Even though Delhi has a number of premium bars and lounges, there is a serious dearth of sports bars that provide a wholesome entertainment experience, where you can unwind after a hectic day at work. What-a-Shot, conveniently located in the popular M-block market of GK2, is one such place where sports fanatics can view a live screening of all highly anticipated matches on a large screen projector, along with scrumptious food and chilled beer. For another interesting Food blog of D’MOMO FACTORY…

This place has a quirky and fun ambience with graffiti of sports personalities adorning the walls. They even have an outdoor balcony seating where you will find groups of boisterous lads engaging over “high-spirited” discussions (pun intended) over sports, politics, movies, superheroes, GOT, fashion, celebs – anything and everything under the sun. It’s a perfect place for socialising and making new friends. The comfortable beanbag seating and the dim lighting add to the sporty vibe of this Bohemian bar.

Fresh Food at What-a-ShotThe next best thing about What-a-Shot is its tempting food. Some of their dishes like the Chicken Stroganoff (my personal favourite) are so gratifying that I make sure I have one whenever I visit this place. Creamy chicken stroganoff with earthy mushrooms spooned generously over hot steamed rice along with traces of oregano – Stroganoff is the ultimate comfort food which will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy the whole evening.

Another dish at What-a-Shot that tantalises my taste buds is their PeriPeri Chicken Pasta.  Succulent and juicy pieces of chicken in velvety pasta and spicy periperi sauce – this dish will surely leave you wanting for more. Besides delicious food, they also offer a wide range of flavorful hookahs and alcohol at dirt cheap prices – the perfect concoction for a fun filled the evening with your folks. For another delicious review…

The staff of this place is cheerful and amiable who make sure that the best service is provided to all the customers. They even organise various events during the weekends and the Comedy nights and Sufi nights at What-a-Shot have already garnered quite a good response.

What-a-Shot Food reviewThey have some amazing discounts especially when they screen crucial live matches. In fact, this sports bar is quite a hit with some IPL cricketers and once in a while, you will see them frolicking over here, having a drink or two over a game of pool and having a jolly good time.

So, the next time you want to watch the champions league final in the company of your friends, do give this fun sports bar a visit. You won’t be disappointed that’s for sure!


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