Street shopping can be so excited for those people whose idea of travelling or exploring the city means filling up the bag with so many things. The cheap rate and what’s new in fashion is the reason what makes street shopping famous among foreign and domestic travellers. You can purchase so many things at low prices. You can get so many things such as clothes, shoes, designer jewellery, bags and so many things at very low prices. To get such item at killer prices you need time to explore the place. You can analyze each and every item available in the market and purchase it at very low prices.

India is the paradise for the shopaholic, especially for street shoppers. If you are a shopaholic and want to know about the best street market, here you can see the


List of best shopping places in India

  1. Delhi, Sarojini market

Sarojini market is one of the best places for street shopping where you can get trendy clothes, fashionable bags, and designer jewellery at very low prices. No one leaves Delhi without paying a visit to Sarojini market. This market is the only place where you get Mango and Zara brands at ¼ of their original prices. If you love street shopping then this should your end destination. You will almost everything here from fashionable clothes to shoes, bags, pen drives, etc. Another place famous for the street market in Delhi is

Chandni Chowk. If you are planning to buy some designer clothes, bags or other things, you can also get them from Chandni Chowk at low prices.

2. Linking Road, Mumbai 

Linking Road in Bandra is one of the most famous street shopping destinations in Mumbai. Even though you are a fan of exquisite shopping, try to ditch the malls and boutiques for some street shopping excitement. Shopping at linking road is a fun-filled experience. You may get glimpses of young budding fusionist making their bargain at some roadside stalls selling the most trendy clothes and accessories. And, you never know you may end up making some great deal for yourself too.

Mumbai is the home to the most famous entertainment and film industry known as ‘Bollywood”. Many aspiring artists, actors and musicians come to Mumbai to try their luck in the Bollywood film industry. If you are in Mumbai, you can definitely try and catch up at the shooting location to take glimpses of some.

3. FC Road, Pune

FC road Pune is the place where you find the students grabbing the best deals.  FC stands for Fergusson College and the street is also recognized on this name. Here you can get everything at killer prices; you will get from accessories to handbags, shoes, Kurtis and everything in one place. Also, you can bargain on the each and every item you want to purchase and this will never burn a hole in your pockets. Keep yourself up to date in fashion at an affordable price because most of the stuff is brought from Mumbai.

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4. Baapu bazaar, Jaipur

This city is known for its culture and its street markets. You can have the best street shopping experience at just one place. With so many handicrafts item you can fill your bags with Jaipuri suits, Jaipuri jutties, jeweller, bed sheets, artefacts, etc at reasonable prices. You can also find natural henna and ayurvedic digestives and you can get your hands inked with the beautiful designs of henna.

5. Kullu Manali

Kullu Manali is not only famous for its landscape and the adventure sports but also for the street shopping. The street glows with plenty of colourful accessories, shawls, mainly the winter clothes since it is situated at a higher altitude. This is a perfect place for all, from a family with and without children, honeymooners, friend gathering to individual exploration to come to the place and enjoy. This place is also very famous for its beautiful hills and view. You can enjoy your tour by exploring the street market in hills station.

6. Shillong police market

This place is a paradise in the mountains for fashion lovers. This place is very huge and filled with many shopping attractions. You will find beautiful handicrafts which are very famous in this market. These handicrafts are made by the tribal people of Meghalaya. You can find beautiful silk and cotton cloths, bags and shoes and many other things at very low prices which are enough to satisfy you. This market is also famous for bamboo and cane artworks. You can also enjoy the North-East food loaded in many shops of the market.

7. Janpath, Delhi

In Delhi, there are many places for street shopping. If you are planning to explore Delhi then visit cannot be completed by exploring the markets place of Delhi. Janpath is one of the best places for street shopping in Delhi. You can get the bogs, handicrafts, handlooms, clothes, shoes, jewellery and everything just in one place.

8. Bangalore, Commercial Street

This is one of the best places to visit for street shopping in India. You can go at MG road or at chickpet for shopping. Here you can buy jazzy clothing to exclusive jeans and for women; there is so much to buy beautiful bags, dresses, shoes and many more.

9. Pondy Bazaar in Chennai

It is a nice place to go shopping all day. It is one of the busiest roads in Chennai and famous for street shopping. You can get anything here from pin to the pistol. There are many roadside shops from where you can buy clothes, women’s fancy jewellery and flowers, etc. you can purchase whatever you wanting at reasonable prices. The place is very famous for buying readymade clothes and dresses.

10. Newmarket in Kolkata

This place is one oldest market in Kolkata and a bargain hunter’s delight. Here you can find everything, your favourite and fashionable items at very low prices. There are 2000 shops in this place where you can get jewellery, foot wares, kid’s toys, daily use products, crockery, flowers and many more things at killer prices. So if you are planning a tour to Kolkata, you should go to the new market to fill your bags with many beautiful items at reasonable prices.

11. Hazratganj in Lucknow

Your tour in Lucknow cannot be completed without exploring Hazratganj the heart of Lucknow. This is the most happening place in Lucknow. You can find many branded outlets and food restaurants here. Also, you can find many beautiful lucknavi kurtis, sarees, etc at very low prices. So if you are in Lucknow, this is the place you should be in the evening. Here, you can enjoy the local life, eat, shop and get mixed with the local culture.

12. Colaba Causeway in Mumbai

The place is one of the oldest establishments that make the city iconic and one of the most crowded areas in Mumbai. If you are planning to visit in Mumbai then this is the best place you should not miss. This place is paradise for shopping and their endless shops here since you can get everything whatever you want at reasonable prices.

13. Arpora Saturday night in Goa

The market is held every Saturday in Goa and lots of stalls are there selling many beautiful items and all kinds of street food here. This is a good place for buying things like handicrafts, pashminas, jewellery, spices, etc at reasonable prices. There are also so many choices of foods and bars at low prices and if you love to spend money then this place is for you. The place is open every Saturday from 7 pm to 4 am and if you are in Goa, must visit here.

14. Tibet walk-in Ooty

Tibet market in Ooty, one of the best places to get woollen stuff at reasonable prices. You can enjoy your shopping with numbers of shops selling winters cloths like shawls, pullovers, caps, hoodies and many other wooden items. There is no need to bargain here because the clothes are very cheap. The clothes come in many colours and designs and you can buy anything you like.

15. Law garden in Ahmadabad

This place is famous for its street shopping and you can buy traditional authentic wear here but you have to be very good in bargaining. The shopkeepers are very friendly and you should not be hesitating to bargain. You can buy many beautiful clothes fitted with stones, beautiful ghagras, Gujarati handicrafts and much beautiful stuff for ladies at reasonable prices.

16. Laad Bazaar in Hyderabad

This place is very old as Charminar around which it operates. You can find artificial jewellery, handbags, pearls, silk kurtis, etc at reasonable prices but your bargaining skills should good. The most attractive item you can buy from this place is beautiful bangles come in many designs and colours and you can buy whatever you like. This place is one stop solution for any and every kind of bangles. There are several stalls of bangles and you can bargain to get best deals.

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17. Jew Town in Kochi

This place is very famous for buying antique pieces. If you are looking for some nice souvenirs then this place is the final destination for you. There are ultimately lots of shops selling the same things at different prices, so you can easily bargain on the things you want to buy. You can find lovely paintings and handicrafts at reasonable prices.

18. Lokhandwala market in Mumbai

This market is the shopping hub for everyone. You can get beautiful readymade clothes there at low prices. This place is usually good for western dresses and one of the most stylish markets in Mumbai. There are so many shops offering a wide range of Pakistani suits, sarees, gown, etc for traditional ethnic wear.


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