Biggest Announcements At Apple Event: WWDC 2017

Having an Apple device is the dream of every human being. Apple leads the whole world with its new inventions. It is popular for delivering the latest innovations in iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple watch, Mac OS, and much more. Recently, Apple’s worldwide developer’s conference was held at the San Jose Convention Centre in San Jose, California. At this conference, Apple has just made latest announcements for the upcoming inventions. The following are the few of the latest announcements that are done by the Apple Company:

WatchOS4 (Latest Version to improve the functionality to a large extent)

On 5th June 2017, Apple has declared about the watchOS4. It is the latest version that will replace the Apple watch with a new developed operating system. It includes extensive features such like new watch faces which will enhance the functionality of the existing watches. There is newly developed Siri smarter which will get alert the wearer about his planned goals of the day.  It will give details such like when to leave for the work and information about the workout. Moreover, there will also an invention of the workout app on this interface. It has the ability to record multiple workouts for single sessions. One can also select the different music category which he wants to play during the workout sessions.



       Other announcements on WatchOS

  • There will be Bluetooth availability on this interface.
  • A user will able to create multiple playlists.
  • One can take photos from the Apple watch and turn them into animated images.
  • Apple is delivering a new technology that allows the specific user to sync his workout with modern gym equipment.


MacOS High Sierra (Newly made Mac Operating System)

It is the upgraded version of the Sierra and is one of the latest Apple’s Mac operating systems. Recently, Apple has announced that they have updated the latest features in Macs, Notebooks as well as desktops. These newly made desktops consist of better and high graphical performance.  The other such features such like higher memory capacity with faster processors also have been built on the notebooks.  This newly updated high Sierra also offers security improvements that keep the complete privacy. Also, have the new photo search features with a new Apple File system. Soon, a High Sierra will be available in the market.

IOS 11 (Will Available with Redesigned features)

It has been declared that the Apple iOS11 will launch in the coming September 2017. It will include all the latest features in the iPhone and iPad. The improvements that have been included into the Siri will make easier to get synchronized with various other iOS devices. The iOS devices are such as iPhones and iPads. These features are also helpful in saving the valuable hard drive storage space.

The other big changeover is the peer-to-peer payments, which makes the Apple connect with PayPal, Square Cash and Venom that makes the users send money from one place to another easily.

       Other iOS Announcements

  • There will be an option of live editing photos.
  • Through these iPads options, one can easily drag and drop files, links and more activities from one app to another.
  • It will also offer you to drag your iCloud files from traditional services.
  • It will allow you to print the photos via third-party services.

 iPad Pro 10.5 (unveiled with new and improved productivity features)iPad Pro 10.5

Apple has brought some new and improved productivity features in various iPad Pro models. The features that it includes are the brighter display screens with the faster refresh rate. By having these extensive features, an individual can watch movies as well as play games on the most reliable interface.  This iPad Pro also consist new processor, which is named as A10X which improves the overall app performance. There is an addition of new screen and chips that are not available on the previous Mac. The latest version of Mac will have a large storage of 512GB. Hence, it becomes possible for many users to multitask on iPad.


New Apple HomePod speaker (Release of the Apple’s Home Pod)

Apple confirmed that have released new Apple HomePod speaker. It is the Siri-powered Smart speaker that allows the specific individual to play music, check the traffic, control the smart lights as well as query sports scores. These HomePod will come with a slightly higher price and expected to launch in coming December. These speakers have a better sound

New iMacs and MacBook Air/MacBook Pro refreshes (Invention with computer-intensive products)

Apple has made the big announcement about the new iMacs as well as the MacBook Pro. These highly invented iMacs Pro are included with new processors, 5K display and made of sharp design. They have declared that it is one of the most powerful Mac Pros which never made before and really brings a new experience. It is added to the sharp and bright display and fresh Intel processors.

       Other Announcements about Mac

  • The improvements have been made to the Mail app.
  • There will be new editing features in the photo app.
  • It will provide significant performance improvements to Apple’s Metal 2 graphics API.
  • There will be new Apple File System.

tvOS (Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV)

tvOS (Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV)Apple has really made an announcement that Amazon Prime video will come with the Apple TV with the end of this year.  All the Apple users are currently using airplay in order to watch Amazon Prime content on the television. But now, Amazon Prime Video will also be included in Apple’s iOS TV app. With the coming TvOS 10.2, it doesn’t have an ability to rent a movie on an Apple device and watch it on another, such like on an Apple TV.

App Store (Redesigned with new features)

Apple has confirmed that they are redesigning the App Store as a feature of iOS 11 which will be released in 2017.  It will come in simple looks with a separate Music app-style tabs. There is also new tab named ‘all-new Today’ which gives the details on the new games and apps. This app is the showcase of the latest games, videos, and tips. There is also an announcement at WWDC 2017 that Monument Valley 2 is now available on the App Store.

HTC Vive (Adding Stream Vr to High Sierra)

Apple has revealed that they are adding Steam VR support to High Sierra.  It is the new version of MacOS that will release in the coming year. Now, it becomes possible to use a Mac to control virtual reality experiences. Hence, the virtual reality headset, HTC Live, will soon be compatible with Mac.

Surely, these above-mentioned announcements will offer a new experience in everyone’s life.  I Hope, Apple will come with some more new updates with the end of this year.


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