While only a few online businesses grab the top slot in the search list, most of them struggle to engage visitors. For that matter, Search Engine Optimisation has become a significant part of running an online business.

With thousands of websites popping in each day on the internet, effective SEO provides an edge to reduce the competition. The objective here is to direct the maximum traffic towards your site and raise its rank in the Google search list.

However, SEO techniques keep changing sometime. So, to be in the pace, one needs to update his website as per the current SEO trends.

Given below is the list of SEO techniques that are useful in optimizing your website that ensures boosting organic traffic and thereby it’s ranking.

How to make SEO more effective

  1. Enhancing visitor engagement

Readers often stick to that website that delivers promptly whatever they are searching. They won’t stay at any site for longer than 20 seconds. Hence, only sites that serve their purpose in no time get more visitors.

For that, you need to know how to increase your website visibility.

Contrary to it, a website with low ranking and less organic traffic usually have high bounce rate. Bounce rate is another factor that determines your rank.

To minimize it you have to work on the content you post and other factors. Contents such as articles or blogs should always be a well-researched and to the point.

Make it more lucid, add pictures and provide all the answers in the beginning part of the content. You can also use the various copywriting technique while preparing the content.

  1. Post premium quality and readable content

Your blog content should be informative as well as well-represented. A well-represented article has high readability points and is able to hold the reader’s attention for long.

There are some hacks to increase the readability point of your article. Firstly, divide your articles into various short paragraphs. Each of these paragraphs should not contain more than 80 words.

The next is to prefer short sentences than long. Similarly, between two synonyms try to use the short one in the sentences. Like, choose ‘vital’ over ‘significant.’

Also, use bullets, sub-headers to convey information in a way that reader won’t fail to notice. Pen down long articles which contain over 2000 words.

  1. Put in long tail keywords

You can improve your website performance more when you are aware of your target customers. Having a better knowledge of your visitor group will help you in putting the exact keywords which they are searching on Google.

Furthermore, according to a study by wordstream.com people nowadays types more than four words in the Google search. So, it is clear that to drive your target audience you should use a long tail keyword.

Long tail keywords have more than four words in it. It will give you an edge over your counterpart who use short keywords.

  1. Speed up your page loading time

The time your website takes to open, and the process will affect your page ranking. Google checks your site response time before ranking it.Google Page Speed Checker

You can also observe how your website performs with think with Google tool. In case the site is slow you should pay attention to its different attributes.

For instance, remove unwanted plug-ins, use a faster web hosting platform, make use of a content delivery network and go for installing caching for your website. In CDN or content delivery network, the local host closer to the visitor loads your site on their device.

Besides these factors, you should also look for minimizing RTTs and Gzipping the website.

  1. Optimize image

Images are essential for engaging content. But many times, it creates hurdle by reducing the speed of the web page.

Image optimization provides you the way to deal with the issue. Image optimization means to add right and quality image after resizing it. Resizing means reducing the image size as per its display portion.

Sometimes we prefer plugins to do it itself. So you can find here the top 5 image compression plugin that helps you to optimize your image easily.

When you find a correct image for your content, make sure you align it well. Along with it add a suitable caption and Alt text.

  1. Backlinks

Backlinks have its own importance in raise your page rank, and you cannot ignore it. When adding a backlink in your content always pick up links to relevant sites that have quality rich content.

Employing links to sites belonging to a different niche than yours is not advisable. Similarly, paid links for diverting traffic to other sites will also work against your site.

Only related and trustworthy site will increase the time spent by the user and therefore your page rank.   That why nowadays guest posting gets so much popularity just because it gives an authentic backlink that lasts long and gives a good impact on google to rank higher.

  1. Focus on the technical glitch of your site

As a way to resolve all the technical issues before it arises, the first thing is to get is SSL certificate. It means to transfer your web page to a secure version of Http which is Https. The main benefit is that it will protect your site against cyber threats and check the loss in traffic.

Further, remove the broken links problem from your site. To counter this 404-error problem, take the help of tools like Google Webmaster tool, W3C Link Checker, and Screaming Frog SEO Spider.

Check out these WordPress Plugins like Canonical, Ultimate Nofollow, and SEOQuake that supports you in enhancing your site SEO.

  1. Promoting website on different social media

Social media are the very productive way to get page viewership on your site. At present when a large population is using social media, a marketer can grab this opportunity to popularise their website.Social Media Marketing

Never miss asking your visitor to share your post. Because, each time someone shares your post on their social media account, your visitor counting raises multiple time.


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  1. Mobile version of the website

Generate more viewership to your site, a mobile site is a must. Not only you need a mobile website, but it must stand on the parameters Google to get a good rank in mobile search.Google Mobile Friendly Test

Whether your mobile site is responsive or not is easy to know. For that matter, there is a Mobile-Friendly Test Tool by Google which gives you such information. For creating suitable content for your mobile site, use Google AMP.

So, these are some productive SEO tricks to get the desirable organic traffic. The raising competition in online businesses demands the marketers to update their site as per the latest technology trends. Moreover, a web page with better usability and quality content never stoops down in ranking.



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