Space X can be explained as Space Exploration Technologies Corporation. It was announced in 2011 as private space flight company. The main aim is to find life on Mars; its working efficiency can explain its achievements that are discussed below.

In December 2015 the first stage of Space X shown its positive vertical lands which are a great achievement. The first stage was flown back, which can easily show its successful vertical landing. In 2016 space X and CRS 8 vertically landed in ocean drone ship, which is a landing platform.

Around 2016 the geostationary transfer orbit was launched and in 2017 it has achieved various recognition as the project of re-launch take place. It landed the first stage of the orbital rocket.

Hence in 2017, the entrepreneur Elon Musk announces the official information; about the company new contracts. He announced that the company has contracted with two private individuals, which will send in a Dragon spacecraft for a free return trajectory around the Moon. After this a provisional launching was held in 2018, this has become the first instance of lunar tourism. SpaceX has developed Falcon and Dragon Family. Both are currently known for delivery of payloads into Earth orbit.

The interesting fact was achieved after the 2 days about Falcon 9 rocket. Recently on 25th June 2017 news was updated, that another SpaceX mission is sent into an orbit on Sunday from California which the main is Headquarter of aerospace manufacturer and space transport services.

SpaceX does not save more money in the launch of Falcon 9 rocket. In the first stage, it saves in the manufacturing of main engines and in fuel needed for launch. While laDaily Facts about SpaceXunching or after few seconds of takeoff, the first stage divided into the top of rockets. This makes a controlled descent back to Earth instead of landing on the ground or on drone ships in the ocean. SpaceX had made a decision of rocket landings which successfully stuck the touchdown. Read more…

The new launch of a rocket from Central Coast along with 10 new satellites and Iridium’s voice with data relay network was held. Firstly it carried the 10 communication satellites from California, this keep on going project was held after a certain interval of time.

The Falcon 9 rocket was blasted on Sunday it was all due to the weather conditions. Therefore it was recognised that Falcon 9 suffers from this kind of condition due to low- level of fog at 1.25 pm (PDT) i.e. Pacific daylight time from Vandenberg Air Force Base north-west of Los Angeles. After this back to the back process of launching new satellite take place.


Second batch i.e. of Iridium Communications was launched, which replaces its orbiting fleet with a next-generation constellation of satellites. Iridium has several plans; one of them was to establish 75 new satellites for data communications and mobile office. Hence this system will take place in mid-2018 this requires six more launches, and all by SpaceX.

Matt Desch Iridium CEO makes a new announcement in pre-launch of satellites with reporters. He said that the first re-launch was held on June 11. According to CEO of company numbers of old satellites are further moved to lower orbits.

Talking about SpaceX economic benefits it is maximum due to reusable rockets. Before launching a rocket again, firstly it has to be monitored, inspected, configured and refurbished these steps are important to follow. Testing is also necessary after every certain interval of time.

This can be necessary to ensure that if there is any problem in spaceflight. To make it ready for coming projects or launches SpaceX performs special functions. In the case of SpaceX, it took around four months or less to get the rocket ready for its upcoming flights.

According to new facts, the company is working in turnaround time for new projects. SpaceX is ready to launch up six pre-flown Falcon 9 this year.


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