‘Work from home’ is a new culture which is widely prevailing nowadays. Rather than going to offices or factories, this is the best option to earn money, especially for women.

This is the global phenomenon found almost in all the countries of the world. Work from home or you can say WFH is gaining immense popularity nowadays. Needless to mention, this phenomenon promotes a good work – life and enhances productivity. This option is now being offered by the renowned companies to better manage the work – life. 

Well, there are two categories of home – based work. First is self – employed and the second is sub – contracted. In the first category, the person bears all the risk of success and failure of his business. It may be possible that he appoints some homely – based workers to meet the deadline. The second category is basically the employer category. In this, the person is contracted by an individual entrepreneur or firm. The work is deadline and salary – based. Both these categories have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is up to the person that whether he wishes to be the self – employed or sub contracted home worker.

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‘Work from home’ culture – Pros and Cons:

Advantages and disadvantages are the part of the same coin and undoubtedly, this work from home culture or WFH has pros as well as cons. Let’s get started with the pros of the work from home culture.


• WFH enables you to enjoy peace and quietness with no such office drama. You need not require worrying about your colleagues at all.

• There is no time limit if you’re working from home. Basically, this is the target – based work and you need to complete your target. You can easily take rest and then start the work again as per your convenience.

• Comfortable clothing is another best advantage of this ‘work from home’ culture. You needn’t require wearing those tight clothes. You can easily work in your night wares and make the best corner of your home as your workplace.

• If you own the laptop then you can easily work from anywhere in the world such as in the coffee shop, library or wherever you want.

• If you’re working at home then you can take the productive lunch breaks by working out, shopping, or prepping for dinner.

• Also, if you’re a married woman then you can easily take the care of your in – laws and child and side by side you can continue your work.

• Last but not the least; you can save money which might be getting wasted on the expensive coffee or lunches at the office.

Unfortunately, the pros are always followed by the cons. Let’s have a look at the cons of this trending ‘work from home’ culture.


• The first and prime con of this trending culture is that you don’t get the professional experience. Basically, you know how to earn money but you don’t know how to deal with the professionals and how to manage in the professional environment.

• Lack of social interaction is another con of this type of work culture. Actually, this is linked with the previous con. As you are not going to anywhere so, it is obvious that social interaction is somewhere missing.

• If you’re working from home then you should keep yourself motivated and avoid distractions. Needless to mention, that the home is our comfort zone where we love to relax and remain chilled out. As we know that nobody is watching us during our work so, there are the maximum chances of getting distracted.

• If you are working for someone then you always have the pressure to be proactive so as to show the employer that you’re not doing the minimum.

Enough of pros and cons of this ‘work from home’ culture, now it is the high time to have a look on the impacts of the same on the other part of household. Like the pros and cons, the impacts are also positive as well as negative. Positive in the sense that with this tradition those women who are unable to go out for jobs can now earn money from home. They become independent and earn respect in the family. The financial conditions of the household will improve as the woman of the family also earn through this new culture. But this culture has a negative impact too. Negative in the sense as the person is not going somewhere and doing the job from home then it may be possible that his job is taken for granted by the family members. But this negative can be overcome by providing the complete knowledge to the members and to make them aware of its countless benefits.

Work from home is the better evolving option for those who are unable to go out for earning. Undoubtedly, its pros are far more than its cons. Guys, this is the 21st – century and when shopping, billing etc can be done from home then why not job?? Just think over it!!!!


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