India is a land of diverse cultures, it’s food is as diverse as it’s culture. Each part of India has its own speciality. India is best recognised for its spices all around the world, and its food reflects the same. Varieties of spices combine to form ultimate dish which relishes each and every tongue. Different regions have their own style of cooking with different forms of food. One needs a huge belly to absorb all its flavours. Previously, Indian food was difficult to find, but now a huge chain of restaurants serve the Indian food all around the world.

The main staples in India include wheat, rice, pulses and gram flour. There are variety of food in the market but the lover of Indian food can never satisfy his hunger without grabbing Indian food.  Ghee is another product from milk, which Indian immensely use to enhance to the flavour of the dish. The variety of food is so diverse that it can’t be discussed in one go. But the basic can be categorized according to the region.

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Rotis form the main food of this region. This area is famous for the production of wheat. This forms the key ingredient for their cuisines. But roti is not the only form served, paranthas, rather stuffed rotis, is globally famous, which is also the identity for Punjabis. Stuffed rotis with handful amount of butter and curd, is all that Punjabis need for themselves. Lassi, another form of drink made out of curd, is famous throughout the world, with different varieties being experimented. Food in this region is lightly spiced and use of garlic, ginger and cream is made to great extend to enhance the flavor of the dish.


South Indian prefer light food. Therefore most of their cuisines are either made by steaming or roasting. The samber from south India has gained huge popularity throughout the globe. Rice and rice flour is used most consumed in this area. Idli, dosa, vada, uttapam are different cuisines served with sambar. The Aalu vada of Mumbai is another speciality.

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People here are mostly nonvegetarian. And fish is their core ingredient. Steaming and frying are the popular methods of cooking in this region. The food here is mostly in running consistency; pork is another famous ingredient of this region. There is lot of production of green vegetables and food in this region, therefore they are abundantly used in this region. The food is mostly cooked in mustard oil.


This area is surrounded by deserts widely. The climate here is dry and use of water is minimum in this area. The production of lentils is on large scale in this area, whereas vegetables are scared here. Uses of spices are made widely in this area. TADKA of spices is specially made to enhance the flavor of the dish. People here prefer spicy food. Preserved products like chutney, pickles are consumed with their regular meals.

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Although each region has it’s own cuisine. But the dish is not limited to its area. Different regions try to experiment with each other cuisines and relish the flavor. Which ultimately unite them in one fold of unity.


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