The movie, Spider Man-Homecoming is one of those easy going movies with a perfect mix of every element. Be it super hero stuff, teen angst, high school issues every one faces, the reluctant superhero who ultimately learns how to strike a balance between the normal and superhero lives and a cute love story that keeps the young viewers engaged. The lead character of Spiderman is being played by the young and charming Tom Holland whose performance is right-on. He has delivered a commendable performance conveying the feelings of a young Peter Parker who has to struggle on a lot of platforms in his life. He has faced rejection as an Avenger from the Iron Man or Tony Stark and is standing at the end of an unsuccessful internship under him owing to Tony’s lacking belief in his abilities. Read other movie ReviewSpider-man Homecoming3 Movie Review

The high school, like always is full of teen issues and has a beautiful distraction as Liz (played by Laura Harrier); who is a love interest of young Peter.


Story line:

The story advances in the direction of bad things happening with our young Spiderman in every sphere. The internship under Tony Stark is over and he now just has to deal with the situation and sweat his every single cell so as to be in the Avengers team. The writers have written an entertaining and easy script so as to keep the viewers engaged without getting them tense and under pressure. Though the occasional action sequences and rightful acts of Spiderman keep the element of excitement intact; the fact that the young Spiderman is helpless and actually NEEDS someone else to help him out of some bad situations makes the viewers feel sceptic.Spider-man Homecoming1 Movie Review

The Spiderman has to fend off himself against the constant attacks of the evil vulture, Adrian Toomes (played by Michael Keaton).

An appearance of a Kurta Clad Tony Stark in the movie is a visual feast for all the female watchers.

The main story involves the Spiderman fighting the evil vulture to save an aeroplane, manufactured by the Tony Stark along with the US Govt.; belonging to the Department of Damage Control. The aeroplane is equipped with high-tech arms and is the only salvaging factor in the otherwise doomed (as it appears in the story) life of the young Spiderman.


Spiderman Homecoming Review – The Final Word:

All in All, the movie is a good one except one fact that the Spiderman himself is clueless about his life and powers. He, being young and restless has been shown less sure of himself and much dependent on the judgement and help of Iron Man so as to recover from dangerous situations – I mean this is a Spiderman movie and no one, not even Iron Man should be more capable than him. Well, maybe I am a fan of the Spiderman Franchise and that is why I am finding it difficult to assimilate this.

The performances of all the characters are well delivered, especially the villain – Michael Keaton. Marisa Tomei is believable and entertaining as Aunt May and Jon Favreau does a good job as Happy Hogan. Laura Harrier, as young and Beautiful Liz; is loved by all and not just Peter.Spider-man Homecoming4 Movie Review

A word on Visual Effects:

Well, being a superhero flick, it is understood and obvious that the visual effects will be consuming a lot of screen-space and screen-timing; but the Marvel technicians should really try to innovate as the same old effects can be tiresome and boring.

The fight scenes in the climax have been really well planned, well executed and well delivered which keeps the magic of the Spiderman Franchise intact.

Public Reviews:

The Spiderman is reluctant and young which means that the movie has risen up to its name in a completely accurate manner. The audience has rated the movie really well and some even claimed it to be the best Marvel project till date.

Well, all in all, the Spiderman Homecoming is a must watch movie if you are a fan of superhero genre and is an easy going, entertaining movie for viewer of all ages.


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