This book is one of the popular books and is written by Rush Limbaugh and Kathryn Adams Limbaugh. Find the synopsis and reviews of Rush Revere and the Presidency here on this page.

About the Authors:

Rush Limbaugh is the well – known American personality. He is an entertainer, radio talk show host, conservative political commentator and a writer of the top books. Apart from this novel, his work also includes the way things ought to be, see I told you so, Rush Revere and the brave pilgrims, adventures of rush revere, the further adventures of rush revere and a lot more.
The second author of this novel is none other than Rush Limbaugh’s present wife Kathryn Adams Limbaugh. She is the direct descendant of US president and founding father John Adams. She is the forth and the present wife of Rush Limbaugh. Like his husband, she has done a great job in this novel and makes the novel readable and crisp.

About the Novel:

Rush Revere and Presidency is one of the new release books and is authored by the lovely couple Rush Limbaugh and Kathryn Adams Limbaugh. This is the action-packed novel which brings American presidents George Washington, Johan Adams, and Thomas Jefferson into action. Rush and his friends head back in time to the early days of our independent nation to watch the early American presidents. This book takes the readers on the trip back in time to the first days of our country on its own legs, free from British rules. It presents the time when the American president George Washington was on the way to create the government for the people and by the people. He is the first ever leader more than the general who has won the war. After the presidency of George Washington, then the readers saddle up and ride into the presidency era of John Adams who has taken the big footsteps with the help and support of this wife Abigail. Then the book will take you in the year 1803 where Thomas Jefferson continues the mission of creating America by taking some of the risky decisions.

This novel is best for those who love to read the history of this developed nation. Also, this is perfect for those who would like to learn from these reputed personalities and want to set their political career by following the footsteps of these American Presidents. Like all other novels of Rush Limbaugh, this one is also mesmerizing and preoccupies the readers till the end. It has received the warm welcome from the readers and considered as one of the best selling books of the year.

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