It doesn’t matter if we like science or not, whenever a new revolutionary gadget gets launched we get excited. We always look for new technology to amaze us and when it does our expectations become higher every time. So far, we have seen many astounding gadgets in the past years but still, there are yet more to come in 2018.

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Get ready to be amazed for the gadgets to see in 2018…

5. Waymo, the Driverless Car – Google has made another progressive technology breakthrough and brought Waymo. This car can drive on its own just like Herbie. When you will get in the car, you will see a bright blue button levelled “start”. As soon as you push it your ride will start. The ride is smooth and remarkable and most importantly you will feel safe. Waymo says its cars can handle night-time driving and light rain, but the technology isn’t ready to handle a certain weather situation such as snow, ice. Also, Waymo cars will feature a “pull over” button and one to call customer service.

4. Aibo The Robot Dog – Although, we already had this one back in 2006 this one is going to be more improved and connected. The new Aibo will be able to bond with you on an emotional level. Sony says, Aibo’s behaviour is adaptable according to its owner. He can learn what makes its owner happy and learn behaviour according to that. Not only this, with the help of My Aibo app you can see the photos clicked on the dog’s camera and buy new tricks too. This will cost you about $26 for three years. Also, you will be able to have Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity, cloud backup, and access to the app’s features.

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3. HomePod – This much waited home base gadget will literally change the way you enjoy music. Because there are already devices like this exist under some of the popular brands, Apple is focusing mainly on the sound quality. Despite only being 7 inches tall, this device is more than capable to give you room-filling sound. HomePod is Siri based so you just have to command. She can give you news, sport, traffic and weather updates, send text basically HomePod will do anything that Siri does on iPhone.

2. Mi 7 Plus – From the house of Xiomi another new and updated smartphone is coming. Mi 7 would have the Snapdragon 845 chipset also would update from an LCD, as seen on the Mi 6, to a Samsung-built AMOLED with a 6” diagonal. Xiaomi Mi 7 might appear in Q1 2018, making it the first Smartphone with the newest Qualcomm chipset.

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1. Cars – Because there are many cars which are going to launch next year, naming only one doesn’t sound fair at all. This is our best three picks for the best vehicle launching in 2018.

Honda Odyssey, this whole Van is build has a pure relaxed and comfortable ride. The front row seats are heated, second-row seats can slide from side to side to make it easier to reach on the third row or install and load child seat. The third-row passenger will be able to use the van’s audio system even if they are using the headphones from the vehicle’s rear-seat entertainment system.

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Toyota Camry/Camry Hybrid, The small engine delivers 206 horsepower; the standard engine will be an all-new 2.5-liter four-cylinder. All new Camry will now come standard with the Toyota Safety Sense suite of advanced electronic safety aids and driver assistance technologies.

Lexus LC (also called the LS 500), it is definitely a good car. A large, fast, luxurious coupe, designed to rival the BMW 6 Series and to make it easier on the wallet too. Total output from the 295bhp 3.5-litre V6 and 177bhp electric motor (fed by Lexus’ first lithium-ion battery, found behind the rear seats) is, confusingly, 354bhp. It can take you from 0-60mph to 155mph in 4.7 seconds. Overall performance and general driving satisfaction are good at its range.


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