The wedding day is the most vital and special day of a girl’s life. Every girl starts to plan her wedding from childhood. So, it is very important to look absolutely like a princess on her important day. And what other things will help to make you look like a princess other than shiny pieces of jewellery.

Jewels are important for a wedding, especially in an Indian wedding. The big fat Indian weddings are made from these shiny pieces of gold, kundan, diamond etc. So let’s start shopping for the most favourite day of a girl’s life…

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Now, Saree is a traditional wear for many Indian weddings from Bengalis to south Indians. Saree brings a delicacy in a woman’s look and can be wear in many different ways. Banarasi sarees have been a part of Bengali wedding for many decades. On the other hand, Kanjeevaram is the main attraction of a South-Indian wedding. Zardosi sarees is a kind of embroidery on silk or net sarees, these are popular in all over Indian for bridal wear.

Maang Tika –

It is hair jewellery. It is worn vertically at the start of your hairline in the middle and its pendant dangle on your forehead. These can be matched with your clothes because it comes in many shapes and colours also they come in many forms of gold, diamond and kundan stones.

Nose Rings/Pins –

Nath or nose rings have been a part of Indian culture for decades. A nose ring makes an Indian bride look more like a goddess and mesmerising. A Nath can come in many different sizes from big loop to the smaller ones. It is said; the bong brides would wear Nath according to their status, which means the bigger the nose ring, the elite the family is.

Jhumka/Earrings –

There are many kinds of earrings out there for every bride but a Jhumkalooks more ethnics and fuller than others. Pair these earrings with a set of heavy neckpiece to match the look.

Pati Haar Necklace –Wedding Jewelries You Must Have necklace

The best jewellery a Bengali Benarasi saree will go with a Pati Haar necklace. It has been a tradition from the start for a bong bride to wear a necklace like this.  This necklace lies flat on the bride’s neck making it more vivid than her other jewellery. For those brides who want to wear big and heavy jewellery, a semi-precious stones wedding set is the one. Combine a set of bride red coloured saree and every eye will follow you.

Baaju Bandh –

This is an armband and another important part of bridal jewellery. A baaju baandh is a jewellery for upper arm and looks good when combined with a puffed or short sleeved blouse.

Bangles/Chur –

Wedding Jewelries You Must Have kamaar baandhA Chur is a Bengali gold bracelet and has been in demands for ever. A chur obviously comes in a pair but you can buy one if your budget is a little low. Also, there are other kinds of bangles out there to complete a bridal look.

Waist Belt/ Kamarbandh –

This is more than jewellery because it helps to hold the heavy sarees in place. A waist belt makes a bride look more elegant and beautiful.


This is my second favourite bridal attire. The right lehenga can make a woman look fashionable and absolutely stunning even without makeup or that much jewellery. I just love the heavy designs of different lehenga, which bride wears to their weddings. Flaired, fishtail/mermaid, A-line or jacket lehengas, there are many designs are there for every body’s shapes.

Wedding Jewelries You Must Have maang tikaMaang Tika –

Again, maang tikas are very important in an Indian wedding but some brides tend to ignore them for fear of looking like an overly decorated Christmas tree. But if you really want to wear a maang tika then make sure to alter the size of your necklace and earrings.

Earrings –

Big earrings are always the one to go to an Indian wedding. The best one to go with lehengas is Kundan and polki earrings. And when you don’t want to wear huge neckpieces then you can surely add earrings with big stones or Kundan work.

Neckpiece –Wedding Jewelries You Must Have set

Neckpieces will have to go with the neckline of your lehenga. Lower neckline blouses work best for every neckpiece. But there is nothing like a choker, remember to wear only one necklace with your lehenga blouse. Besides choker, you can also wear a semi-precious stone necklace set or for a simpler look a diamond pendant would be best

Bracelet/cuffs/bangles/Hand harness –

You can pair any of them with a lehenga. You can match your bangles according to the colour of your lehenga cholis. And in the case of cuffs and bracelets, chose one that is wider. Haath Panjas or Hand Harnesses are also a good hand jewellery to add to the list. They can come in one singular chain or with heavy stonework.

Payel/Anklets –

“There’s no need to wear a payel, it will be covered by the lehenga” that what most of the girls think. But when you will lift your lehenga to walk a payel will make the moment magical.

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India is a place of many race and culture. So, Christian culture is here too and there’s nothing better than a girl walking down the aisle wearing a puffy white wedding gown. But when the right jewelleries are combined, the dress becomes more heavenly.

A Tiara –

I love this one, it makes any girl feel like a Disney princess. And a Tiara goes well with any kind of bridal dress. There are many types of tiara available from bands to clips to hair tiara. Just pick the one you like and look like your daddy’s princess on your day.

Wedding Jewelries You Must Have diamondNecklace –

Now, choose your necklace according to the neck line of your dress. A diamond set always looks perfect with a wedding gown. If your dress has a sweetheart neck line then go with a bodice necklace. For example any Victoria style necklace will be fine. If you are wearing a v-neck dress then add a pendant with it.


Earrings –

The best option is to go with studs. Diamond or pearl studs always looks classy, but long chandelier earrings will be perfect for strapless dresses.

Wedding Jewelries You Must Have glovesWedding gloves –

I know that this is not a jewellery but they will make you look like you have come out of a fairytale book. I personally love the long henna design gloves, vintage gloves are also nice.

Bracelet –

if you are not going to wear gloves than bracelets are the next best thing for you. There are many bracelet designs made from rhinestones, diamonds, and pearls to suit your dress.


A Sharara dress is the one a Muslim bride wears to her wedding. It looks magnificent and royal on any girl. Basically, it is two parts attire, the upper part can be a crop top or long kurta. And as the bottom wear, plazoo are included but some brides wear a skirt too.

Wedding Jewelries You Must Have jhoomarJhoomar –

This is a unique jewellery piece of Muslim bridal ceremony. it comes in many designs, basically heavy stones and The Jhoomar stays on one side of the bride’s head along with the maang tika.

Maang Tika –

You can skip this jewellery if you want to because the jhoomar is enough to make you look like a “Begum”. But the more the merrier so add a Maang Tika to your jewellery and look even more glamorous.

Wedding Jewelries You Must Have set of jewelryChoker –

This is one neckpiece in “nikkah” because Muslim bride’s attire Sharara completely goes with a neckpiece like choker. Make sure you picked out the right ornaments according to the fabric and design.

Diamond/Colored Stone Rings –

The shinier look of big diamond or stone ring is never too much on a bride’s hand because these beautiful rings make the mehendi work more vivid. So, wear a big and beautiful ring on your fingers before saying “Qubool Hai”.

Every piece of these jewelleries is only going to make you look the most beautiful yet compose bride. Just follow the basic rule, match your colours, designs and collaborate the quantity. And you are halfway there.


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