Food Problems Faced By Indian Abroad

Are you too planning to settle abroad? It has now become a trend among Indians to settle abroad either for studies or job. They find better opportunities and progress abroad than in India. But is it so easy to settle abroad? No, it isn’t everyone’s piece of cake. There are numerous hurdles faced by Indian settle abroad. One such problem is food. Food is the lifeline of an individual. One cannot easily change his eating habits. We Indians are very specific about our food. Our food is made up of full of spices.

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The very first problem faced by Indian on setting his foot in the foreign land is homemade food. We all are addicted to food made by our mother which we call MA KE HAATH KA KHANNA. And no food can be compared to food made by our loving mother. You can spend a day or two with burgers, pizza, cakes but at last all you need is home cooked food. Your longing for food increases day by day and you are left with only two choices. Either to cook food for self or make a compromise with the existing food culture of the country.

If you choose to cook yourself, the problem doesn’t end here. You need your box of spices and other ingredients to feel the same essence of Indian food. The foreign market is quite different from the Indian market. The very basic ingredient wheat flour, which is required to make chappatis, isn’t easily available in the foreign market, you can replace it with refined flour (maida) but that isn’t good for health. The thing which we call as red chili is called paprika which is a different variety. Similarly, coriander leaves are called parsley. The chilies are not the same small green chilies used in Indian cooking. The taste of onions is different in the foreign country. Ladyfinger is called okra and brinjal is called aubergine. Although things have changed with time, Indian food has now become globally famous and more and more Indian food and ingredients are available. But the gap between language and vocabulary becomes a great hurdle, which gets away only with the passage of time.

There are too many chains of restaurants been installed in different parts of world serving Indian cuisines, but still, they couldn’t match the same flavor. You can carry the magic box of spices with you but then again, the stock is always limited.   Also, the famous desi ghee of Indian, without which their food is not complete isn’t easily available in a foreign land.  That’s why is said it is not as easy as thought to settle abroad.

The food problem is just one aspect of the problem faced in the foreign country. The other problems combine and affect a lot on your survival. Especially for vegetarian, non-vegetarian still have access to their stock of food, as most of the countries of the world consume nonveg sources. Most victims are vegetarian people.  So make your mind before shifting to the foreign land and enjoy your days there rather than criticising your survival.


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