‘Jat Reservation’ – Who can forget this most violent agitation of this year in the Haryana state?? It was a series of protests in February 2016 by the Jat community in Haryana. Basically, they are seeking the quota or you can say reservation in the OBC category so that they can enjoy the jobs and other benefits. The protestors sought the inclusion of the community in the OBC category which would make them eligible for affirmative action benefits. Actually, this agitation was commenced as a non – violent protest on 12 February 2016. First of all, they had blocked the railway tracks and highways. But then on 18 February 2016, the group of non – Jats protestors clashed violently with the lawyers which really turned the complete picture of this agitation.

Actually, Jats are the influential community and constitutes almost 29% of the Haryana’s population. They originally belonged to the farming communities but in the recent years, they became the politically active in the certain states such as Haryana and Punjab. Basically, the seed for this confrontation was sown when the BJP government led by the CM Khatter, a Punjabi. This thing is not tolerated by the Jats community and this agitation took place. This agitation always started from the Mayyar village, near the Hisar district. This protest was led by the Hawa Singh Sangwan, a Haryana chief of the All India Jat Arakshan Sangharsh Samiti. The Jat protest was earlier organized in the year 2012 and as a resultant, the Hoods government had promised to include this community in OBC quota. But as usual, this was just promise and nothing else. At that time, this was the non – violent protest but this time, it is not the only violent but also an aggressive one. Lots of firing, a huge damage of the public and private property was seen this time.

The impact of this agitation is still visible in Rohtak, Jind, Bhiwani, and in villages and other towns of Haryana. In the Rohtak district, the violent protestors set fire to vehicles, petrol pumps, ATMs, buses and also the private shops and showrooms. From Rohtak, the violence spread to the Jhajjar. The protestors allegedly burnt the shops belongs to the Punjabi and Saini. In Sonipat, the Jats vandalized the railway station at Ganaur. In the Faridabad district, the protestors clashed with the police. This Jat agitation really affected the normal lifestyle of the general public. The schools, colleges and markets were closed. Internet and SMS services had been suspended for a pretty longer time. The decision was taken to maintain the law and order. All the essential things such as groceries, petrol, diseal etc were out of stock and disruption in water supply to Delhi as the protestors had blocked the Munak Canal. Besides this, the long – term curfews were imposed in the affected cities such as Rohtak, Jind, Bhiwani, Hisar, Sonepat etc. Frankly speaking, this agitation had really depicted the mindset of the protestors.

Finally, the government had decided to include this community in the OBC quota and send this proposal to the apex court of the country. But like previous time, the supreme court had rejected this proposal by saying that the Jat community is financially secured enough that they don’t need any kind of reservation. Also, the Jat community does not belong from the backward class so, there is not point of reservation.

Well, this is not the first time when the Jat community comes together and demands what it thinks it rightfully deserves. The shocking fact is that why this community needs the reservation. Jats are not only prosperous and socially powerful community in Haryana but also call the shots in politics and governance in the state. Moreover, this community is financially strong enough that would never face crises for a pretty long time. India is the democratic country where everyone has the right to raise their voice and demand something but the point is that is this way of demanding reservation is good?? By creating violence, by damaging the public and private property, by breaking the rules and regulations, the jats demand their reservation on the gun point. This type of violent agitation seriously depicts that this community is not able to gain access to the kind of education that would equip them adequately to enter in the field of services. This agitation can be done in a non – violent and without affecting the normal lifestyle of the people.

The people of Haryana will never forget this dirty agitation for a pretty long time. The most surprising fact is that the violent protestors are actually the young generation of the present time. I just want to know that is the future of our country safe in the hands of such type of people? Can they really define the future of the nation?? Well, agitation is not a bad idea but such type of dirty agitation which ruins the life of the people will not be tolerated. I am not denying the fact that the Jats are wrong in their demands but the way they have chosen to achieve the same is a bit wrong. Friends, please think before you act as you are the shining star of the country and you’re actually going to decide the future of the nation. Get here for more information about the social issue here.


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