“People inspire you, or they drain you – pick them wisely.” Hans F. Hansen

Life is really the ‘B’ word, isn’t it? But that is only because of the lack of positivity in life. This life is short as it is and when you start to face negativity it becomes narrow. So, the importance of positivity really does makes a difference.

Have you ever wonder, why positive people are always successful? Even when they are facing failure, they just don’t give up. They constantly are networking with the other successful people, which keep them going. Positivity will always bring you positivity.

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There are two types of negative people…

1. The Winners – Look around you and notice with whom you spend your most time with. Are they positive? Or are they constantly whining about daily life and its unfairness? Nobody needs that, it can drain you from your own optimism and can do worst to you. You may not even notice it at first but soon you will become the person to notice the negative side of everything you do. Like, what if I can’t? What if something goes wrong? What if I FAIL?

2. The Criticiser – Long ago, I used to hang with my cousin a lot because she was dear to me. But one day I notice how she is just constantly nibbling on my looks and my faults. And that made me doubt myself, I started thinking “is there something wrong with me?” or “am I not worth it?” That is when I decided to spend less time with her as possible.

From that day, I started to feel better and stopped doubting myself so much. You probably have someone like that in your daily life also. I suggest, you just run from those people. Not only they will suck out your energy, they will block your Sun with their dark clouds too.

Now, to the positive side of this article. Positivity is always best for you, even when you see a positive quote it can uplift your mood. The “good people” will always do the same to you. Just brainstorm about who made you feel better when you were feeling low? That person is the positive energy in your life.

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What can positivity do for you?

Make you happy – Do you have a friend who always manages to make you smile, even when you are having the worst day? Stick with them. Being happy is the first step to lead a positive life. No one wants to live a grim life.

Bring Confidence – Positive people are not only confident in themselves, they can make you confident too. Their positive outlook on life is contagious and make you confident as well.

Support you – The people who always console you in your bad times can make you reach your goals faster. Because they believe in you and they are your true supporter. The people who always stick with you in your bad times are always the one to keep.

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Inspire you – Always try to spend more time with successful people, instead of the quitters. We always absorb the abilities and behaviours of the people we hang out with. And when you are around of the go-getters, it can inspire you to reach your own goals. You can also learn some good personality traits from them as well.

Let go of the hate – The hate you are storing in you for the person who makes you feel small is only making you negative. It’s not enough to only being surrounded by the good, being good is important as well. Resentment for that person is making you bitter inside and no positivity can come to you with this feeling.

Look around – Maybe the positive people are already in your life, maybe it’s a colleague, family member, a past friend or even the person you buy groceries from. But it is always nice to meet someone new, as long as they are good for you.

Now that you know what is damaging your vibes and how to change it, start working on it. And do not spend a minute with a people who are dragging you down with them, it’s for your own good.


  1. Positivity is a self-power through which you can conquer many battles stay positive and keep going towards dreams 👌


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