National Geographic has published the much-awaited list of best places to travel in 2017, and truly the list seems amazing. You heart will really want you to pack bags and travel after watching these ridiculously amazing photographs of these destinations.

The TV channel has divided the best travel destinations into three broad categories; Nature, Cities and Culture. The best places to travel are:

Nature Cities Culture
Kauai, United States  Marrakech, Morocco  Malta
Finland   Madrid, Spain  Papua New Guinea
Baja California, Mexico   Anchorage, United States  Chengdu, China
Banff, Canada   Seoul, South Korea  Canton Uri, Switzerland
Cloud Forest, Ecuador   Moscow, Russia  Guadeloupe Islands
Via Dinarica, Western Balkans    Cartagena, Colombia  Georgia, United States
Tiger National Parks, Central India        Hamburg, Germany Cradle of Humankind, South Africa

In this series of exploring these destinations, we will be showing the specifications of destination, when to go and other awesome features of that destination. We are starting with Nature and will follow up with other categories, soon.

Disclaimer: The images have been directly taken from National Geographic’s Website and DLD has no copyright over these.


Kauai, United States

Many of us have seen the awesome natural scenery in Jurassic movies and more than 60 other feature films, well that was from Kauai, United States. The island’s universal aerial tours deliver amazing views of the towering Na Pali Coast sea cliffs. The cascading waterfalls and other blockbuster locations make you feel like a wandering in a Nature of Kauai & United States - Dailylifedosewonderland.

It is recommended to travel in the period of April to November if you are an adventurer who is excited about hiking and beaches. Whale-watching, an amazing endeavour can be is popular during December to May period. The interior Mount Waialeale (5,125 feet) is the wettest spot in the United States with annual rainfall of more than 450 inches.Kauai’s Kalalau Trail is not an easy hiking destination. It requires special training and safety procedures to follow before and during the hiking.



Nature of finland - DailylifedoseAmazing state-owned protected areas of Finland will make you believe that you are near to the Mother Nature. Arctic Circle in Lapland, 20,000-island Finnish archipelago and rocky beaches on the mainland’s southernmost tip Finland
is a perfect destination for nature-lovers. Finland has 188,000 lakes and 180,000 islands. 40 national parks with 12 wilderness areas including six national hiking areas are sanctuaries for silence-seekers.

It is recommended to travel during the period of February to early May for the skiing. Hiking, Biking, Kayaking, and virtual daylight 24 hours a day can be witnessed during June to August. Iconic Finnish confections are cheap and tasty treat for everyone.

Baja California, Mexico

Baja California Mexico Variety of Fish - DailylifedoseMexico’s fingerlike Baja California peninsula is popular for the close encounters with the ginormous marine kind. The waters off Baja California, Mexico are west bordered Pacific Ocean and east bordered to the Gulf of California. At this awesome location whales, great white sharks, and manta rays are seen.

It is recommended to travel during the period of November to July for live-aboard scuba diving trips. For whale lovers, the period of mid-December to April is heaven-like. Eastern Pacific gray whales which are 45 feet long and 30-40 tons are visible at San Ignacio Lagoon

Banff, Canada

Nature of Banff & Canada - DailylifedoseBanff is a popularly known for its Rocky Mountain peaks, turquoise-blue lake sand meadowed valleys. It’s a heaven for mountain hikers and horseback excursions. It is also known for its luxurious accommodations.

It is recommended to travel during the period of May to October for biking. For hiking, July to mid-September is the best period. During mid-November to mid-May Banff National Park opens for winter sports, which one the best tourist attractions. With around 310 miles of biking trails and technically advanced routes, Banff is very popular among bikers.

Cloud Forests, Ecuador

Cloud Forests Ecuador - DailylifedoseEquator’s Cloud Forests are known for their rich plant and animal life depositories. This amazing bio diversity hotspot has hundreds of bird species. Popular species ranges from hummingbirds to flashy Andean cock-of-the-rock. Air plants and rare orchids are also tourist attracting factors for the Cloud Forests.

For travelers, its heaven as you can go year-round since weather remains same during the whole year. Ecuador’s official currency is the U.S. dollar.

Via Dinarica, Western Balkans

Adventure for Travelers - DailylifedoseThe tracks of Western Balkans are the best destinations for the adventure travelers. The 1,200-mile Via Dinarica trail is an amazing experience for everyone as it is combined with ancient trading and military routes. The area has gone through an amazing transformation, from a contentious region to the planet’s most exciting cross-border destination.

 It is recommended to travel during January to mid-March for ski touring and snowshoeing. May to September period is known for hiking and biking activities with many championships.

 Tiger National Parks, Central India

Tiger National Parks Central India - DailylifedoseThe Royal Bengal Tigers, one of their kinds are the love of every animal watcher. The roars we heard in Jungle Books or Life of Pie are really heard here. The Royal Bengal tiger can weigh upto500 pounds and scale around 10 feet in length.  The biggest and wildest cats on the earth are living in central India and attracting a huge number of customers.

 Wildlife lovers can travel during October to March periods. To watch these deadliest cats, one should visit during chilling summers of April to June.


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