“Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.”

First of all, what is Niche?

In short, the topic of your website.

Why choosing a niche is important?

When you plan on starting a blog then you must have chosen a platform for your website.  Just like choosing a platform is important for your website, as well as choosing a blog niche. Niche will tell your reader, what you are going to offer.

For example, maybe you have written about health today, then business tomorrow and then probably you will write about cooking. The reader won’t be able to understand what is that you are offering. And your website will look disorganized and just a collaboration of random things. These kinds of websites fail to attract readers.

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How to search for niches?

Searching internet is the best way to solve your problem. After, choosing the best topic for you, you can now give the best information to your reader. And that’s how this works. It may narrow the target audience but make them come back.

Let me put it to you this way, for business blogs the niches will be blogging, blogging platform, social media marketing, content writing, increase productivity, entrepreneur leadership. These niches are widely searched by people, who keep interest in the business. Ergo, you business related article will come up on Google searches.

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For starters, start thinking about the thing you enjoy doing. Because of your interest, you can reach the highest level of knowledge on that particular topic. And choosing something you do not enjoy will not be encouraging enough.

Also, there is another way of choosing a niche. If you have wanted to learn DIY home decorations, you can search on the internet for different ideas and start your own blog. Instead of going to costly classes and spend your money.

Lastly, think about the things you are already learning. For example, if you are a college student who is studying social science. Then clearly, a blog about the social issue will be perfect for your niche. Because of your blog, you will have to do research and that will help you with the studies too.

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Stacey Roberts on ProBlogger says, “Something that seems present and that shines through in the blogs that I read and love is passion.”

Get it? Finding niche is not that tough as said myths. So give it your whole time and put effort to make your blog shine through your passion.

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How to find a niche for your blog?

Basically, you need to think if you are blogging for profit or for popularity?

Because there is some topic that will be very profitable but hard to get traffic and some topics that are helpful to get blog traffic but won’t get you much money. But if you achieve a way to get more people through these topics, your website can get popularity and organic clicks too.

Move on to the next section, not only you have to choose your hobby as blog niche but also there are few things you need to take care of.

1: Your Hobby/Interest

2: Monthly and yearly searches

3: Competitor

4: Trend

Now let’s take a look at how to find a niche for a blog step by step.

We have already discussed that it would be great if you choose the topic which interests you. It will be more interesting to continue and your job will become your passion… But be sure before choosing it and then go to the next level.

Now, what type of keyword to choose which will bring you both, more traffic and money? Then Google keyword planner and SEMrush is a good source for you. These tools always help you to get a better result on a number basis. But ultimately, only you have to choose what is best for you.

Maybe you have chosen entertainment for being a big fan of fashion.  It has 16,600,000/mo searches. Will you go for it? Even if mashable.com, etonline.com entertainment.com is your biggest competitor? It may be difficult at first but the more hard work you’ll put on it, the better you can become by the time.

Taking care of your interest and make it balanced with trends and competition is important.

To clarify…

Hair loss problem 8,100/mo

Hair loss solutions 22,200/mo

Male hair loss 9,900/mo

Here you can see these keywords have good search volumes, plus less competitive volumes too. By adding few more tips for health care and home remedies you can make it more interesting for your reader. As you can see above that some of these niches have less competition, which is good but no competition is bad for your niche. That means no one is talking about it. Don’t run away when you have huge competitions. If they can so can you.

Here’s a simple way of searching for popular competitor niches. First, go to Google search bar and type “hair loss problem” within the invited coma. Then you will see many related articles and topic has come up on top. They are the one who’s in the competition with you. Don’t forget to search your niche on Facebook and Twitter also. They will also help you pinpoint your challengers.

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After this long conversation, let’s talk about another important topic – What to choose?

Maybe you are interested in football and started a blog called fifa2018.com – do you think this will work for a long time? NO!

Choose a topic which is ongoing forever. So the question is how?

Go to Google Trends, and then search for a topic. You will also see that there is a bar that will give you the access to select a time span. To put it simply, if you have typed health on the search bar and selected the time from 2015 to present day, the graph will show the demand of that topic, if the topic has been discussed majorly or not at all. And then according to the popularity, you can easily choose a niche for blogging.

The Consequences of Choosing A Bad Niche

Last but not the least:

Why would other listen to me?

You have already chosen a topic which is related to your hobby or interest and checked keywords, competitors, CPC and all of that. But how can you be so sure that you can start a blog and easily start making like this? Because there are already so many people doing the same thing as you are. People will always look for what stands out from the rest and what can offer them that others cannot. Think about the uniqueness of content, quality and the way you are giving out your information. But if you don’t have unique content then at least try to be better than your competitor.

The best set of advice I can give is perfection takes time. But make sure to be confident enough to continue what you have started, and then nobody can stop you from being successful.

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