Creating own website without knowing the world is quite embarrassing. Where the entire world is searching for it’s every single query on search engines, there’s no wonder Search engine optimization is playing a vital role in every online business company. Isn’t it?

If you have a better idea to offer but you don’t know how to showcase it then I am here to show you simple steps to make your business more visible.

To become a blogger and lead the lifestyle is now dream of many of us. So if you are a newbie then it’s quite hard to compete in this field. Getting information and post it, imagine some magic would happen and you will get lots of traffic is pathetic.

Believe me, once I had the same feeling. So what do I suppose to do?

Because we are talking about the detailed step, let’s start from the beginning…

Only making a website is not sufficient to rank the list. Choosing a perfect niche for your website and get an absolute platform to publish it is just the beginning.

How to make your business visible online

Sound easy, maybe not that much. Let’s focus on the tips to create your visibility online

Online Optimization – For example, let’s pretend that you have already chosen your niche, but what next? Now, you just need to check out your competitor keywords and try to focus on them.

For paid tools, you can use ahrefs and spyfu to check competitors and their keywords. Then you need to choose those keywords that have a good search volume and fewer competitors.

Now the hardest part is to make a good title and description for each page. Don’t forget to add keywords for better optimization. To get a better idea of how to write a perfect title and description you can use Yoast WordPress plugins.

Reorganization by Google – The best way to get recognized by Google is to use free Google free service that allows you to submit your website for indexing. All details you will get in Google search console.

Your existence is important for you not to Google. So make sure that you have submitted the sitemap of your website in Google search console.

For details how to submit sitemap please follow the procedure given here.

Through this, you can keep an eye on the various searches that drive traffic to your website.

Add your profile to Google My Business listing It helps to increase your local ranking. By adding a correct location, phone number, and category which is relevant to your niche, will help your customer to locate you easily. By adding these information you are increasing the chances of showing up in Google’s Local Pack, Local Finder, Google Maps, and organic rankings in general. Google also let people answer questions about your business who are familiar with it. It helps Google to get more information about your site.

So the 1st stage is done.

Next stage

How to increase your online business visibility

Through the Online Marketing. What is that?

Content Marketing – A good quality of content is always the need of readers. Write content by focusing on what readers like to read and create an interesting title to attract them. There are few things you need to keep in mind when writing content.

  • Make sure that your content is at least 500 words long.
  • Use headings on top.
  • Include bolded keywords that match your topics.
  • Include interlinks in your writing, so that people can find out about your others topics.

Including these changes, create a good quality content which is more interactive and easily shareable.

For more ideas – How to promote your small business?

How to make it sharable?

Add social share icon to your blog that leads your reader to easily share the content.

Increase social media interactions – In India, where internet users are increasing day by day, while in America 80% of Americans are on social media.

So, social media can have a huge impact to drive traffic to your website. Regular interaction and shares will help to gain the third party credibility.

Now Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest all provide paid advertisement, where social media is now moving towards ‘pay to play’ marketing model. This is based on the budget, so the more you pay the more you’ll get. Knowing the right time to post an ideal campaign can help you to reach the widest range of audience in the world.

The main concept of this is to reach those potential customers who are really searching for that information or services.

Create effective link building – Now the concept of link building is slightly changed. Listing your site in a local friendly website like Yelp, Foursquare is great but also you have to get do-follow links from other websites. Getting effective backlink with anchor text from various platforms will help you to increase traffic.

Again, including internal linking on your content will help you a lot. Plus, you can do blog commenting to get a clean link building to your website.

Get Effective Reviews – As I have told you before human interaction is important than anything else. Leading your reader to give effective reviews on your website can increase your visibility. Customer reviews in Google My Business can help to influence more users to get that information or service. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram also have review service. USE IT.

Digital Media Marketing – Now you cannot afford poor mobile visibility. You must check if your website is mobile friendly or not. Choosing the right platform for your website will increase better user experience and give better impact on Google. Studies say that people would like to revisit those websites which have less page-loading time.

Find Progressive Web Apps Rising in Technological World

Don’t forget to maintain consistency – Google is always most concern about the latest updates. Whether it’s a photo update or link, Google will always keep an eye on it. To increase people engagement you need to focus on regular blog update. Not regularly but twice a week is quite good for building trust in your readers.

In the end, nothing comes without hard work. If you are strong-willed to make your website well-known to the virtual world, then you have to be willing to work for it. Because there are already millions of websites and to make yours visible you won’t have any shortcuts.

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