Terrorism is the act of violence which is committed against people to create fear among them and to fulfill some of the dirty political motives. It is not the 21st – century problem and has its roots in early resistance and political movements. There are countless terrorist groups all over the world and usually, attack the nation with an underlying political motive. They call them as freedom fighters but undoubtedly they are the dirty criminals. There is no agreed definition of the terrorism. It is just the act of threat or violence done by a group of dirty peoples.

Needless to mention, the terrorism is somewhere connected to the dirty politics. This threat and fear is just the showcase of their power to the innocent people. Almost every country is the victim of this threat whether it is the developing country like India or a powerful nation such as the USA, France and Russia. Terrorism is the problem of everyone and several actions have been to taken to uproot this problem. India is one of the major victims of terrorism and bears the loss of countless soldiers every year. Every country has taken and is taking several steps of action to curb its power and to make the people safe and secured. The recent surgical strikes by India; America’s operations to kill Osama Bin Laden, army usage in Russia and France; every country has tried to deal with this viper in its own way. But still, it is growing steadily and that too without any loss in power.

Terrorism has undergone many changes and undoubtedly becomes more powerful after every evaluation. The use of terrorism to further a political cause has been accelerated nowadays. Well, terrorism and politics have the deep relation from the pretty long time but now this relation is completely open. One live and real example is the Kashmir matter. In order to acquire Kashmir, the opponent political parties always make the use of terrorism.

Terrorism Across the Globe:

Some of the most compelling terrorist attacks across the whole globe are mentioned in the following section. They keep on getting gruesome and worse with every occurrence.

  • Spanning from 1988 to 1994 the Trujillo Massacre is one the most gruesome terror attacks with around 332 deaths reported. The police and Columbian Army stood silent to these attacks done on the locals by the Paramilitary forces.
  • 2002 witnessed a hostage crisis in Moscow Theatre which was a result of tension between Chechnya and Russia. 40 Chechens were led by Movsar Barayev (military leader) to take 850 Russians hostage in a theatre to force the Russians to leave the area.
  • Bombing of Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma in 1995 was another gruesome and terrifying terrorist incident that resulted in 168 deaths, injuries to 700 people and devastation of buildings in 16 block radius.
  • 1998 US Embassy Bombings in Tanzania, Nairobi and Dar Es Salaam were another attempt by the terrorists to show American Government their power. More than 200 people were killed by the Egyptian Islamic Jihad members. More than 4000 people were injured.
  • Metro Jet flight 9262, Angola Train Attack in 2001, 1993 Bombay Bombings, Pam Am 103 flight hijacking and devastation, Russian Apartment Bombings in 1999, Air India Flight 182, Beslan School Hostage Crisis in 2004 and a lot more witnessed cruel atrocities of terrorists.
  • Coming to the modern times, Paris attacks in 2015, Sri Lanka Police Massacre in 1990, Word Trade Tower bombings, Bombay Parliament Attacks, Taj Hotel Bombings, School Bombings in Islamabad, Pathankot and Uri Attacks in India and a lot more occurrences at various places of the world has compelled the leaders to take a step to curb this viper.

Terrorism vs Insurgency:

  • Well, this terrorism is totally different from insurgency or revolutionary warfare as it is the overwhelmingly criminal act rather than merely a political offense. In the ongoing war of J & K, we have already lost countless lives.
  • With this immense technology and power, these terrorist groups are now more powerful and can go beyond any limits. Non – state players, black money, and narcotics trade have made some of the terrorist groups financially powerful and independent.
  • Besides this, the tremendous growth in the IT sector enables these terrorists to communicate their deadliest ideas within no time.

Political Stands against Terrorism:

One shocking and surprising thing is that these terrorists always justify their act by saying it as the holy war or you can it say it jehad. They use this word and force the youngsters to enter in their dirty groups. This is just ridiculous that they use the name of God for this dirtiest thing.
We must remember that the terrorism cannot be fought alone. For this, the nations from all over the world have to come together and make the perfect strategy to uproot this problem.

  • When France was attacked by ISIS in 2016, the whole world was united to take some serious steps against the terrorism. Russia and France issued a warning alert that ‘War is On’ and the group went underground for some time.
  • When we look at the nexus of the politics and terrorism, one can easily trace the fact that Aleppo and Palestine have also incurred heavy losses due to it. Bombings cannot be justified and attempted without the support of outlaws which means that if we have to fight against it, then the very first step will be to break the nexus between politics and terrorism.
  • Surgical Strikes against Pakistan after the Uri Attacks was a bold and major step of Indian Govt. against terrorists.
  • The recent step of demonetization taken by the Indian PM Narendra Modi is an incredible one and directly hits the back of the terrorism.

Terrorism and India and World – Handling the Giant:

  • To uproot this problem, it is important to make them financially week. But one such step cannot bring the drastic change. The intelligent minds from all over the world have to sit together and make the perfect strategy for this.
  • All the nations have to join their hands to combat it. Apart from this, it is needed to modernize the Para – military forces and to train them with the modern techniques. Also, enacting the strict anti – terror laws legal framework is obligatory to deal with this problem.
  • Only military and government is not sufficient to uproot terrorism. Social awareness is the must to deal with this problem. We need to upgrade our communication system and spread the same to the remote and border areas. We should teach our children to respect each and every religion so that no one can manipulate your child by the name of God or religion.
  • Also, there is a need to make some strict laws especially in the country like India. Just the imprisonment of few years cannot stop anyone from doing these deadliest crimes. Make such strict laws that one should think hundred times before doing any crime. The security should be done tight so that no third person can enter your country so easily.
  • It is the high time to think about this issue and join hands to uproot the same. Not only India but almost all the countries in the world have lost so many lives. We are not in the situation to bear the further loss. Just make the perfect strategy and finish this problem. Uproot terrorism to make this world as the safe and secure place to live.


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