Creating a proper email marketing plan can be quite a big challenge for some of the smaller business owners. Most of the time, they often have no clue regarding the time to make Marketing plans. All they are stick with are the promos and announcements over here, which are weird. However, to keep the subscribers engaged, you might have to do more than that. Ideally, the emails will be more like something that they are always ready to look forward to while reading. So, that, it will help them to keep their businesses in mind of people even if they are not ready to buy the products or services yet. So in short email marketing is one of the main branches of SEO Marketing.

Let’s Start with Effective Email Marketing Tips And Tricks

Email Marketing With the help of Instagram:

Now you must have this question on how Instagram might help you with the email marketing tactics. There are so many marketers who have their own marketing tactics over the internet. They even have some accounts on Instagram with large Instagram followers base.

You can see their process to interact with people and get a huge follower. The main things they follow is continuous engagement with follower. Whatever by telling stories, sharing daily activities and all.

Your follower will love to hear ideas and approaches This way, you can eventually get in line and will get more subscribers from Instagram.

Email Marketing with Instagram

On the other hand, it is always stated that you should not send out the same email types all the time. Whenever you have logged online, there are different types of email campaigns that you can easily send out for keeping the subscribers engaged and even driving up the sales. So, the next time you are planning to refresh on the notion of email marketing, it is always mandatory for you to go through the guides first. On the other hand, you can even browse through the available email marketing templates in case you need help with professional designs to improve results.

Effective examples to care about:

There are two broad forms of marketing emails. One is the engagement email and another one is transactional email. In simple terms, these engagement emails are about storytelling, while the transactional ones are related to making and then closing the sale.  These two options are not mutually exclusive. An engagement email might have a transactional element to it.

  1. Transactional email is sent to facilitate an agreed-upon transaction between the sender and the recipient, like account creation or purchase receipt emails.
  2. Storytelling email helps to share experiences and engage the audience with the sender easily.

In this new era of email marketing storytelling, email marketing is gaining more popularity day by day.

One of the best impact of email marketing is it helps to increase your business visibility online.
6 Effective Email Marketing Tips And Tricks With Instagram 1

Heading towards engagement emails:

The main goal of these emails is to be associated with branding and storytelling and not making a sale directly. The purpose is to keep the subscribers interested and even engaged with the brand, even when they are not in buying mood. Whenever they are all set to buy or when the business has a special offer, subscribers will have that active relationship with you even if they never made any purchase before. You can be way more creative with these emails. In some cases, adding those embedding links or extra visuals to video and audio can work well.

So you have to ask few question to own, AM I MISSING SOMETHING? Like

  • Am I not much appealing to my subscriber?
  • Am I forget the emotion of my reader?
  • Am I not fulfilling the curiosity of my reader?

You have to be different from other sitting next to you in readers inbox.

Welcome Emails:

These welcome emails are the first email that the subscribers might receive after they have just confirmed email address. As this is the very first interaction with brand in the inbox, you have to make it memorable and even worth the while. At the end of it all, subscribers are here to open and click on the welcome emails when compared to any other form of promotional emails.

Welcome Emails
  • The welcome email is here to make branding clear.
  • Moreover, the large shots of the company trivia or product at the end of the email will give the reader a quick idea about voice and aesthetics of the brand.
  • As this welcome email is quite high engaging, it can work definitely well as greater transactional email. These emails will have higher transaction rates and revenue on each email than any of the other transactional ones.
  • So, it is highly typical for these emails to offer discounts and even free shipping to some of the new subscribers.
Make sure you have a complete idea on pinterest marketing strategy.

Tips and tutorials emails:

You might always send educational and instructive emails that will help the subscribers in way that is relevant to business. These sections will mainly come in form of how to tips and tutorials. They can further be simple or rather in-depth, solely depending on the kinds of products you have and the subscribers you need.

  • Instruction emails are perfect way to just familiarize the subscribers with services or products. It can be mainly special and useful when it is unclear how these businesses and help solve problem or just attain a goal.
  • Teaching anything new can also help in making some of the quick and positive changes in lives that they can always associate with the brands. Let’s take one example. The BeardBrand, is a company known for selling beard grooming products. It sends a grooming tutorial of 5 days to the new subscribers.
  • Each installment of the said tutorial will include various videos. Some might even include links and even reviews to the products as used in the same video.  For example, you can try mixing the engagement emails to the transactional ones. These 5 days of free tutorial will come with an offer of free mustache comb to go with the first order of the subscribers.

Dealing with the customer stories:

Customer stories are mainly generated from just studying or interviewing the customers. These stories are all about success with the services or products, personal stories and even tips to some of the other customers. These stories will often come in various forms of video or pictures that they have taken. As these stories come right from customers, it helps in building a sense of community. These subscribers are able to just identify with the buyers, sharing interests and experiences.

These are some of the email options that you might care to add with the email marketing sectors. This way, you will get more engagement from the prospective buyers and they will invest some bucks on your services.



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