Recently, various rumours are going on the “Wanna Cry“, and there are also some of us who doesn’t know the meaning of this word. Some say, it is kind of ransomware cyber attack or some stated it as a type of Trojan virus. Usually, it is related to the crime which has been spread all over the world with its large disadvantages. This attack has not only brought a big changeover to the human lives but also increased the availability of hackers who are giving rise to these types of crimes.


Its Impacts

This cyber attack has been already hit more than 140 countries and in which the India is affected more. It has become the largest cyber attacks which have begun from the last week and it is estimated that more than 57,000 personal computers have stopped working. Due to this, most of the ATMs are also closed in the most of the country in order to fight against this strong virus attack.WANNA CRY RANSOMWARE ATTACK

Playing a crucial role

With the coming of this attack, it greatly infects the computer hostage and asked to pay some revenue to again get an access to use the computer. If the victim fails to pay this ransom within the allotted three days, then the revenue will increase and becomes double. And even if the payment is not proceeding further, then all the files and data will get lost from the PC.

This malware attack is continuously moving and impacts the computers day by day. When this virus enters into the PC, it displays the message to the users to not to worry and pay the money and the data will securely save. This fraud technique is usually created by the group of hackers and discovered on 12th May on the day of Friday. The recent news, also says that these hackers have made earnings of Rs 40 Lakhs in the previous three days with this malware attack. This attack demands to make pay between Rs. 19, 000 and Rs.39, 000 in order to save the data and files that are residing inside the PC.

The way to get rid off

Now, everyone is looking for the way to get rid of this malware. To stop this attack from entering into your PC, it’s necessary to install all the security updates as soon as possible. The team of Microsoft has released the security update for all the Windows users either it is Windows XP, 8 or any other version. But if you are already infected with this attack, then the solution is not mentioned right now. As the entire Antivirus companies are continuously working on this aspect to discover the solution as soon as possible.


Further, it is greatly advised to download and install the security updates so that your PC will not carry this kind of viral. It is also not confirmed that this “wanna cry” is still delivering its effects or not, but the work is still going on, to get the best resolution for this. Hence, there is no need to worry as the company such like Microsoft will definitely find out the conclusion for the particular victim.


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