Are you working on your waistline and trying to shed some extra pounds?? Congratulations friends, you have clicked the appropriate link to find the healthy way of diet control. Needless to say, that controlling the diet and make it healthy is really a breathtaking task. Leaving the yummy and delicious food behind and go for the health and diet food is really tough for anyone. So, to eradicate your problem and to make your dieting easy, I am here with the perfect solution which is none other than Smoothies. It is really the ultimate and yummy way to lose weight.

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Smoothies are so popular because of its chameleon-like character which means that it can be easily transformed into whatever you need them to be. Apart from their flexible character, the smoothies are excessively delicious. As it is so adaptable and mouth-watering yummy, therefore, it is simple to get carried away and add ingredients that turn your smoothie into a sugar – loaded and super – sweet calorie bomb. One amazing fact is that the smoothie recipes are quite simple to prepare. These really need no effort and can be prepared within no time.

Do you know that Smoothie basically targets the belly fat?? So, it is the best option for those who are trying hard to shed pounds from their belly. Another good factor is that you can consume these Smoothie recipes in breakfast, lunch and dinner…….means whenever you want. This is really the great tool for weight loss as with this you can control the ingredients. By pairing the right amount of calories, you can easily make the healthy and yummy drink. With this, you can get all the necessary nutrients in one glass without having any excess or empty calories. These smoothies will really help you out in dropping some pounds.

Paleo cookbook Healthy BreakfastIngredients to be used with Smoothies:

Smoothies are termed as the healthy way of diet control because with this, you can easily control the ingredients. Smoothies are good for weight loss but it becomes better if pair up with some of the ultimate weight loss ingredients. Here, I am listing out some of the best ingredients which really take your smoothie to the next level.

  • Chia Seeds

All those readers who are really working to shed their pounds are familiar with this name. Chia seeds are amazingly good for weight loss. They are packed with fibre and proteins which help you keeping full for a pretty long time. They are easier to digest and add creaminess to your smoothie.

  • Avocado

This is the ingredient which provides the ultimate smoothie creaminess. It supplies ample healthy fat which will keep you satisfied until your next meal. It contains tons of essential nutrients and minerals and referred as the weight loss smoothie thickener.

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  • Cinnamon

It specifically targets the abdominal fat. This spice can really add the best flavour to the smoothie and make it worth. It also helps in regulating blood sugar level and improves the glucose metabolism. If you really wish to infuse some spicy flavour in your smoothie then cinnamon is your perfect choice.

  • Greek Yogurt

Unlike other yoghurts, the Greek Yogurt is fully packed with proteins. This means that it has the potential to keep you full and satisfied for a longer time. Also, this will supply healthy fat content and make your smoothie perfect and delicious.

  • Stevia

Well, stevia is not the new name for the dieters. If you’re not satisfied with the fruits you’ve added to your smoothie then you can consider stevia. This zero – calorie sweetener is extracted from the plant and thus it is free from any kind of side effects.

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Best Smoothie Recipes:

After talking much about Smoothies, now it is the time to discuss some of its yummy and mouth-watering recipes. These recipes can really satisfy your taste buds. Also, it takes less or no effort. So, here we go…..

  • Blueberry Smoothie:

Wow!! What a yummy name!! I mean who can avoid blueberries?? This is the wonderful ingredient which can surely make your smoothie perfect. Just blend the blueberries and milk in a blender and stir in flaxseed oil. Serve in the glass and experience yummy diet shake like never before.

  • Mango Smoothie Surprise

Do you love mangoes?? I know it is a really silly question as everybody on this earth love mangoes. So, you can easily make this mango smoothie surprise by blending the milk and mango slices. Don’t forget to add some fresh lime juice as it can add the ultimate flavour to your recipe. Serve it in the tall glass and garnish the same with mango slices.

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  • Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie

Another mouth-watering smoothie recipe is peanut butter and banana smoothie. Add ripe banana, peanut butter, fat – free milk in the blender and blend the same. It is recommended to use honey instead of sugar. Also, blend the ingredients until they get smooth. Serve it in the glass and garnish with the small banana slices.

I know it is hard to believe that diet control can be so simple and tasty but friends, it is all possible with Smoothies. So, if you really wish to cut some inches and shed some extra weight then just go for this healthy diet and experience the diet control like never before.


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