If you are a millennial, you must remember that moment when your first desktop entered your house, the technical support guy installed the system and run a software called paint. At that time, you would be awestruck by the amazing software. We, as kids, had only one activity of using paint on our desktop computers and make prints of our paintings. Well, with due respect, the Paint software will be not coming in the updated version of the Windows 10 Fall Creators. To read more click here…

Yes, Microsoft has officially announced that it is shutting down our childhood software Paint in its next update called as Autumn which is also known as Creators Update. Needless to say, released in 1985, the paint was one of the core image editing software and become the central element of the Windows’ operating system.

However, you can have a new software similar to old paint in the new update of the Microsoft Windows is the Paint 3D. Paint 3D is pre-installed in the new system that has 3D image making tools as well as some basic 2D editing, but it is not an update of old paint.

As compared to other robust image editing software which has raster or pixel image scanning and vector image processing, Paint was nowhere near them. The paint had lacked many high-profile necessary elements which an image editing tools should have. However, Paint was the only software which was a life-saver if you want to scribble something through your mouse, make a fast cut or copy or paste work, want to save a screen shot in the format of JPEG/BMP/PNG; Paint was always there for you.

The drawing software has been a part of one of the most famous operating systems of the computer for 32 years. The three decades of time has opened a new door for the better opportunities for Paint 3D.


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