How many of you have tried to lose weight and failed to continue? That is actually more common than you think. Although, getting a fit body is a dream but actually having enough strength to achieve it is tough. And having a busy day and a sitting job for 8 hours a day just magnified our fitness problem more.

First of all, we have to make an oath to our self to become fit again. We all have busy days but some people still make time to be healthy and active despite this. Yoga, cardio, water cardio, HIIT, weight training, walking, jogging and finally running there are literally dozens of workout routine to choose from

Why choose Running & how to Run?

What you need is an exercise that can work your whole body as well as won’t feel like a burden for you. Running is one of those things. While running is actually a tough way to get fit but once you start you will start getting better. It is the best and the cheapest exercise to lose weight if you can’t afford gym subscription or joining a yoga class or hate being caged up inside then running is the one.Besides running you can do yoga to lose weight outdoors too.

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The style of your running is the most important thing to focus on. Our body adjusts itself in any kind of situation. So, running in the same manner for too long time can slow the effect on your body. If you are running with the distance of 18 inches, that means you are working the same muscles. Challenge yourself with further, run with high knees, zig-zag motion, small steps etc.

Remember, the world is your “Treadmill”, run wherever you please. Just like mixing your steps, mix your locations frequently. If you run at the same location, again and again, you will easily lose the enthusiasm for running. So, if you have a road that goes to your favourite cafe or if you have a beach, run there.

Make your running a little more challenging with resistance. Many people run with a parachute attached to their back, which added like 10 or 15 pounds of weight while they run. If you are practising for a 5k marathon or something like that, this technique is the best way to improvise your routine.

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Choose good soundtracks to accompany you. Running with no music is as boring as being in a history class, not fun. Make your running mix with those songs which make you stand up and send you into a dancing mode.

What effect does Running have on our body?


Aside from a good mood and a huge change in stamina, running is the fastest and the best way to become fitter. This is a no-brainer that running improves and tone your legs and of course, your bottom. But running overall can make you lose weight rapidly when you are doing it the right way. Running will help you to boost metabolism and strengthen your body.

Even though your upper body won’t be that much toned by running but still your stomach will get tighten because of the fat you will start to lose. You will see the fat around your muscle being disappear from your whole body. If you want to tone your upper body as well, just add some simple cardio to your routine after finishing running.

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Although, running is great but too much of it can harm you. Runner’s knee is a term for “Patellofemoral pain syndrome”. It happens when you are increasing miles too fast or you moved your legs wrongly while running. This syndrome will make it tough for you to bend your knees or prevent you from walking. So it is best to take some rest between your routine. And when you start running again just ease into it with plenty of warm-up exercises and stretches before going into full form.

Running can improvise your cardiovascular health and endurance. And if you don’t eat back the calories you have lost, you will lose weight significantly. But don’t try to compare yourself to others, we all have different body type and metabolism rate, which results for our body to work differently.



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