mph and it comes with 12 mp camera resolution. This is something which stays with you for a pretty longer time.

  • DJI Inspire 2

DJI Inspire 2 is yet another best quality drone available in the market. It is the New Technology of the Future and is latest among all and launched in November 2016. This latest model is quite powerful and tougher than the previous one. It has two different cameras. One is underneath the aircraft and the other is mounted on the front of the aircraft. It comes with 30 mp camera resolution which is really outstanding. The maximum flight time of this drone is about 27 minutes.

  • Parrot Bebop Drone 2

How can I forget to mention Parrot Bebop Drone 2 while discussing the best drones of the year?? This is the Future Technology and is made up of quite tough and lightweight material. It instantly stops when blocked. The picture and video quality are just amazing. It can be easily piloted via smartphone or tablet.

  • DJI Phantom 3

The ninth position on my list is acquired by DJI Phantom 3. It is best – selling drone model of the year and comes with four different models which are: standard, 4K, Advanced and professional. It is the sophisticated option in the series and best suited for the professional pilots. It offers 4K video, whooping 5 km control distance, and 23 minutes of maximum flight time.

  • Yuneec Breeze

Well, my last recommendation is none other than Yuneec Breeze. This is the ultimate drone to own this year and comes with 5 easy to use flight modes. It offers 12 minutes of maximum flight time and 13 mp camera resolution.

So, here is my list of best drones to own in 2016. I hope that you’ve enjoyed the dive with me. Friends, if you’re looking for the best drone with impeccable looks and solid specs then all these options would be the perfect choice for you. Just order this new Technology Innovation right now and experience the world from heights.


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