After smart television and smartphone, now the people have started focusing on the smart watches. Well, as you know that countless smart watch options are available in the market and hence, to pick the best smart watch among them is really the breathtaking task. But don’t worry, as I have done this laborious task just for my readers. In order to eradicate your confusion and to make your decision, I’ve rounded up the top –rated smart watch options. My hardship would definitely assist you guys while purchasing the best smart watch of this year. Are you ready for the ride?? So, here we go.

Best Smart Watches of 2017 – A list of Top 11: 

LG Watch Sport

My first recommendation is none other than LG Watch Sport. Surprised?? Well, you should be as this is the very first time when I have recommended the company other Best 11 Smartwatches 2017 - LG Watch Sportthan apple and Samsung. This time, LG combines the best of technology and style in its new LG Watch Sport. Its bold look and amazing features have really stolen my
heart. This is not just the watch. With this, you can make calls, send texts, and browse freely without a smartphone. Thanks to its new feature ‘Numbersync’, now you can connect this watch to the wireless network by using your primary mobile number.

Feature check – GPS, LTE, NFC, Android Pay, heart rate monitor.


Apple Watch series 2

When Apple is linked with the product then its reliability is pretty assured. With this series, the apple has shifted the focus to health and fitness. It also features the GPS which tracks your movement without carrying your apple iPhone. It is waterproof and Best 11 Smartwatches 2017 - Apple Watch series 2offers an array of swim tracking and metrics. Besides all these features, the apple has also introduced the breath app to help you relax. This is the best ever smartwatch launched by apple and like always, the product is the tough competition in the market.

Feature check – GPS, swimming friendly, Apple Pay, two-day battery, heart rate monitor.


Best Android Smartwatch

Samsung Gear 3

Samsung is another renowned company which is known for its product quality and reliability. Samsung has come with the duo of sequels in the form of Samsung gear 3 Classic and Samsung gear 3 frontiers. It is really more than a smart watch and enables you to control fan, temperature zones and much more in your room. Its battery lasts for almost 3 to 4 days which is another engrossing feature of this smart watch.

Feature check – GPS, Samsung Pay, Tizen, heart rate monitor.


Pebble Time

Let’s have a look at the third option on my list which is none other than Pebble time smart watch. Its alluring looks and solid specs are capable of grabbing everyone’s attention. It is water resistant up to 100 feet. It is made up of elegant stainless steel and metal and stays with you for a pretty longer time. Despite having such amazing features, this smart watch is available at a very affordable price.

Feature check – Pebble Health, water resistance, water resistance, Support for PNG and APNG, GPS



Best Smartwatch for sports

Apple Watch Sport

I know you may be wondering that why I have mentioned the name of this watch as its successor is already available in the market. Maybe you’re right but the fact is trueBest 11 Smartwatches 2017 - Apple Watch Sport that the availability of successor cannot deny the importance of the predecessor. Also, due to the availability of updated version, its cost is now dropped and you can easily afford the same. It shows notifications, tracks your daily activity etc. it is waterproof and possesses dual core processor.

Feature check – GPS, Heart rate sensor, accelerometer, and gyroscope, Ion-X glass


Sony Smartwatch 3

The fifth position on my list is acquired by the Sony smart watch 3. It has built – in GPS connectivity which means that you can leave your smartphone at home whenBest 11 Smartwatches 2017 - sony smart watch 3 going for a run. This comes with quite a good screen size and improved graphics. This smart watch is available at a very nominal rate and really the bang for your buck.

Feature check – 420 mAh battery, 4GB of internal storage, GPS, Voice Commands, Accelerometer, Compass, IP68 Water Protected.



Motorola Moto 360 sport

If you’re looking for the smart watch with impeccable looks and solid specs then Motorola Moto 360 sport would be a perfect choice. True to its name, this watch looks sportier as compared to its rivals. Along with the alluring looks, it features built – in GPS and heart rate sensor.

Feature check – steps, calories, heart rate tracker (PPG), IP67 dust and water resistant,  512MB RAM, Accelerometer, Ambient Light Sensor, Gyroscope.


Tag Heuer Connected

This Intel – powered watch is the best built and highest quality android wear till this date. It features bold and custom themes which allow plenty of display options. This Android wear connects you with countless apps that you can tailor to your taste. Best 11 Smartwatches 2017 - Tag Heuer ConnectedAlong with android, this smart watch is also IOS compatible. Besides all these features, this watch comes with the warranty of almost 2 years which is a pretty long time.

Feature check – 1 GB main memory – 4 GB storage memory, Transflective LTPS LCD display, Battery 410mAh, IP67 splash-proof water resistance



Asus Zenwatch 3

My next recommendation is none other than Asus Zenwatch 3. It features 3 crown buttons for accessing the various features. It is available in silver, gunmetal, and rose gold colour options. Also, this smart watch comes with hypercharge technology, allowing it to be charged up to 60% in just 15 minutes.

Feature check – Gorilla Glass 3, IP67 Water Resistance, Asus-exclusive Hypercharge technology


Vector Smartwatch

If you are looking for the smart watch with long battery life then just go for Vector smart watch. It is unbelievable that the battery of this smart watch can sustain for 30 days with a single charge. This is the best fit for long business trips and holidays. Of course, 30 days battery life doesn’t come without sacrifice. For 30 days battery life, you need to comprise with its low power screen.

Feature check – Windows 10 Mobile app, GPS, Monochrome display, Google Fit & Apple Health kit, 5ATM water resistant.



Samsung Gear 2

Well, I am winding up my list with my last recommendation which is none otBest 11 Smartwatches 2017 - Samsung Gear 2her than Samsung gear 2. It features the sleek design, nice display, useful rotating bezel, and intuitive user interface. It is the best option for those
who are looking for the smart watch with good battery life.

Feature check – GPS, Samsung Pay, Tizen, Samsung’s heart rate monitor app.

So, here is my list of the best smart watches to own in 2017. Stop thinking guys, just order your best smart watch right now and experience the smart life like never before.


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