Heartbreak, The word spontaneously brings the goosebumps in many of around us. In fact, heartbreak is said to be the most epic human experience ever. The broken, strange, painful feeling takes us to the point where we don’t feel like sleeping, eating, doing anything and make us think as if we are terrible, unlovable, unworthy of living. Life seems so colourless and meaningless.


Being so common nowadays, Still Why people are so afraid to talk about heartbreaks? Why people are so afraid to talk about the thing that brings nightmares to the almost everyone.

Why don’t we believe that the same thing which could break us can even form us to be a better person? For a long time, these questions remain unanswered.

Heartbreaks have been so rampant in our nation.

Every person who falls into, experience the heartbreak once in life. Almost all of them suffer from depression and around 20% of them commit suicide. Many of them don’t kill themselves but they lose the control of their life which they try to bring by getting into addictions, meaningless relationships, emptiness.

Young generation today has a common belief that the most important point that shows maturity in adulthood is the cynicism to love and romance but that ain’t hold true.

The prominent reason we are alive today is To love and to be loved. Love is something essential to human.

What happens in a heartbreak? Why is it so powerful experience? Why it breaks some people forever? How can we use this experience to be a better human being? This disastrous experience could transform you into a completely new person.

Before getting into why and how of a heartbreak? We must talk about the ‘Love’ that initiates it all.

What is love? Probably, have Everyone around has their own definitions of this huge word that is the reason for our existence.

Love is an energy, a sensation that we feel, But there are the different type of love based on their degree. The love you feel for parents, the love you have in your heart for a close friend, the love that pops out for siblings, love for community, and the kind of love that oozes out for a person, that a philosopher late claims that there is deep selfless, unconditional abiding love that you can feel and that is independent of anything. Love is indeed a part of every one of us that you can never lose. That kind of love ain’t in need of a catalyst. it just needs an association with what we have deep within us.Something that is pure, unadulterated, divine.


Everyone of us has experienced the blissfulness of love at least once, but this evidence remains unnoticed because nobody thinks it in that way. The purest kind of love, we experienced in those nine formative months in mother’s womb, when the brain formation was taking place. You couldn’t feel anything, you couldn’t see, The way you feel now. It was amazing that how every need of us was taken care by the nutrients so perfect that we don’t even feel like needing it. There used to be no sense of me and you, I and other seems to senseless things.

And thereafter, for the very first time, we are thrown and twisted out of paradise to face the existential loneliness. We feel that this world doesn’t fulfil our needs.

We go through life, and then you come across somebody, You find your eyes squared, you see her/him and energy flows out of your soul and goes through the air. You got a sensation like you have found your soulmate, someone who understands you wholly.

Psychologically, When we fall in love, our egoistic boundaries are diminished. We find immersed ourselves into that special somebody. In our mind, you and the other person become the third entity. But, There is something that brings everything to a suspense, The feeling of insecurity. Along with love, It comes attached.It’s all because now you need another person to feel complete, to rejuvenate that same memory you had in your mother’s womb.

And then something unfortunate happens, and we break up and when we break up it feels like a part of you has been emptied, a part of you has been cut. According to a neurological report, the part of the brain which causes the physical pain is activated when one is encountered with a heartbreak. Heartbreak is as same as if someone has stabbed you in your heart.

Lots of negative transformation happens in the body like endorphin level goes down alteration in human brain and body function. Cortisol level rises up which is a stress hormone responsible for decreased immunity.

Our generation is probably the first generation, that is dating more, getting into romantic relationships, choosing partners for yourself. So as an outcome to all of this we are more susceptible to heartbreak as compared to the previous generation.

The amazing thing about the heartbreak lies in the positive perception of this experience. We can imply this for getting an insight into ourselves. Forgiveness plays an eminent role in that, It’s an act that you do for yourself, it’s about accepting the fact that other people ain’t a villain, they might have their own issues. When you forgive yourself you feel energised, calmed and cleansed.

Love is about enjoying the process and getting yourself immersed into that love. That kinda love directly comes from the heart and that love is yours and will always be.

The universe is made up of love and so we are an intricate part of it.


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