Facebook is updating its earlier feature and building the advanced one. The new look has given to Facebook in past years, and a process of introducing new icons are still in process. It is recognized as the best usable website for all age groups. Mark Zukerberg the inventor of Facebook has made this website in a user-friendly way. The features and applications of Facebook are quite reliable to use. In 2016 the changes of Facebook such as live video chat has attracted a large number of people towards it. So in 2017 people are waiting for new updates on Facebook.

The concept of live video chat has proved that Facebook is not only the conventional social website. Recently Facebook has completed 14 years, and around 1.86 million monthly active users have registered here by the end of 2016. These upcoming features can provide the better marketing schemes for future use.

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Latest upcoming features of Facebook are:

  • Messenger update:

Messenger UpdateAs the Messenger is an independent application of Facebook. Now you can play the games in messenger with the help of its game-playing feature. The new updating games feature will be named as Instant Games. This will be available on Messenger and Facebook News Feed for mobile and web use. This new experiment will allow the people to easily discover, share, and play games without installing new apps.

  • Creating Facebook voice:

Creating Facebook Voice

The Facebook is launching voice feature to make it more reliable. In this feature, Facebook can easily understand the voice and tone of the user. It will be easy to understand “what to share on Facebook?” with one another.

One more interesting option of “Share a Card” will be displayed on the top of news feed.  After selection of that prompt, this can swipe through 18 different graphics. Further, it can be shared on the user timelines or to different group or friends.

  • Group video chats:

Group Video Chats

Around 250 million users are using this group chat application. Now to make it more impressive and analytic the option of video chat is under process. This feature will be provided in messenger interface. People can more easily interact with friends like live conferencing.

  • Facebook Live 2.0:


Facebook Live 2.0Through this user can easily broadcast a Facebook Live feature straight from desktop or laptop computer. Admin can now assign others people as “Live Contributors”. This gives them the ability to stream the page anytime. The additional feature of, pin comments will be displayed at the bottom of a Live Broadcast.

In this, you can highlight any important message you want to share with friends. For this user have to download a streaming software that can be helpful for reliable video quality. After that click on “Live Video” displayed at top of news feed.

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  • Facebook 360:


Facebook 360

The Live 360 broadcasting has the ability to post 360 image that was not possible previously. The 360 photos, 360 videos can be easily posted on this social networking site.

It’s something bigger that can surprise you. The Facebook 360 app for Samsung Gear VR, powered by Oculus. For this new level of 360, a user should have Gear VR- compatible Samsung device.  It will provide you with the interface like regular videos and photos do.  The user can easily react to content by adding stickers or can love and share them on Facebook. Through this user can take a look at all popular content on Facebook. To view photos, videos posted by a user or the following one can be easily saved in your favourites items. It can be easy to view the posts again and again by user own collection in a separate tab.

More upcoming features that are in processing schemes are:
  1. Facebook F8 conference.
  2. Facebook cleaning up the News Feed feature.
  3. Facebook Dynamic Ads.
  4. To ask entry questions for Facebook Groups will also be possible now.

Conclusion: The process of upgrading the Facebook application is in a process. The above features will provide the security for your Facebook account.


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