Android GamesAre you a game freak and trying to figure out the best games of the year?? Congrats, you have landed to most appropriate place. Gaming is all – time favorite and undoubtedly the outstanding experience. This is the gaming era where you can easily take the full pleasure of the scorching hot games. Some of the best games of the year are still yet to come but as 2016 nears its close hence, there are already plenty to celebrate. I am here to list out the best and hot PC games of this year, extracted from the undiscovered and unknowing depths by the play store obscurity, to help you to stay on the cutting edge of what worth’s playing on your PC. Be the first to explore these games by taking the deep dive into the world of games with me.

Top PC Games – A list of Top 15:

I know you are on fire to know the best scorching games of the year. So without wasting any time, let’s check out the list for Top PC Games and Android Games 2016. Here, we go…..

Call of Duty

The very first hot game on the list is none other than call of duty infinitive warfare. This game is actually based on the Quake III arena engine. The series began from the Microsoft and then gradually expands to the handhelds and consoles. This is the first person shooting game and highly appreciated by those who love a bit action in the game. This game offers you a true experience of shooting and adventure.

Dead Island:

It is basically the horror action – adventure game developed by the Polish developer techland. In this game, a small child and his family are being slaughtered by zombies. This is the role – playing game where the player has to save him and his family from the monstrous and powerful zombies. It really gives the thrilling experience to the player.


It is the open world action – adventure shooting game which was released in the year 2014. Like all other games mentioned above, this game also receives the huge welcome and earns its reputation in the gaming world. This game is played with the third – person perspective. Also, this game can be played by the single player or multi – players as per one’s desire.

Titanfall 2

Another hot name in the world of games is the Titanfall 2 which is really set on fire. This is the multiplayer game in which various players can take the pleasure of the game at the same time. This is the second sequel of the previously released titanfall and is the complete package of the modern and highly updated features. Like the previous one, this sequel is also highly anticipated and got the warm welcome from the players.

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Hearts of Iron IV:

This is the massive, immersive and incredibly complex game you have played in your life. It is the fourth sequel to the Paradox’s Heart of Iron game. It certainly feels like an attempt by the Paradox to make the series more accessible to the newcomers, though it remains very complex and pitiless beast.

Final Fantasy XV

OMG!! The name of this game is so catchy that it can attract even the person who doesn’t like the games. This is an amazing action – adventure game with spectacular graphics and alluring design. This is the new generation game with real time experience.

Dishonored 2

It is the stealth action – adventure game which is released by the Arkane studios. The game freak personalities already know that this is the sequel to the 2012’s Dishonored game. As it is the sequel to that game, therefore, it is packed with the countless of new and modern features which are totally beyond your expectations.

Adventures of PIP

Another scorching game on my list is the Adventures of PIP. This is the side – scrolling action adventure game that is based on an interesting premise. This game is released by the well – known video game developer Tic Toc games. In this game, the players play as a PIP, a single pixel born in the world. As the pip defeats his enemies, he gains the ability to evolve as 8 – bit hero and later 16 – bit hero.

Star Citizen

This game is really the twinkling star in the sky of games. It is the shiny package which brings together solo, FPS, co-operative, third – person and hand to hand combat. This is space sim video game which is basically designed for windows and Linux platform.

Batman: Arkham Origins

This is really the enjoyable game and earns the massive popularity among the players. Needless to mention, that this is almost like the previous Arkham games in many ways except its well – made a story and updated features.

Dead Rising 2

It is an open world survival video game developed by the Blue castle games, a Canadian company. Needless to mention, that it is the sequel to the dead rising game and released due to the massive success of the previous version. In this game, the player has to survive the zombie outbreak. The game is basically set in the shopping complexes filled with zombies.

Devil May Cry IV:

Wow, what an interesting name!! This is the impressive action game which includes the legendary Dark knight enemy horde mode with three new players. No doubt that this is the rock – solid action game which that is well worth picking up for fans of the series action buffs alike.

Freedom Planet

It is the combat – based adventure video game that pits up a spunky dragon girl her friends against the alien attack. This game is developed by the independent developer galaxy trails and gains immense popularity soon after its release. The elements are so well – crafted diverse they always feel fresh.

The Witcher 3:

Let’s come to my next recommendation which is none other than The Withcer 3. It is the story – driven, next generation role playing video game set in a visually stunning fantasy universe. This game is released by the CD Projekt RED and gains the massive popularity among the players.

Pony Island 9.0

Well, this is my last recommendation regarding the best PC games of 2016. It is a short but a very enjoyable game. This game is full of surprises and also gives the memorable and enjoyable experience.

So, guys, here you have the top 15 PC games of 2016. Think less and play more. Enjoy the best gaming experience with these outstanding and scorching hot games.

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