Diabetes has now become one of the killer diseases nowadays. Today, 7 out of 10 people are affected by this problem. Basically, the diabetes is a problem in which person’s blood sugar level becomes high. Diabetes generally referred as diabetes mellitus, is a long-term condition. It is shocking to know that diabetes has no permanent solution. Doctors can just give medicines or injections and healthy tips so as to control the blood sugar level.

Types of Diabetes:

Now the question arises how many types of diabetes are there?? And what is the difference in these types?? How do we know that we are suffering from which kind of diabetes?? Well, it is interesting to know that there are three types of diabetes that can affect the person in different ways. Although they are different, still these types have something in common.

  • Type 1 Diabetes

This is a kind of problem in which a person’s body stops producing insulin. Well, this kind of diabetes is also known as juvenile onset diabetes and insulin dependent diabetes. It is also exciting to know that approximately 10% of all diabetes cases are of type 1. This kind of diabetes generally affects the person in his earlier age. But if an affected person takes proper diet and does adequate exercise then he can lead a normal life.

  • Type 2 Diabetes

In this type of diabetes, a person’s body stops producing enough insulin that is required for the proper functioning and the cells become insulin resistant. Approximately 90% of the diabetes cases are of type 2 and these statistics make it clear that type 2 diabetes is much more common than the type 1.

  • Gestational Diabetes

Last but not the least type is gestational diabetes. This type of diabetes mainly affects the pregnant women. Now, what causes gestational diabetes?? Studies reveal that the women whose diet before becoming pregnant was high in animal fat had a higher risk for such kind of diabetes.

All the three types of diabetes are dangerous for a person and, therefore, it is advised to take the proper diet and do an adequate amount of exercise every day. The workout is needed to loose weight and bring that to the ideal one. But here the patients often confuse that what kind of exercises should they do and which one needs to be avoided?? Well, in order to solve their problem, here I am discussing some of the physical workouts that are needed to be avoided in Diabetes.

Physical Workouts to Avoid in Diabetes:

Exercise is the key to good health and when it comes to a diabetic patient, it becomes more important. In order to regulate the proper blood sugar level, a diabetic patient must follow a proper diet plan and do some of the necessary fitness workouts. Walking, jogging, bike riding, aerobics are some of the good workouts and will be helpful in maintaining the blood sugar level.

But, it should be noted that not all type workouts are beneficial for a diabetic person.
  • For example, weight lifting exercises must be avoided by a diabetic person as it builds up stress in the body and produces negative effects.
  • Other than weight lifting, some of the harsh and strenuous exercises should be avoided. The major cause for avoiding strenuous exercise is that while doing so, a person’s heart rate increases which in turn leads to a heart attack and stroke. High impact exercises always produce a bad and negative result for a diabetic person.

Doctors always suggest limiting your choice of exercise to low – impact and no – weight bearing activities so as to get the best and positive results. High-intensity exercises not only produces a bad result but also make the situation worse for the patient. Well, it is generally advised to consult a doctor or heath care professional before starting the workouts.

Apart from the physical workouts, it is also important to take care of the timings. Well, according to the studies, a minimal 30 minutes to 60 minutes workout is sufficient for a diabetic person. But as I have said earlier, the workout should be of low or moderate intensity. It is up to the strength of the person that how many minutes he can do the proper workout. Also, timings depend on the intensity of the workout. If you’re just walking in a garden then you should do it for 60 minutes. But if you’re engaged in an aerobics then 30 to 35 minutes is sufficient. So, along with workout, a proper timing also plays a vital role in maintaining blood sugar level of a diabetic person. Well, a list of workout for diabetes is long and it is up to you that which workout you would like to do so as to maintain your health and to control your blood sugar level.


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