Who is Kim Jong UN?

A military dictator of North Korea has been always up with ammunition, at the slightest provocation. There is no shadow of a doubt that military training is a must for all the inhabitants of North Korea. Military service is also mandatory. But it does not give a license to anyone at the helm of affairs to create a nuisance to any quarter at an international level. The United States of America are definitely harbouring an ill-feeling against North Korea, which led to the posting of its warship upon the Japanese seas. It arose from the flaunting of its nuclear missiles by the latter.


Who Is Kim Jong UNJuxtaposing the economic growth of North Korea is-à-via South Korea, where is Kim Jong UN? Lagging far behind? It is anybody’s guess. In fact, an open public gazes people tend to flee the country. But the defectors have been given exemplary punishments, viz. Beheading open public gaze. But people prefer to escape from the horrors of the communist regime in North Korea. Tumen River, bordering China and North Korea geographically, offers a safe escape route in summers when its level recedes as well as in winters when it freezes. But massive military exercises by or against the North Koreans serve as a dampener to the suffocating masses. Special surveillance drones, capable of flying at an altitude of 60,000 feet at a speed of 350 miles per hour to click high-quality digital photos, have landed in West Tokyo. Also, America is having joint military drills with its ally South Korea. Where is Kim Jong UN? In fact, Kim Jong UN, aged 35, inherited power from his deceased father and seems unripe for a mature handling of matters at an international level.


Some interesting facts about the inexperienced, young leader are narrated as hereunder:

  • His date of birth is unknown

It is a mystery. His father’s date of birth was also kept a secret. Whether Kim Jong UN was born in 1983 or 1984, the official sources claim that his date of birth is January 8, 1984. To keep up the dynastic spirit, it is celebrated as a national day since 2010.

  • Studied under a fake name

He attended an international alma-mater till 1988 under the name of Pak UN and learnt to speak English, French and German where his classmates could not believe that he belonged to a family of North Korean rulers.Who Is Kim Jong UN - Supreme Commander Of North Korea

  • Scared of barbers

He cuts his own hair and brands it as ‘Jong cut’ thereby setting it as a personality cult for others to follow. Probably, this fear of barbers emanates from some childhood, bad experience.

  • Heavy Drinker

Despite being a diabetic and suffering from hypertension, according to his Chef, he happens to be an ardent lover of Bacchus.

  • Not averse to American personal belongings

Despite the sharp critical propaganda of being anti-American by his father, he had an immense collection of costly American / Nike sneakers and other personal belongings.

Yet, Kim Jong UN passes a caustic comment on U.S Army that it can only startle jellyfish. He never admits defeat. In short, a ruthless despotism and simmering discontent offer no solution for peaceful co-existence.


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