“A fit, healthy body—that is the best fashion statement” ― Jess C. Scott

New Year is almost at your doorstep and maybe you already have a resolution set. If not, let me help you to choose one. How about next year you resolve to make your health your priority and became a healthy and fit version of you? Sounds great, right?

“Health is Wealth” I’m sure you are familiar with this phrase. But even after knowing this nobody really take it seriously and it’s not even their fault. Because of our busy schedule, we don’t find enough time to give to ourselves. It is time to change that. Just imagine how awesome it would feel when you won’t feel tired to climb staircases or walk an extra mile. But for being able to do that you are going to make a solid commitment for the sake of your body.

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Here is the health routine you should add to your new year’s resolution…

Setting A Goal – Those jeans which were so dear to you once doesn’t fit anymore; the reason is your lifestyle. Set small goals instead of making huge plans and constantly changing them. For example, try to lose 1 kg or 2 pounds per month and give it your all to reach that goal every month. There are many workout routines to choose from like yoga, HIIT, weight training, cardio, water aerobic exercise. Make sure whatever you doing, you are enjoying it and not dreading the time you have to work out. This will not only keep you fit but energize you for the whole day ahead.

Have A Healthy breakfast – Because it is the most important meal of the day. If you had a protein-enriched meal at the start of the day you won’t feel dizzy or tired to do any work. Include a full glass of milk or some fruit juice to your diet with a plate of oatmeal pancake or cereal, they will keep you full until lunchtime. But the first thing in the morning you should do is drink warm lemon water. This will keep your belly fat at bay.

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Drink Water Daily

Drink Plenty of Water – This one habit alone is enough for your body, skin, stomach etc. The human body is around 60% of water, so make sure you’re hydrating yourself enough to keep that level. An adult should drink at least 8 glasses of water daily and if you have set goals to lose weight this is the one routine you should adopt.

Don’t Skip The Meal – Sometimes we tend to skip meals because of our work or some other things. But when sometimes becomes every day, you will have a health hazard. Don’t ever skip a meal even if you are “dieting”. Eat a healthy and nourished lunch or dinner at a definitive time, if you want to reach your life goals.

Be Calmed – I know that there is still a lot of work ahead, which you have to finish before the deadline. But being stressed about it won’t help, just hold on for a minute and breathe. Stress is actually the only reason behind many of your health problems. You may have to face heart attack to obesity, because of stressing out. Whenever you are feeling stressed, just breathe in and out or focus on a happier thing in your life.

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Stop Criticising Yourself – Making yourself feel bad is the problem of most people, which then later resolve into a bad health situation. Many people who feel bad because of their body image, relationships, financial status tend to become unhealthier. Some choose alcohol for remorse or some of them start eating a whole lot of unhealthy food to fill up the void. Remember one thing, nobody is perfect but you can be perfect for being you. Whatever bad is happening in your life will go away, there is nothing consistent in this world, not even pain.


Have Some Greens – Eating a bowl of salad every day will benefit you in many ways. It will boost you with fibres, vitamins and most importantly keep you full without calories. When your goal is losing weight this is all you need, but that doesn’t mean you have to chew on kale all day. Choose a green vegetable that you enjoy the most because eating something you loathe will only make your mood worse.

Shoe Tied

Work Those Sneakers or Start Cycling – If you absolutely have no time for a good workout at all, that doesn’t mean that you can’t be fit. The best exercise of them all is, walking. Walk till you drop and it will keep your overall body in shape. Walk for at least 30 minutes in the morning before breakfast. Or just walk to your destination. If you are going to the market for grocery shopping or going to the office or going on a date, walk there. Cycling is another fun and easy way to be fit and to travel. Most of your vital muscle groups are used for peddling, plus you are going to make the environment mush less polluted.

Girl Sleeping

Early to Bed – Sleeping is the most relaxed thing to do to become healthy. Sleep deprivation is the most common problem among people and also the most ignorant. But not getting enough sleep can do many damages. Moodiness, fatigue, depression, forgetfulness Inability to concentrate or a “fuzzy” head these are all the result of sleep deprivation. Set a daily time for bed and don’t miss it and don’t take your worries to the bed with you.


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