As we have discused before in our previous blog about the best place to travel on the basis of nature. Now we are going to discuss about next topic on the best place to travel basis of cities.

Nature Cities Culture
Kauai, United States  Marrakech, Morocco  Malta
Finland   Madrid, Spain  Papua New Guinea
Baja California, Mexico   Anchorage, United States  Chengdu, China
Banff, Canada   Seoul, South Korea  Canton Uri, Switzerland
Cloud Forest, Ecuador   Moscow, Russia  Guadeloupe Islands
Via Dinarica, Western Balkans    Cartagena, Colombia  Georgia, United States
Tiger National Parks, Central India        Hamburg, Germany Cradle of Humankind, South Africa

National Geographic channel has published a list of best 7 cities to travel in 2017.

In this continuing series of exploring the best destinations, we are looking at the best cities of 2017.  Is your city, one the best destinations of 2017, well let’s find out.

Set Destination of Best Cities to Travel in 2017

  • Marrakech, Morocco

An ageless city. Attracts fashionable people with amazing color combination and luxurious feature,  can be the only apt description of the city of Marrakech. Amazing beautiful gardens and clear skies and mazelike souks markets will make you go gaga of the beauty of Marrakech, Morocco. It is recommended to travel between March to May and October to November for the natural beauty of Marrakech.

  • Madrid, Spain

A city of museums, impressive collection of art and architecture in the Prado, Theyssen-bornemisza can mesmerize you. Where nightlife is bigger and popular then day life. The Manicured parks and beautiful gardens are a few specialities of the Spain’s cosmopolitan city of Madrid. The amazing local urban art scenes and creative canvases have been seen as the next big thing of Madrid. Best time to travel in may-june and September-december.

  • Anchorage, United States

If you are an adventure lover, Anchorage, United States offers just that what you need. An easy access to Alaskan-size adventures with 5 national parks as well as Chugach mountains are the best offering sights in the US for a thrilling adventurous life.  Round-the-clock daylight in summer, fishing in world’s largest urban fishery, hiking to a glacier, surfing the bore tide along with the Turnagain Arm, saying Hi to a brown bear are a few of exciting things about Anchorage, United States.

  • Seoul, South Korea

South Korea’s capital city is a country bumpki,  Han River, palaces, markets, cloud-scraping high-rises, cutting-edge restaurants, and tottering fashionistas are a few of the specialties of Seoul, South Korea. A walk through the alleyways of Bukchon Hanok Village of historical value, to Hyoja-dong, craftsmen village and also known because of its avant-garde art galleries are a few more amazing places to visit in Seoul.

  • Moscow, Russia

A matryoshka nesting doll, a layering city of Russia, Moscow’s heart, Red Square, and the candy-striped domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral remains are a few of historical monuments of the city. Lavish architectural beauty of metros in Russia, Winzavod galleries, and a 700-acre Stalinist exhibition center offer a variety of entertainment to the tourists.

  • Cartagena, Colombia

A Caribbean coast, a heaven for writers, brightly painted colonial mansions, interestingly shaped balconies, and cafés are a few of the popular tourist attractions of the city.  One should travel to Cartagena for celebrating life and explore the old city UNESCO World Heritage site.

  • Hamburg, Germany

Germany’s “gateway to the world”, Hamburg is Europe’s second busiest container port.  Laced with canals, with tide one can cruise the canals crisscrossing easily, outdoor festivals, Christmas markets and more than 2500 bridges are the popular attraction of the city


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