Being pregnant is the proud and happiest moment for any woman on this planet. When you are pregnant, then you are not just eating for two, but also you are breathing and drinking for two. Whatever you are eating and drinking is directly affecting your unborn as well. Recent studies show that the drug usage during pregnancy is increasing day by day. But have you ever thought about your unborn baby?? If you smoke or use any illegal drug, so does your unborn baby.

  • Are all the drugs dangerous??

Well, some of the drugs are essential for the pregnant woman but it should be taken only after the doctor’s prescription. Without any prescription, all the drugs are dangerous for the unborn even if it is the painkiller. Have you heard about the psychoactive drugs?? In the common language, you can call them antidepressant pills. About 7 to 23% pregnant women take this regularly without knowing its dangerous consequences. If the pregnant lady takes the antidepressants then, the newborn may have the withdrawal symptoms after delivery. These drugs can be taken but only after the doctor’s prescription and should be stopped before the birth of the baby.

Here is more information regarding mother and her child.

Effects of Illegal Drugs during Pregnancy on Baby:

A mother taking the illegal drugs during pregnancy increases her risk for anemia, blood and heart infections, skin infection, skin infection, and a lot more other diseases. Drugs are usually considered as dangerous but their result during pregnancy is the worst. In general, these drugs are strictly avoided during pregnancy as these can harm the fetus. About 3 to 5 % of all the birth defects results from the drugs that are taken to disorder or symptom. Drug taken by the pregnant woman directly reaches to the fetus after crossing the placenta. It can affect the fetus in the several ways such as it can act directly on the fetus, causing damage, abnormal development and even death of the unborn baby.

Drugs can alter the function of placenta usually by causing blood vessels to narrow and thus reducing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the fetus from the mother. Also, the regular consumption of the drugs by the pregnant woman contracts the walls of uterus forcefully and creates the problem at the time of delivery. It affects the fetus either directly or indirectly. The drugs are unsafe not only during pregnancy but also after delivery. Also, the drugs affect not only the unborn baby but also the pregnant women. Due to the regular consumption of drug, it may be possible that placenta comes away from the side of uterus and causes severe bleeding. This problem is known as placental abruption.

Some drugs are highly toxic and should be or you can say must be avoided by the pregnant woman as it causes severe birth defects. One such example is thalidomide. Using this drug can cause the underdevelopment of the arms and legs and also cause defects in the intestine, blood vessels, and heart of the new babies.

Is Social Drugs are also harmful?

Apart from these, the problem of consuming excessive social drugs is also increasing these days. Social drugs include smoking, Alcohol, Caffeine, Aspartame and a lot more. These drugs have the severe birth defects and can harm the mother and the unborn baby as well.

  • Smoking:

If the pregnant lady smokes continuously during her pregnancy then it can cause the reduction in the baby’s weight. The more a woman smokes during pregnancy, the less the baby is likely to weigh. Also, regular smoking enhances the chances of sudden infant death syndrome. In addition to this, the newborn may have slight but measurable deficiencies in the physical growth and intellectual and behavioral development.

  • Alcohol:

Not only smoking but the alcohol also has the severe birth defects. Fetal alcohol syndrome is the leading consequence of drinking during pregnancy. This syndrome causes the improper growth before or after birth, facial defects, a small head, intellectual disability, and abnormal behavioral development. All these social drugs harm the fetus in several different ways. These drugs can cause the severe problems in the newborn and can even cause their sudden death.

Pregnancy comes with countless responsibilities. When the girl becomes pregnant, her responsibility doubles. Along with her pleasure, she has to think about her baby’s health. Consumption of wrong or inadequate drugs may cause miscarriage or other severe problems which the baby cannot even handle. Usually, it is recommended to avoid these social drugs as they harm our body and come with severe consequences. But, this recommendation turns into compulsion when the girl becomes pregnant. When you are pregnant, it means that you are not alone now. Your one bad habit can cause the severe harm to your unborn baby. The baby’s health should be the girl’s priority and it should be preferred over this irrelevant pleasure. Remember that if you’re addicted to these drugs then it is recommended not to conceive till your addiction is over. Also, the pregnant woman should take the medicinal drugs as per the doctor’s prescription. Only consume the prescribed dose as the overdose of these medicinal drugs may also lead to the birth defects. Pregnancy is the beautiful time for the girl and it should not be ruined just because of this irrelevant addiction. Say goodbye to these harmful drugs and take the care of your newborn baby as he is your responsibility and really deserves the special care and attention from his mother.


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