Yachting or sailing vacations are one of those grand experiences which can change your life! Being in the middle of the sea surrounded by nothing but the cool sea breeze, picturesque waters and good food, it’s the best life. The crowning jewel of the yacht experience is the location. Finding a beautiful location can give you the best sailing experience in the world.

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Here are 10 exotic locations for best sailing in the world:

  • Dubai

Obviously, one of the worlds most luxurious and extravagant cities offer the best of yachting, generally considered an elite activity. Even the standard luxury yacht charter Dubai offers services worthy of a King. UAE does not spare any expense when it comes to travelling and has poured a ton of money into their hospitality industry. This has resulted in the creation of a rich yachting scene. You will see all kinds of boats here. From the traditional Dhow cruise to modern yachts built for ultimate comfort, Dubai is moulded for yachting!

  • Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands is a quiet location which is suitable for yachting solely because it isn’t ‘thought’ to be one. In fact, this place is a haven for yacht enthusiasts. The warm Mediterranean waters host diverse marine life along with gorgeous views at a location which experiences pleasant weather fairly all year round. A nearby city, Palma de Majorca, has been the centre for European sailing since several years. The Balearic Islands are the ultimate place for vacation.

  • West Indies

It’s just better at the Caribbean! These people know how to party and if you are looking for a glamorous yacht experience, you will hit the sweet spot in the Indies. Martinique, Guadeloupe, Dominica and Isle de Saints are some of the beautiful islands you can explore. Whilst yachting here is a fun-filled experience on its own, the long sandy beaches of West Indies create a unique combination which allows you to enjoy time both on land and on the sea. You won’t regret taking a sailing trip to this Caribbean.

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  • Croatia

Croatia is one of the top tourist locations in all of Europe. A rich history, welcoming people and beautiful natural beauty by the sea, it’s truly paradise! However, Croatia’s yachting scene is criminally underrated, although now it seems to be picking up steam after good word-of-mouth. A 1000 islands and a lovely shore, the views from the coast are a sight to behold. Summer is the best time to yacht in Croatia as it can get considerably cold during the winters. Croatia is a traditional and cultural hub so when you are not busy yachting you can always enjoy the city!

  • Monaco

Monaco offers you the best of both worlds. A divine location to the yacht where you can connect with your spirit in silence and a luxurious retreat where you can enjoy five-star services and feast on delicious cuisine. The Mediterranean weather is adored by tourists and so is the tranquil coastline. Monaco has no shortage of world-class recreational facilities so that even when you want to get lost, you can simply head back to paradise immediately!

  • Sicily, Italy

Italy is one of those dream places that almost everyone wants to visit at least once in their lifetime. And here is another reason to come here for yachting. Sicily is the best places of Italy you can find to spend your holiday in. Because it is the largest island in the Mediterranean sea, you will have many places to explore. Like the chain of Volcano Island, the breathtaking view of Mount Etna, going to Marsana the famous place for winemaking and tempting food. This is the place filled with adventure and elegant at the same time.  And if you want to go sailing in the Caribbean than you must visit the Aeolian Islands, which is filled with beaches, castles, water sports and many more.

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  • Greece

This one place is enough to give you the best yachting experience for you to remember your whole life. There are 6,000 islands and islets for you to roam around and there are some places that can only be accessible by boat. The best islands for yachting in Greece are Santorini, Mykonos and Crete. Santorini is well-known for its ancient tradition that is why you can see these white-washed houses and natural beauty, plus the capital is just a two hours sail away. Mykonos is the most popular boating destination here in Crete. To put it simply, Greece has so much to offer beyond your imagination.

  • Fiji

The place of a mixed culture of Melanesian, Polynesian, Indian and Chinese is the next in line to give you an exotic sailing experience. Not only it is the most photogenic place but because of being filed with 300 islands, it is the most explorative place also.  You will not find the combination of amazing beaches, lines of coconut trees and a mind-blowing underwater diving experience. Because Fiji is a blend of many cultures, the foods you will get here are bound to be mouth-watering. You can go to the underwater aquarium and go whale watching and also just relax on the sandy beaches and take a sunbath.

  • The Exumas

It is impossible to leave the Bahamas when listing a sailing trip. The sparkling clear water and the white sand make Exumas a perfect place to choose for yachting vacation. You won’t be able to hold the erg of want to go swimming in the crystal clear water of the ocean, plus it is more than common to see pigs swimming in the water and coming your way for treats. Speaking of swimming animal, Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park is the place where you will find many marine life, reefs and beautiful grounds. Overall, this place is going to be totally different from what you expect.

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  • Bermuda

Bermuda is one of the most mysterious and also the most beautiful places to travel. This is the main attraction for golfers who like to stay at the marinas and have a heart-healthy game.  You can also go for a game of tennis and after relax on the sun-kissed beaches. There are 181 islands that look like they have been specially made for cursing and sailing. If you are looking to have a little party there are many party boast to celebrate your wedding anniversary, birthday party or even a quince era. Bermuda is basically a stopping point for sailor but this place has too much to offer than just a resting place.

A sailing trip to these places is enough for to take a year of tiredness out of your system.  The exotic view of the blue water, the bright sunrays and the beaches are waiting for you. Be prepared to have an unforgettable holiday and a luxurious experience.


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