You might have planned almost everything that you needed on your journey but the most important of them is which travel tech accessories should you get with yourself unless you are planning on a trip that will be completely isolated from your known ones. So be prepared and check step by step planning idea to make your journey safe…

Having some good accessories that can hold onto your journey with more ease and connectivity than you can ever imagine. Especially for women. These small techs related things are easy to get and will not cost you enough but these can regret you the decision if you don’t get them with yourself.

From staying connected to your family get a fully charged cell phone on the top of the hill, all will be discussed in detailed.

Check all brilliant Travel Accessories, before you leave..

Battery pack

Most important is that you don’t want to run out of battery when you get to your favourite and most beautiful spot of your journey. Having a pair of battery packs or power adaptor that hold up a lot of charging power for many times at any spot will make you happy.

This power pack has the ability to contain huge power that can charge both your camera’s and smart phone battery with no connecting to direct current unless they are empty. Keeping them charged when the journey started and putting them on the charge back when it feels right then you can easily enjoy your hiking and scuba diving with every click you can ever have.

Wireless Headphones

A pair of noise-cancelling earbuds and earbuds are the coolest things when enjoying everything with the best track playlist and its back. Enjoying the nature with sweet melodies and getting on thrilled with best rap songs when roaming around the crowded place in the country.

These small pair of the earbud with not tangled itself as they don’t have wires on it and they can be connected remotely and also they have noise cancellation tech if you don’t want to get overloaded. If there is a space left in the backpack and you can use a pair of over the ear headphones then having them have the most advantages when you want to be for yourself.


Come on! Nowadays nobody will ever think about to travel without a camera… Whatever from Point and shoot camera to dslr.. Otherwise, if you have a smartphone with great image quality then you can add an extra digital lens to a smooth and sharp image. Some lenses have almost 80x zoom capability…

So better know some amazing click will make your memory unforgettable…

Are you Vlogger? Then you must have these accessories..

Charger Hub

Having each tech chargers or the way is a kind creep and also, they can get broken easily and the wires get tangled very often. Putting them on a different section of the backpack will not save you time but this small charger hub that can support each kind of charging capacity will also save you from the trouble.

You can put your camera, smartphones or even your audio player on the charge with just one charger hub. It has many USB ports and can also be connected to a single power adaptor.


Each electronic device has its own cable that gets put it on the charge and there are 3 to 4 different types of cables that use smartphones and camera. Having all these cables in the backpack can put in the misery of getting rid of twists.

Having a single Retractable USB cable that has no wire, compact and is in the best quality that can charge any kind of phones and all the related pins available on that USB device. Having all those cables types and charging base in just one USB device is the wisest decision you would make.

Selfie stick

Getting to have every best scene and every beautiful place you have just passed through and creating the long-lasting memories of a fantastic trip can be done with a Selfie stick. The least to spend money on and to not get embraced of asking someone else to take pictures of you than you should probably get this item.

10 Essential Travel Tech Accessories 1
You don’t want to miss it…

This stick may not only give you a complete picture of what surrounds you in and also give you the ability to capture a lot of things in just one click. If its video and taking a picture or showing your loved ones online how you are enjoying then you should be taking a selfie stick with yourself.

Travel Drone

Sometimes during travel, there is a beautiful view which looks pleasant to eyes and the traveller wants to capture it and want to keep it with himself. So the best way for capturing those beautiful moments and views is to bring travel drone with yourself so you can capture the beauty of nature with HD camera at 4K/30fps or 1080p/120fps.

Best drone you can ever find

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

For enjoying your tour music is also an important factor. To enjoy music anywhere the portable speaker is very necessary. It is not that much heavy easily chargeable you can carry it yourself easily to everywhere. So with this, you can enjoy your trip with your friends by hearing music, enjoying and dancing.

Video Recording Sunglasses

It is a cool gadget for Snap Chat’s users like me on my last trip to Zurich I have to use these awesome glasses for taking a snap as well as they also protected my eyes. You can easily record snaps of the day the places you visited special moments you have spent on these places with your friends. Your photos and videos get recorded with high definition camera.

They have a portable battery charger so you can easily charge them anywhere and use them where you want to.

Hi-Tech Foot Warmers

For enjoying and going your activities in cold places this gadget is an awesome invention for you. You can easily enjoy your trip to cold places having this gadget. During your adventures or for enjoying the snow this gadget provides comfort to your feet as they are equipped with art thermal technology which keeps your feet warm and dry.

Solar Power Inflatable Light

During a tour and your adventure, there is also a need for light during night time. So this is the smart and portable light for you. It needs maximum 6-7 hours of charging and then provides you with the backup of 16 hours. It is a lightweight gadget and provides you with the ease of having a portable source of light for your adventures.

We can not think about living without technology, look how technologies have changed our life

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