The heat is on with the banning of the unauthorized, Uncategorized, lead fewer channels as per the instructions from YouTube authorities. They have made up the harsh decision of banning the listed channels under such categories which include hacking videos, unethical content, child behaviour etc.

YouTube is basically a social media platform which provides you with an opportunity to upload your skills and talent in video formats and share such content with the world gazing online. They post various ads on their respective channels through Google Adwords or Google AdSense which pays by the views you get on that particular video.

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Huge discussions and debates can be featured on various online platforms on this current topic. People with a major YouTube channel and with millions of subscribers have been smashed out under these instructions, most of the state that they were unaware about these terms and conditions and unintentionally get indulged in the same. But some come out with the explanations that there were right on their part and it’s something unethical that is being done by the YouTube authorities. Think of the scenario that you wake up this morning and went to see the stats on your YouTube account. While attempting to get logged in, you are entertained with a message as “Due to the violation of the terms and conditions your YouTube channel has been suspended”.

These words have threatened thousands of people earning through this platform. The reasons coming out with these terminations are the spam’s done by the channel holders to earn more. Most of the people with an urge to earn more through various faulty methods or remixing the videos or applying the wrong thumbnails have been reported ban with prior warnings. Earlier reporting by the people leads to the terminations of the YouTube channel. They were allowed to make the complaint with respect to the unethical content. But now the situation is different as even if there are no such violations, your channel will be restricted or suspended immediately.

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YouTube Guidelines for banning and terminations

Featuring the main reasons for the Channel termination

  • Those channels which have repeatedly violated the Community Guidelines and the terms of service
  • Even a single abuse on your channel will lead to direct termination. (Inclusive of predatory behaviour or spamming)
  • All those accounts dedicated to the policy violation like a nuisance, imitation hateful speech). In the case, you face the attempt of termination and you have not breached the terms and conditions, simply fill the assistance form available on the official site. Do not run to fill more than one application request as this may increase the volume of its reviews.
  • In order to get your channel again on the working track, you just have to fill the important details and this may include the Channel ID. The quantity of more information you provide will help down the officials to provide you better services in making your channel working again.

Conditions under Copyright terminations:

There are hundreds of YouTube channels being terminated under the clause of Copyright. Most of the Youtuber’s still believe that these claims are invalid and you wrongly target under this section. Then here, you can file your problem under the DCMA notifications. It is the best chance to get your channel out of the banned logo. Here, to make such notifications you do not need the access to your account. The main thing to be cared about is that to file or complaint you will raise should be genuine and there can be chances of legal actions against your mishandling this opportunity.

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Famous channels restricted by YouTube like Toy Freak

Toy Freaks: This channel is amongst the 68th largest YouTube channels and currently being banned due to their uploading of disturbing content. Kids are always the most sensitive issues and with the advancements in technology, it has become harder to have a control over them. They all possess technologically smart gizmos and this can affect the mental stability of children.

This channel was reportedly smashed recently and it had more than 8.5 million subscribers to its name. This banning is done under the terms of child endangerment policy issues by YouTube. Feel yourself lucky if you are unaware of this disturbing channel. It was infamous for posting the videos featuring dad filming his daughters crying, bleeding and screaming. The content on this channel was so disturbing that it can make you sick and even promote all these tortures in the masses.

On explaining one of the video contents, the girl cries with her mouth full of blood as she had a broken tooth and her dad follows recording this stuff. Totally distress and vulgar content, as the father must be rushing to give her first aid rather than filming such harsh moment.  This video was bannered as Annabelle bloody tooth freaks out and dad saves the day, Toy Freak. The ideology was to inflate humour among the viewers and the sad part is still people like to watch such contents. Overall it’s a good decision to ban such channels promoting disturbing videos.

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Complaints by MNC Giants

YouTube is indeed the most trusted way to advertise or endorse your brand. From small businesses till large MNC’s they all display their ads on YouTube streaming videos.  These firms get their ads placed on the hit videos and they get famed for this act. Recently, there have been reports rose by these companies that their products are being advertised on inappropriate video contents which leads to defaming of their brand value. Most of these brands are like Addidas, Deutsche bank, Nike etc. these brands are multimillion players and they do not want to hurt their brand image. This is one of the main reasons for terminating hundreds of accounts.


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