International Yoga Day is celebrated worldwide on every 21st of June since 2015. Yoga is an ascetic discipline which is around 5000 years old. It is practiced to achieve good mental, physical and spiritual balance in our body.

In basic terms it includes breath controlling, meditation, performing specific bodily postures and is done to achieve superior health and relaxation. On this day Yoga is practised around the world on a larger scale. In India itself, IYD is celebrated by practising yoga in every town and city.

The United Nations General Assembly announced 21st June to be practised as the International Yoga Day and the first Yoga day was celebrated around the world on 21st of June 2015. This proposal was suggested by the Honourable Indian Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi during his address to UN Assembly on 27th of September 2014. On the first celebration of IYD in India, the responsibilities were headed to the Ministry of AYUSH.

Around 35,985 people participated in the program including Mr Narendra Modi and other important dignitaries from 84 nations. They were successful in performing 21 yoga asanas for 35 minutes at Rajpath in New Delhi. This event made two Guinness World Records which were awarded to the Ministry of AYUSH. The first award was for conducting the largest Yoga class ever featuring 35,985 peoples and second for the participation of the largest number of nationalities across 84 nations.


IYD Logo

The folding hands in the logo Symbolise Yoga, the union. This shows the union of individual Consciousness with that of universal Consciousness. It reflects the perfect harmony between mind & body, man & nature and a holistic approach to better health & well-being.

The brown leaves in the logo well symbolize the Earthly element. The green leaves are the symbol of the Mother Nature and blue colour symbolizes the Water element. The brightness in the logo is the symbol of fire element and the Sun depicted behind the logo is the source of energy and inspiration.

Below the logo reflects harmony and peace for humanity, which is the real meaning of Yoga.

Concept Behind 21st of JuneHow is IYD celebrated

The date 21st June was suggested by the Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi featuring it as the longest day in the Northern hemisphere and this day also has a special significance in different countries around the world. On this day of Summer Solstice, Lord Shiva the AdiYogi (First Yogi) opened his eyes turning south and looked upon the Saptrishi or the Seven Sages. They were the first disciples to carry the knowledge of yoga around the world. This day marks the spiritual event in the human history.

Founder of IYD

The proposal of International Yoga Day was suggested by the Honourable Indian Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi while he was addressing at the UN assembly on 27th of September 2014.In his speech, he included that Yoga is a unique gift of ancient Indian tradition. It helps in control of the mind and body and brings harmony among nature and human beings. He stated that practising Yoga is a holistic approach to health and well-being. Practising Yoga and making it an eternal part of life will help us to experience the unknown existing world. Through this, we will achieve the different phases of consciousness. The United Nations General Assembly declared 21st June as the International Yoga Day on 11th of December 2014. The first Yoga day was celebrated around the world by practising and learning different aspects of Yoga on 21st of June 2015.

How is IYD celebrated?

On this day Yoga asanas are practised around the world on a larger scale. The Science of Yoga is very deep and is must for every individual. Yoga helps in relaxing your mind and body, makes it fit to face the hurdles of life. The ancient science of practising yoga brings peace to our souls and helps us to experience the different phases of consciousness. In the year 2015, the Ministry of AYUSH managed IYD in India and bagged two awards from the Guinness World Record. 72 students including teachers from the City Montessori School, Lucknow performed Yoga exercises at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on the eve of International Yoga Day 21st June 2017.


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