Not everyday of life is same and happy. There are some days when you are full of energy and everything seems just beautiful to you while sometimes you feel that you are under a lot of pressure and nothing is working out for you. The former is what we call a happy life and the later one is known as stress. When the pressures from various aspects of our lives like personal or work become too much, we lost our patience and get worried. That’s where we feel like giving up and makes us feel low and de-motivated. Failure is not opposite to success but part of success.


Stress not only affects us mentally, but it can also exhaust a person physically. Mentally, it suffocates you, you don’t want to eat, you sleep less, you worry more, and even a simple meeting can make you anxious. Physical effects of stress are weight gain, high blood pressure, heart issues and so on. This stress is of no good and in no time it can make you feel devastated. Researches also shows that stress can even invite or worsen a certain symptom or disease.

There is no denying to the fact that every person goes through stress at least for once in his life, Sometimes it is just about a particular time or situation and once the situation gets better stress is gone. But if you feel that you are constantly stressed or low, it is better to take consultation from a doctor.

However, if you practice some healthy habits in your daily life, you can enjoy a stress-free life. If you don’t know what are those, then stick with me as here you’ll get some simple tips and changes you can imply to make your life stress free. Let’s check them out.

Combat Stress and Live a Healthy Life

1.         Exercise

In today’s busy life, Exercise is like boon. An hour of exercise is a good medicine to keep you energized for the whole day. It is one of the best ways to relieve your mind from stress. When you exercise, you feel a sense of accomplishment and the physical stress relieves your mind. So, exercise daily as it keeps your body and mind healthy and stress-free.

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There are multiple benefits of exercising. When you work-out, it helps you in the following manner:

Better sleep: Stress and anxiety lower the quality of your sleep. By regularly exercising, it can help you sleep sound and better.

Balances hormones: Working out helps lower the body’s stress hormones, and produces endorphins that helps with mood swings.

2.         Put some motivational posters in your room and office

When we are stressed, we often feel demotivated. We don’t feel like doing anything. In such cases, motivational quotes can help us feel hopeful again. Prepare in advance for such a situation by creating a poster of motivational quotes and hanging it in your room and office.

You can use Canva poster designer tool to create beautiful posters within minutes. In fact, we would suggest why to prepare it for an adverse situation. Have some motivational happy posters around you all the time to keep you happy all the time.

3.         Be kind to yourself

Stress can make us question everything. We start introspecting every decision we ever made. But doing so only makes our state of mind even worse. At times like this, instead of being hard on yourself, be your own best friends. Be kind to yourself, and change your perspective and find out where you went wrong. Think Positive.

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4.         Aromatherapy

Many case studies show that aromatherapy can help relieve stress from your body. It lightens your mood and anxiety and helps you sleep better.

In aromatherapy, people use a scented candle or essential oil and burn it. The aroma from them calms us and makes us stress-free.

The best essential oils for this purpose are:

  • Rosewood
  • Lavender
  • Sandalwood
  • Orange blossom and so on.

5.         Talk to people

Don’t be alone when you are feeling low. Being alone just multiplies the frequency at which your mind thinks. You keep on pondering over the things that make you feel sad and unmotivated. Friends and family are the best medicine to cure this state. Talk to them about what is bothering you. When we talk about what is stressing us, it helps us calm down, and we find a solution to our problems. Even if you don’t want to talk about your stress, go out and hang with people. Just be surrounded with happy people. They motivate you in some ways. Having fun will take your mind off the things and gives you a clarity. You can even join a dance or yoga class it will help you increase your social circle and meet new people.

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6.         Meditate

Meditating and Yoga can work wonders for your stress. Practicing them continuously not only relieve immediate stress, but also help you remain stress free in future. Meditations evoke a positive state of your mind where you find yourself at peace.

7.         Write

Maintain a journal about your day can help fight stress. It makes you feel light, and you can sleep better at night. It gives you a clear picture of what is making you stressed and how to deal with it.

Either you can write about your day, and what stresses you out in the journal or you can write about the things that you are grateful for. The latter helps you remain positive and search for good even in the worst situation.

8.         Understand that it’s okay to say no

Sometimes more work and responsibility makes us overwhelm, and we stress about it. In such a situation, learn to say no. Understand that it doesn’t make you look weak; it just makes you human. You can control this aspect of your life, so if taking things that are more than you can handle is stressing you out, say no.

Stress will always be a part of your life, It’s up to you how you deal with it. You can ruin your life and career with it and outgrow it with these simple and helpful tips. A little change in your lifestyle can bring a huge benefit to your health.



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