“Sometimes a “mistake” can end up being the best decision you ever make.” ― Mandy Hale

I have not achieved anything yet to tell a story of my success. But a story should not need to always narrate a successful life. A good story also helps you to learn from the life of a person who faces struggles to become successful.

I joined a small company for a hand to mouth earning. It was not my dream in life. My dream was to be an air force pilot. But I have learned from life, achieving your dream is not as easy as it sounds.  But this job gave me a precious gift of my life, my partner. He supports me a lot in every situation. Because I was not happy with that job, I left it. And at this moment I am working my way to get a government job.

But life always gives you challenges and makes it harder to fulfil your dreams. After leaving the company it was difficult for me to survive with much less money. And now most of the money was going for my tuition fees and etcetera. Becasue of my frustration I started to become rude with everyone.

The Reason Why I Keep Positive People Around

In this difficult time, my partner helped me a lot mentally and also financially. I was trying to help my family financially until I get a good job. So I started blogging. But the lack of knowledge hit me again. Let me tell you this, earning money is not easy at all.

Even with all these bad turnouts of the events, I still don’t feel bad for one thing that happened to me. I wouldn’t have applied for the 9 to 5 work if I wasn’t rejected from my dream job. And ultimately could not have found the best friend and companion in my life.

If you are still finding the “happily ever after” in this story, let me tell you that it’s yet to come. My story isn’t finished yet and I am still learning how to cope with every challenge life throws at me. I am giving my full effort to make the story of my life a successful one.

The Struggle of India’s First Transgender Judge

Choosing computer application after completing my higher secondary was a risky decision for me. Because I didn’t even know how to click a mouse but now I have my own website.

I found my partner because I applied for a job against my wish.  I got financially stuck after leaving my job and I learned that no matter what my partner is going to stick with me.

Right now, I might not have a great job or a good living situation but life experiences taught me that none of this comes close to having true love. Because at the end of your life, none of this will be with you but the people who love you.

All the things that I have learned throughout my life are that the failures have made me more of a fighter. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” this line is the best way to describe my life right now and keeps me motivated. This world is a cruel place to live in, without the surviving power you won’t be able to achieve. The perfect life you are searching for doesn’t exist but there is always room for progress, so you should aim for self-development, “progress not perfection”.

I agree that all my decisions weren’t the best. But I have also learned that without taking a risk you will not achieve anything, no matter how little that achievement is.



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