In the previous article, I have mentioned some of the 101 evolution without which human being cannot survive. The technology today has completely changed the way of interacting with each other. Along with this, these new gadgets are going to become an essential part of our lives.

In this article, I am going to discuss some other 101 inventions that impact the way of daily working globally.

60. Moog Synthesizer:

This invention by Robert gains attention in the music industry after its demonstration at the Monterey International Pop Festival in 1967. It is an electronic musical instrument which is smaller, cheaper and is more reliable than the vacuum tube-based systems.

In fact, later this instrument contains different configurations of oscillators and different type of filters. With the passage of time, the Moog modular technology trends continue to improve its functions and people start using it in the live performances. Actually, the popularity and cultural impact of this musical instrument is continued to expand. In fact, in 1970 the Minimoog synthesizer comes under introduction. It’s innovation changes the way of playing and listening music and musicians going to own it.

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59. Compact Disk

Compact disks are used to record, store, play back audio and videos as well as other data in digital form. Philips and Sony independently have invented this optical storage medium. But in 1982 they work together in order to create a standard format disk. This technology and Innovation has changed the way of recording the audios and videos across the world. The people across the globe start using this storage device instead of floppy disk.

In the initial stage of its beginning, this optical device available for the users in read-only format. But Later, the changes in technology allow individuals to record on the CD. In fact, at the end of the 1980s, these storage devices become the standard for recording audios in digital form. The disks have the capability of holding 72 minutes of music of data. People start using this device for taking backup of software and other data so that one can use when required.

58. Outboard Motor Boat

The very first outboard motor was designed by Gustave Trouve in the year 1870. These motors contain two-stroke power-heads which are fitted with a carburettor. This brain-powered technology for the outboard boat is the common method of propelling the watercraft small in size. It is mover system for the boats which contains engine, gearbox, propeller and jet drive etc. This motor boat has a manual piston release which enables the operators to drop the motor to its lowest setting.

The design of the outboard motor is simple, it is light in weight, reliable as well as available at low cost. After some years in the 1920s, four-stroke outboards come in the introduction. The technical change fuel injection and four-stroke engine are done to meet the environmental standards. This becomes the most popular form of boat propulsion across the world for such a long time.

57. Hair Dryer

Alexander Godefroy introduces the first technology devices for hair in 1890 that contain bonnet which is attached to chimney pipe to gas pipe. It is an electromechanical device which blows hot air over the hair to evaporate the water particle on the head and dry the hair. Godefroy invents the device to use in the hair salon. With the passage of time, in 1915 the dryers become available in the market in handheld form. In fact, there are also some changes in the plastic of the hair dryer to make it lightweight.

These hair drying devices contain electric heating coil as well as a fan. Most of the dryers consist of ceramic heating elements due to their instant heating capability. This electronic gadget makes the styling of hair a bit easier. These emerging technologies of dryer have become a vital part of daily life of the modern people. The benefit of using hair dryer is that it saves money as well as the time of going to a salon.

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56. Tape Recorder

It is nonelectric which device containing a tape deck, amplifiers as well as loudspeakers and came to know in 1886. The device is used to record the sounds on magnetic tapes and play back the recording. This consists of a plastic backing having a thin layer of tiny particles of the magnetic powder. The purpose of this device is to convert the acoustic energy of sound into a form which it permanently stores and reproduces when needed.

Actually, this advancement or changes in technology has been part of our lives for the past few decades. The invention impacts both the music recording as well as the radio broadcast industries. This device allows artists and producers to record and re-record audio with the minimal loss in the quality. The alternative of this recording device does not offer this level of quality and functionality.

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55. Citizen Band Radio

Al Gross introduces the citizen band radio in 1945 which is a form of a radio connection between people on a selection of 40 channels within 27 MHz bands. People use this radio service for business as well as personal communication. This technology and communication is two-way short distance voice service which endues a cheap reliable means of interconnection.

This service becomes popular among the workers like electricians, plumbers, carpenters and others who use the radio tool to communicate with their co-workers. In the upcoming years, there are continuous changes to this short distance communication method like additional channels etc. The method of short distance interconnection is also popular among the truck drivers.

54. Ball Point Pen

John J Loud invent a first ballpoint pen in a late 19th century while trying to manufacture a pen which can write on leather. This writing instrument is simplest, cheapest and hence become a more popular pen. The ink in the ball pen is different from the ink used in other technology in education for writing. This is still the most widely used writing instrument across the world.

People start using this pen within the mixed media works and some buy them as their medium of choice. After the sometimes of evolution and the use of pen, some problem related with the pens has been overcome. In fact, the design and construction of the ballpoint pens vary between brands. This writing instrument is still in use and revolutionizes the way of writing on anything from past years.

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53. Automatic Car Jack

It is a mechanical device that is used for lifting the vehicle in order to perform any kind of maintenance. This is the revolutionary change in the automobiles industry which allows individual to lift up a heavy vehicle without applying any external force. Actually, this mechanical device works on conservation of the motion and converts the rotary motion into translatory motion.

The car jack works by turning the lead screw with the motor, belt and pulley mechanism. The benefit of the global technologies in the auto industry is that it eliminates the need for manpower to rotate the lead screw. In fact, the motor requires a 12V battery which is generally the battery of the vehicle itself.

52. Kindle

This Amazon’s Kindle e-reader comes into existence in the year 2007 and having slant keyboard with the six-inch screen. Its first version is released only in the US and it remains unavailable for the five months after its first selling. But with the changes in the technology books, there are numerous design innovations and refinement has been done in the Kindle.

In fact, in 2009 its next version with some updates becomes available. A different version of this e-book reader comes into existence in past few years along with latest features. It gives access to Amazon’s library containing millions of e-book as well as audiobooks. This eBook reader becomes popular across the worlds with its evolution. Kindle oasis is the latest version and its features explain how technology has changed education today. This eBook reader enables users to read as many eBooks as well as listen to as many audiobooks.

51. Push Mower

The push mower is introduced by Edwin Budding in 1830 in England with the purpose to cut the grass on the sports ground and in extensive gardens. These machines are light in weight and also quieter than the gear driven machines. The technology evolution becomes popular with the rise in the population of the lawn sports.

This grass cutting gadget has self-power cutting blade to cut the grass but still, need human power to move across the lawn or ground. The push mover varies in the width from 20 to 24 inches. It contains spinning blade which cut off the top of the grass. In fact, the height of the cut grass is fixed by the design of mower and the operators can also adjust it. Nowadays, there are different types of the push mowers available in the market, each serves a different purpose.

50. Audio Cassette to

It is a recording device which came into existence in 1962 and known as a compact cassette. This device can store the sound and music on the magnetic tape. Actually, the audio cassette gain popularity during the 1980s. Before the invention of the cassette, people made use of the reel to reel recorders which were costly.

This cassette allows individual to record sounds without having any training that is necessary for the reel to reel recorders. A technology changing the world individuals way of how they record the sounds. Actually, the teenagers make use of this recording device because of its novelty and fact that it can record music collection. Most of the people use the cassette to share their recording with friends as it was the inexpensive way to do that.

49. Circular Saw

The circular saw was invented at the end of 18th century for converting logs into lumber in sawmills. It requires more power to operate but cut the material very fast because its teeth are in constant motion. This is a powerful tool which makes use of abrasive disc or blade for cutting the different materials. Actually, the tool is used to cut the materials including plastic, wood, metal, and masonry.

A circular saw can be hand-held tool or the users can also mount it to the machine. This electric saw also have height or depth and bevel adjustments. The power tool eases the task of the worker in sawmills. This latest technology totally alters the way of working the people in the mills, now they can give the desired shape to materials with an ease.

48. Mini Nintendo Games

The Japanese multinational electronics company has developed the Nintendo console in 1983. Actually, It was first home video game console which is released outside Japan. In fact, the Nintendo Entertainment system has revived the video game industry as well as set the standard console from game design to business practices.

This electronic company continues to repair the Famicom consoles in Japan until October 2007. As a result of this, Nintendo has released an emulation based version of the Nintendo Entertainment system in 2016. In fact, this classic edition video game console manufacturing technology comes along with single controller as well as 30 preloaded games.

47. Leatherman

The Leatherman tool group of Portland Oregon Us has introduced this multi-purpose tool in 1983. It is a portable tool which performs multiple functions. The primary products in this tool group are multi-tools and knives. With the advancement of this science technology, the continuous changes are done in Leatherman, for instance in 2005 folding knives were included in this product.

There are additional tools stowed in the handle like saws, electric crimper, knives, bottle opener, saws and can openers etc. Most of the tools have built-in safety mechanism which can lock the active tool in open position. The inventor currently introduces folding knives under the crater name.

46. Fire Extinguisher

This fire protection device is beneficial to extinguish, control small fires and are often come for use in emergency situations. The fire extinguishers contain a hand-held cylindrical pressure vessel which needs to discharge in order to stub out the fire. This active fire protection device is available in two different types like stored pressure and cartridge-operated.

The technology and social change play a vital role in protecting the environment and the lives by controlling fire in the early stage.  After its inventions, lots of fire accidents are controlled from occurring by using this device. This fire safety device becomes one of the parts of gadgets in the commercial as well as residential sectors. There are lots of benefits of owning this device including safety and it does not take lots of space to place. In fact, the device is still now common everywhere especially in hotels, offices, buildings etc.

45. Walkman

In 1979 Sony introduces a small, lightweight audio cassette player which allows the person to listen to music more comfortably via headphones while moving. This invention becomes extremely popular during the 1980s. The portable audio player revolutionized the way of listening music. Later models of this portable device also include AM, FM radio, weather channel and TV audio and a wired remote control having 30-inch cable.

Before the existence of Walkman, the people can only listen to music on a home stereo and in the vehicles. This technology benefits the people across the world as is easy to use and reduce the cost of purchasing cassette player devices. Now, one can take their favourite music with them and listen anytime anywhere without any hassle. This device becomes the best way of playing music on analogue compact audio cassettes. By the year 2005, the PC world has depicted the Walkman as one of the 50th greatest gadgets of the previous 50 years.

44. Floppy Disk

This universal storage device comes under introduction in the late 1960s. Actually, the storage device becomes accessible everywhere during the 1980s. After 1990s people start using a floppy disk with a personal computer in order to transfer data and taking backup. Many users often make use of this storage device to store the computers operating system.

This innovation changes the way of individuals distributing and taking the backup of records. In fact, the disk has revolutionized the computing system. There are lots of advantages of having this new technology in computer like the smaller size and the rigid case offers better protection from dirt.

It is a storage medium which contains a disk having flexible magnetic storage medium which is enclosed in a rectangular plastic carrier. This storage device is still under use in modern software packages including Microsoft Office suites. Many modern systems endow support for the USB based floppy disks in order to boot from such drives.

43. Digital Camera

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The concept of digital camera was evolved in the late 90s and the first digicam was manufactured. This device store pictures in the electronic memory which means one can capture many pictures if compare it with the traditional camera. Most of these image capturing devices make use of a USB cable to connect it to the computer in order to transfer the pictures.

In fact, the device uses an image sensor rather than the photographic film. With the advancement in technology, this camera is integrated with the mobile phones. This huge change impacts the lives of people. The technology dependence makes more users of the camera as it allows people to capture the picture of each moment including happy and sad too. There are lots of benefits of using this image taking a device like offers excellent image resolution and is available at reasonable price. One can also print their picture in large size by any plotter.

42. MP3 Player

This is an electronic device having the capability of playing digital audio files and first come under introduction in Korea in 1998. The device is a file type which is used to store and play music in MP3 format.      These are small handheld devices and uses flash memory in order to accumulate MP3 files. In fact, this player stores the files on a memory chip so that one can play it back when want to listen to songs. This electronic device comes under the broader category of digital audio players.

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This invention let the user playback their favourite music using the speakers or headphones. The manufacturers of this device also combine FM, AM and stereo reception capability along with it. This future technology comes a long way and continues to grow in use and gain popularity day by day. But the developments on the music player device do not come to end.

41. Abacus Calculator

Abacus Calculator is a small electronic device with the capability of performing basic arithmetic to complex mathematical calculations. This portable device was first manufactured in parallel with the analogue computer in the 1960s. Actually, this becomes available in the 1970s after the evolution of the first microprocessor. This is also known as a scientific calculator which includes trigonometric and statistical calculations. After some time with the advancement in technology, the variant of these pocket calculators come into existence like graphics calculator etc.

This gadget has been changing the way people do their calculation and everyone become addicted to it. The invention of technology and education has the capability to solve the complex mathematical problems and is still in use. They have different features which make them a perfect choice for the students, home use as well as for the business. The features include solar plus power, tax calculation, independent memory, time calculation and 3 digit comma markers etc.


Here, you came to know about the 20 technological inventions that impacting the way of working of an individual across the world. But there is a lot more to come in the next article, where an individual can know some other inventions in the technology era that impacting the life.



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