The handheld gaming console is the portable and small gaming device with built – in screen, game controls, and speakers. As there are plenty of options available in the market, therefore to choose the best among the rest is really a laborious task. Fear not guys, as I am here with the list of best handheld gaming consoles, top 15 android games and best pc games of the year.  So, just ready to take a deep dive into the world of the gaming consoles and try to find out the one which suits your needs and desire.

Best Handheld Gaming Consoles – A list of top 10:


  • PlayStation Vita

Let me unfold my list with the best console option which is none other than PlayStation vita. It is really your dream gadget and worth the money. It comes with the dual analog stick and touch screen similar to I-Pad. It is beautifully designed and comically ambitious, supported by the brilliant, deep, and varied cataloge of video games.

  • Nintendo 3DS XL

Let’s come to my next recommendation which is Nintendo 3DS XL. The system is quite easy to use and comes with two large screens. It bets the gamers that they can play the 3 D games without wearing any polarized glasses. With this device, you can adjust the level of 3-D or cal turn the 3D off with its slider. Its backward compatibility with DS games and the huge selection of classic video games make it the best handheld gaming console available in the market.

  • Nvidia Shield

Nvidia Shield is my next recommendation for the game freak personalities. It allows you to remotely wake up your home computer and play games from anywhere in the world. It offers really unique experiences and allows you to play your PC games on your mobile. This console aims to offer an experience that no other handheld console can. It features 5 – inch HD screen, incredible powerful components and six – hour battery life.

  • Nintendo 2DS

Like other Nintendo products, this one is also superb and outstanding. This device has the ability to play 3DS, DS cartridges as well as DSi ware, e – shop and virtual console games. It is an affordable gaming console and offers the best features of the DS family. It plays the mobile games on two LCD screens.

  • Nintendo 3 DS

This gaming console offers glass free 3 – D gaming and variety of gaming experience which means that this something for everyone. It combines new technology and great gaming experiences. This is the sequel to the popular Nintendo DS family and hence offers the best and improved gaming experience to the users. It is the smaller version of 3DS XL but shares very similar features. Despite having such amazing features, this handheld gaming console is quite affordable and fits every budget.

  • Gameboy advance

Let’s talk about my next recommendation which is none other than Gameboy advance. Surprisingly, it is the first handheld console to start this handheld technology which we are seeing today. It features the LCD screen and long battery life. If you are looking for the gaming console with solid specs and low price then this gameboy advance would be the best choice.

  • Game Gear

This is the 8 – bit handheld gaming console which is released by Sega. It comes with the full – color backlit screen with a landscape format. It really offers the outstanding gaming experience to the user. It features 32 blazing colors for arcade – quality graphics and animation. The full – color, high – resolution and 3.2 inches backlit LCD screen offers you the amazing experience, even in the dark!!

  • Nintendo DS

Well, if you still not find your best handheld gaming console then check out my next recommendation which is none other Nintendo DS. This may be the most successful gaming console ever. It comes with revolutionary two LCD screens which no doubt offers you the double gaming experience. Really, this is the outstanding innovation which is available at an affordable price.

  • Sony PlayStation portable

As this product is launched by Sony, therefore the reliability and quality are automatically assured. Its quality graphics, long battery life, and alluring look really make this device as the best. It has the memory stick duos slot for storage expansion. Over 135 gaming titles are available which really adds gaming to your life. This is not only just for games. With this device, you can listen to your favorite music and watch full – length videos. Isn’t it amazing?? So, if you are looking for the multipurpose device then this one would be your perfect choice.

  • Gameboy

Well, it’s the high time to discuss my last recommendation which is none other than Gameboy gaming console. This device is launched by Nintendo and had proved the great revolution in the console market. It offers the freedom to play your favorite video games. It offers approx 15 hours of battery life which is really amazing.
So, here is my list of best handheld gaming consoles. I hope that my hardship will help you in making your mind regarding the gaming console. All of these consoles are the best and capable of providing the unique gaming experience. So, without wasting any time, just order your favorite gaming console and take the best gaming experience like never before.


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