We all love to take pictures and archive some of the precious moments of our life, but there are few others who take photography to the next level, we normally call them professional photographers. But for beginners, we need to focus on simple techniques rather than buying the high priced camera.

So, we can now understand that there is the range of consumers of different requirements. Hence, depending upon the need and experiences we generally make our choices from the different range of categories and its models.

But, how do we classify them?

In this post, I am going to lay down few parallel points between Nikon D3300 DSLR’s and Nikon Coolpix S3700 POINT and SHOOT Cameras, stating the pros and cons of each segment, making you ready to make the choice before buying.

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Strengths –Nikon Coolpix S3700

  1. Size and Weight Factors: 

We always like you carry those which can easily slip into your pocket, compact camera is one of them. It’s always an advantage to carry such lightweight photo guns along with and you will never miss out a candid moment on the go.

  1. It has Fixed Lens:

For any beginner or if you’re in an unpredictable moment where you got a scene to capture, this fixed lens comes absolute handy and you can avoid interchanging lens as like DSLRs.

  1. Cheaper in Price:

If you’re planning a small trip with friends after an exam and having a hard time convincing parents for a DSLR, your pocket money saving can get you a Coolpix and you will never miss out a moment on that tour.

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Weaknesses –

  1. No Depth of Field:

As these small compact cameras can’t differentiate foreground with background, hence they are not much to do to make it creative in look.

  1. Small Sensor so less in Image Quality:

Point and shoot cameras have a relatively small size sensors, so at the low-lit condition, it can’t give you good quality photos even at higher resolution count.

  1. Non-Ungradable, less flexibility:

We can guess by its name, it’s compact camera; so you cannot change variable lens nor can you attach any external flashes at low light conditions. So, these cameras give you less flexibility and limited control.

  1. No dedicated Sports or Action Mode:

In most of the compact camera models, you won’t find High Action Mode or Sports Mode, so your photography will be limited to fast capture and professional candid freeze frames.

DSLR’s or Digital-Single Lens Reflex Camera: Nikon D3300  Amazon Best Seller Buy Now

Strengths –Nikon D3300

  1. Bigger Photo Sensors so better image quality:

These fat priced photo guns are great when it comes to image quality, due to its large sensor it can produce images with vivid colours and negligible grain in the images, but unmatched with respect to point and shoot cameras.

  1. Great pictures at low-lit areas:

Due to its large size optical sensors, it can capture more light hence at low light conditions or at night it can produce far good picture quality compared to Coolpix type camera.

  1. Live view – See what you shoot:

In DSLR cameras, a reflex mirror is built in so you can see through the lens (you can now see real-life scene what you shoot) instead of the tiny see-through hole in the camera.

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  1. You can use a wide range of Lens mounting each when specifically required:

In DSLR, the user has the flexibility to use a wide variety to lens, starting from telephoto(close-up) to wide angle lens, depending on user’s specific need. This can’t be done on point and shoot devices.

  1. A variety of Modes or Pre-defined settings:

In DSLR’s, you can get the minimum of 8 to 10 dedicated modes like Sports, Portrait, Landscape to Auto and Manual setting modes.

The user can also find buttons and professional features to make it unique and flexible in operation than compact cameras.

  1. Total control over Depth of Field:

A DSLR user is in full control over differentiating foreground to background, you can also bring all in focus via the change in aperture(opening of the lens) controls. You have the liberty to create a creative photograph of your choice.

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Weaknesses –

  1. Big Fat Price-Tag:

DSLR cameras cost way higher than even a semi-SLR camera. As I have earlier mentioned for a newbie photography aspirant you don’t need an investment for practising basics in photography. But, once a beginner advances up to a point she/he should upgrade to DSLR’s for better flexibility.

  1. Much Complicated in use:

For many beginners or even casual camera, users may find using DSLR extremely complicated due to its long list of operations, modes and buttons for used for each specific use.

If you’re not trained, you may get too frustrated soon, I ‘ve seen many in my life.

  1. Heavy in weight and bigger in size:

DSLR photography cameras may seem cool at the beginning but it may give you pain later, why?

Not only DSLR alone is a bit heavier than Coolpix or any other point and shoot cameras, accessories like the different lens, tripods or monopods other small instruments like lens filters, cleaners, and many other necessary kits altogether may cause pain in your shoulder or neck if travelled or carried for long at a stretch.


The above suggestions and guidelines are my personal views based on my experiences in the field of photography. So If you ask me what would I choose? Then I must say, it depends on your need. If You are going for a family trip and having a short budget for the camera, then must go for the point and shoot camera. If you want to be professional photographer and beginner in this field, then my suggestion is to buy first low budget DSLR to get knowledge and then choose the camera according to field requirements.



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