Do you know that your kitchen shelf is full of those unhealthy foods which are being advertised as the healthy options but really far away from the decent choices?? Shocked by reading this statement!! Well, it is quite normal. Your kitchen is full of such killer foods which you should avoid to keep yourself fit and healthy for the lifetime. Such killer foods are really injurious to your health and have the devastating effects such as memory loss, mental disorder, and even cancer. These killer and unhealthy foods are the part of our daily diet and really hard to avoid. So, without wasting any time, I am revealing the list of the killer foods you should stay away from.

Killer Foods – A list of top 10:

  • Stick Margarine

Surprised to read this name?? Even I am also surprised when I came to know that the food which is considered as the perfect alternative to the butter is really injurious to our health. Do you know that the stick margarine contains the trans – fat?? I think there is no need to mention the calories. Most stick margarine contains almost 100 calories in just one tablespoon. If you’re on diet and considering it as the diet food then you are extremely wrong. This trans – fat and tons of calories can really affect your health and figure to a great extent.

  • Tomato Sauce

Another shocking food on this list is the tomato sauce. You might be thinking that what is wrong with tomato sauce as it is made up of fresh tomatoes which are the great source of vitamin C and iron. So, let me tell you that your tomato sauce is not only made up of only tomatoes but also loaded with the refined sugars. More than likely, you already have too much sugar in your diet and surely you don’t need it in your tomato sauce. Besides the refined sugar, some of the tomato sauce also contains sodium which also has the devastating effects.

  • Packaged Sandwiches

Sandwiches are really yummy and delicious and the best thing to start the day. Is it really so?? Friends, let me inform you that your packaged sandwich comes with almost 400 calories. Usually, the people think that the sandwich is far better than the eating the fast food but I felt sorry for those guys who really think so. The sandwich can exceed your daily fat and salt in just one meal. So if you wish to retain your workout benefits for a longer time then you have to say goodbye to these cheesy sandwiches.

  • Non – organic Strawberries

Do you know that your favorite strawberries contain more than 13 pesticides?? Though the strawberries look healthy and fresh but actually it is quite injurious to your health and come with the countless negative effects.

  • Coleslaw

Another shocking name on the list is Coleslaw. It is true that it contains cabbage and carrots which are very good for health but beside this, it is loaded with tons of calories, sugar and the tremendous amount of fat. I know it is hard to believe that the salad such as Coleslaw would be worse than your French fries.

  • Sprouts

Believe it not, but it is true that sprouts are one of the unhealthy foods from which you should stay away. The sprouts grow in the warm moist conditions which are also ideal for the growth of the bacteria such as salmonella and listeria. So, don’t take a risk and eat the carrot, radish or cabbage instead.

  • Packaged Cookies

Well, everybody knows that the cookies are not good for health but still we can’t resist them. Do you know that your favorite cookies contain trans – fats?? Besides this, they are also loaded with the tons of sugars, artificial flavors and countless calories which can ruin your workout completely.

  • Frozen Pizza

This Italian dish is really unbeatable in taste also in heath issues. Do you know that just one slice of commercial pizza can raise your weight up to 70 grams? Yes, you read it right ‘up to 70 grams’. The cheese which is the main ingredient of this yummy food is the source of countless calories and adverse health problems.

  • Salty Snacks

OMG!! My favorite salty snacks are also on the list. There is a problem with these salty snacks i.e. the more you eat, the more you want. This chain continues until you consume the whole packet or bowl of that snack and ending up with taking the countless calories. Also, these salty snacks are prepared in the hydrogenated oils which make them loaded with the trans – fats.

  • Ranch Dressing

This item is really good in taste but it is not good for health. It is the thunderbolt for the ranch dressing lovers that each tablespoon of the same contains almost 75 calories. This is also loaded with the sugar, modified starch, tons of fat and artificial flavors. All these things turn your diet salad into a monster especially when you are on diet and try to consume the fewer calories.

Well, I know that these killer or unhealthy foods are the essential part of our daily diet and it is next to impossible to avoid them. But, if you are really a health conscious personality and want to stay fit for a longer time then you should avoid the consumption of these foods and switch to the healthy ones.


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