As far as the literal meaning of the term “Mob lynching” is concerned, it means an uncontrolled group of angry people killing or harming a person based on a united agenda.

The agenda however, is never well defined in such cases and can never be as well. The recent cases in Dadri, UP, and various other parts of India has brought the fashionable term “Mob Lynching” under the public scanner and now everyone; irrespective of the fact that whether he or she knows its meaning or not has been stating the term in general conversations and social media handles.

There have been various references in the past in which India has been referred to as ‘LYNCHISTAN’ and a number of people have been posting against Mob Lynching. Though the incidents that took place in the recent past can just not be justified and actually have a very different face than it appears to the general public; the term itself has been used and misused a number of times.


A number of politicians are just using it for derogation of the ruling party and the chosen leaders, while the youth is just getting carried away by the tide. Nobody reflects that such incidents have happened previously as well, but at that time, all the political parties were busy in saving their seats. No one was concerned what happened on the streets of backward areas and politicians used to claim that “India is already overpopulated. If some people even die, it really doesn’t matter”.

But now, with the fact that there is a single party in limelight and ALL the others are just sitting idle, they have started raking brains in coming up with daily issues and incidents that can defame the ruling party. Keeping the politics aside and having reflected over the political aspects of the term, let us now move the focus towards the incidents that were classified under the heading and the recent happenings in law and order and other areas for curbing the same.


Mob Lynching – Incidents and Tragedies:

Religious discord and sentiment hurt is nothing new to India and every now and then, the idle people plan mischief to disrupt the social peace and spread the fire of hatred and unrest. The chaos takes the face of communal wars, riots and even dismantling and deterioration of public and private property. I mean, just because someone was carrying beef in his or her bag doesn’t mean that you have to beat him or her, burn his or her vehicle, burn some other public belongings and properties, buses etc so as to teach that person a lesson. “Curbing WITH violence” and “Curbing Violence” are two antagonistic terms that are needed to be understood well and good by the public before indulging in such activities. Read more…

  • The Eid festival across the nation was marked by two events – the cancellation of the event in New Delhi which was to be attended by who’s who of the region and the sporting of black bands by the Muslims across the nation. Both of these showed the Muslim protest against the killings and other such activities done against the members of their community in relation to beef.
  • A person named Akhlaq was beaten and killed in the Dadri village of UP on the grounds of eating beef. The incident was reported in 2015. Though all the other parties were ready to take advantage of the situation, BJP was very conscious in passing any statement. The fact that cow is our sacred animal and the general sentiment will of course be in the favour of saving the same, was ignored by everyone and the fact that killing someone is NOT the solution was NEVER thought of.
  • Three Muslims were killed in West Bengal after they were accused of carrying beef. This incident was really an eye opener for the administration that was clueless on how to react and how to deal with the situation. Though the right way would have been to penalize the killers and make the people understand that the practice that has been in fashion since years can just not be abolished like that in just one day.
  • A number of celebrities were accused of eating beef and organizing beef parties; but they were out of the reach of harming mob for the obvious reasons.

Mob Lynching and MASUKA:

A new law of Manav Suraksha Kanoon (MASUKA) has been passed in the light of various incidents and retaliations of the mob. This law will be properly defining the term lynching, will be making lynching as a non-bailable offence, will incorporate life imprisonment for the ones taking part in mob lynching, and compensation for the persons affected.

Mob Lynching and a General Perspective:

  • Every person whether a Hindu or Muslim should KNOW that killings and harming the people of one community is NEVER EVER going to solve any kind of social problems.
  • The fact that most of the people taking part in the mob lynching don’t even know what they are doing and who is being punished for what.
  • Courts and other lawful organizations are the ones that are responsible for punishing and tackling the people or offenders of any kind and a MOB is NOT entitled to do so.
  • If the Muslims can implicate that leaders like Yogi Adityanath are spreading communal discord with open support of Hinduism and condemnation of Muslims; they should also think over the public speeches of the likes of Owaisi and other Muslim leaders. But can this mentality help in alleviating the social issues of discord and disputes? No. This has to stop.

Mob Lynching is a sentiment that has been understood and tackled in a bad manner by the polluted minds. The general sentiment should be aligned in the right direction and just not be influenced by the mob.


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